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Terms & Conditions

Trade Pricing
All sales are trade level for Drone-Experts DIY, requiring an appropriate technical training and skill from the buyer prior to purchase and specifically exclude training and business consultancy - we do not sell toys - if you dont understand a product please do not purchase it, as this represents a risk to safety  - All sales are in USD$ and exclude GST of 10% for Australian based orders (GST tax does not apply to export orders going to USA, Canada or EU or NZ).  The master price is in USD$ and the final currency conversion at checkout (for other currencies) will fluctuate slightly depending on PayPal rates or Credit Card rates of exchange at different banks.  GST is added at checkout if/after the cart determines you are ordering from Australia and delivering in Australia.  Australians will receive a full tax invoice and that GST will go to build roads and schools in Australia.  the second currency shown is a GUIDE only based on international rates.  We are not responsible for currency buying/selling rate differences given by banks.  The selling price is in US dollars USD.  

Fraud Prevention/Validation
Due to the sharp rise in online-fraud using stolen credit cards, cc scams, hacked PC's and fake data being presented to us, any first time or suspect purchase payment using a credit card or non-verified PayPal transaction, will be required to confirm by verification/validation, proof of the buyer's photo ID, address he/she has given for goods delivery confirmation and proof that the card name is in physical possession of the buyer. If you are not prepared to validate your data given, then please do not order, as we reserve the right to immediately cancel/refund any order or behaviour commensurate with fraud or somebody over-reacting suspiciously to anti-fraud validation.  Alternately use your pre-validated PayPal account.

Conditions of Sale
All sales are via CarbonBird.com website shopping cart only which shows accurate stock on hand. All our systems are streamlined for online using PayPal or CC.   We use forums and Facebook to provide support and our community is very active and happy. Before purchasing, Customers accept that it is their responsibility to be informed/educated BEFORE using or connecting any item purchased.  Users are responsible for the the setup and use of any/all products and must NOT try to short cut their education for any item by getting somebody else to set it up - nor feel they don't need to understand it to use it - Quite the reverse - You as the person operating the equipment, aircraft, LiPo battery or charger or any device MUST educate yourself fully BEFORE using itCarbonBird does not operate any physical stores or offer any kind of in-person "local" retail experience.  All sales are sold for delivery, not pick-up -  absolutely no pickups and no drop-offs - but by this measure - our prices are kept low via online systems and it's important for people living within 250km of us to realise - We are online for the benefit of all our customers ... All sales are final once placed by the customer. CarbonBird reserves the right to cancel any placed order if considered by staff to be misleading, suspected fraudulent or cannot be verified or is suspicious by error or omission. Such un-verified orders will be cancelled and refunded. We reserve the right to withdraw customer privileges from any person immediately who violates our terms and conditions or conducts themselves in an unacceptable manner.

Updated products/ new listings
CarbonBird.com Reserves the right to improve through research and development, any product. An updated product may replace a deprecated product in the same listing, providing that it forms the same function and has a similar specification or better.  Such and updated product, or variation to that product will be linked, However its replacement part may be implemented without prior notice.

Pilot Responsibility ; DIY Responsibility & Risk Management
As the Pilot in command and as the DIY person YOU are responsible for everything that ultimately happens in regard to your aircraft you assembled DIY, your decision to become airborne and your use of associated chargers, radios, LiPo batteries in the air or on the ground - Multicopters do NOT glide and once powered up, represent a potential risk to people and property on the surface or other manned airspace users, requiring your careful management and its important buyers fully realise YOUR aviation related risk before you get airborne  - its your risk to get airborne - Make sure you as the Pilot are insured and have your insurance cover you for 3rd Party RISK & or Loss from crashes.  Train yourself on a SIM and/or seek training - you can choose to fit parachute recovery systems if you feel it's necessary as this will reduce risk as a secondary system - Make the time to study and understand how your multicopter functions.  The most common cause of incidents and crashes is human factors pilot error and pilot ignorance of fact (rushing, failure to read or understand warnings, lack of proper pilot education and pilot procedures both of which are the users responsibility) As the Pilot in command YOU are responsible for harm caused by modifications or neglect - Be aware in some countries a DIY copter build made from mixed components,  the person who assembled, tested and set the software,  for that drone, you the DIY builder becomes the "manufacturer" themselves (for example a person Building a Scarab kit will be recogised by CASA as self manufacturered/assembled.  DO NOT ATTACH any propeller until you accept the responsibility for what you are doing.   You are responsible for any 3rd party device you connect - This responsibility INCLUDES any software and all setting in your Transmitter, failsafe and the GUI.  You MUST monitor the voltages of ALL cells in aLiPo battery at all times via telemetry because loss of the primary power will have risk and consequences to persons and property below.  You MUST do a range check and understand that radio waves cannot travel through trees or rain or obstructions - in the event of loss of contact you must plan/program your Tx for FAILSAFE condition and descent in a controlled manner.  Never use Dev software nor software hacks - Never change any software setting unless you fully understand the consequences.

Risk is can be limited by reducing your exposure to risk - Always wearing PPE safety gear such as gloves , eye and head protection, reduces risk from props - If you do not fly over water you are not at risk from ditching into water ; if you Fly an Octocopter you are not at risk from engine or prop failure which you totally would be, if you choose to operate a Quad  ; Therefore any decision to take risk, to expose yourself to extreme risk, or to reduce risk is yours to manage and cannot be foreseen by anybody other than yourself. DIY is STRICTLY limited to manufacturers defects for the item purchased - no consequential warranty is implied or given - i.e. does not relate to other product you choose to attach (for example a 3rd party transmitter attached to the drone interferes with the function of flight critical equipment (extreme risk).   Drones sold by us are NOT toys - Drone pilots require training  - All drones require pre-flight inspection (as they are aircraft) , they require checklists followed to ensure all systems are normal (as per aircraft use) - Do not assume that all environments have the same risk.  Cliff faces may carry risk of vertical air currents effecting handling, Wind increases battery consumption to hover and reduces flight times therefore increases risk of increased power/amps and reduced flight times, so for example you claim a faulty ESC, we will NOT cover damage arising to other parts of the aircraft from the consequences of the ESC product claimed because we recommend you MUST first test all ESC you fitted for function normal in a ground test, then in the hover - a progressive assemble - test - then finally test fly process -  DO NOT re-fly components involved in a crash previous - Drone crashes should be reported to CASA/CAA/FAA  - in operating a multicopter you accept that it does not glide - consider fitting a parachute to reduce risk  - such as damage from an associated crash such as your camera will NOT be covered - You must insure for CRASH RISK with your insurer -  its your Pilot-in-command responsibility to connect these items together then its your on-the-spot decision to fly - we accept no responsibility for assumptions you make.  Assume nothing - check everything.   Anything you place onboard the aircraft is at your own risk - a damaged battery strap will increase risk of the battery moving which will effect CofG and handling so the strap is a risk - replace it - a camera outside a protective housing is NEVER recommended - if you choose to fly an exposed camera then be prepared to loose that camera if you crash.  If you fly over water equip your drone with floatation.  Check everything with great care - assume nothing - test any item you suspect - do detailed pre-flight and post flight inspections of all critical parts and electronics.  Check all wires on every pre-flight inspection carefully.  Apply anti-corrosion sprays to connector pins such as Inox if operating in marine salt zones. Check flight critical wires twice.  Stay away from ferrous object which can effect the compass-mag. Never operate in sand/dirt/dust which will severlyly increase risk from abrasion and corrosion unless appropriate maintenance is conduction prior or after such flights. NEVER re-use any LiPo that has been in a crash - "ground" your aircraft (land - do not fly) for the slightest sign of abnormal occurrences and contact us.   Use a DMM to measure voltages, log them, and compare internal resistances for balance - Cold weather is a risk as it impacts battery performance severly and effects shrinkage of parts  - never try to re-use props, batteries, electronic parts or structural or connectors involved in a crash or an incident involving electrical faults such as shorts; static or impact.

Repair/replacement claims - Product Warranty  

(Warranty Claim RMA Form is here - download/print & Return the item claimed with this form)
All products or parts are covered by a 6 month repair or replacement warranty for manufacturers defect as outlined under the ACL during normal flight use in accordance with all guidelines / warnings on our respective product web page, printed warnings , factory manuals supplied or down-loaded and safety guidelines outlined in our Wiki    - Where items are manufactured overseas (outside of AU) then All our seller warnings and guidelines on our MWC website, take precedence over foreign factory guidelines, but must be read in conjunction with overseas manuals to form a definitive knowledge base by the user.    Warranty excludes : -  tampering, removal of anti-tamper compliance decals, removal of serial numbers, modification, fusion, reverse polarity, over-voltage damage, short-circuit, chemical corrosion, damage by static charge,  flooding (salt ingress) , excludes any/all crash damage, impact damage, failure to use failsafe correctly, failure to setup correctly, failure to comply with warnings on our website, failure to maintain the product, abrasion, damage from lack of training or skill as a pilot, incorrect tools, reflashing the CPU, comm or boot files, software hacks, wrong firmware,  dirt ingress, trauma damage or wilful misuse, excludes DIY errors, excludes Pilot error ie loss from over-reliance on automatic systems such as navigation sensor effected (pilot failed to recognise an issue and continued flight without correct pilot action) as expected by CASA/FAA/CAA.  Software : Please be aware Where a buyer reloads any software DIY they assume full responsibility for the software alteration and any subsequent damage to the hardware, whether caused directly or indirectly by that new software.  Before loading software from overseas, check with us first - If connecting 3rd party devices, check settings with us first - Only full versions of the software are approved and any mixed, partial update, hacked, beta or dev software is expressly forbidden and will void any and all warranty.  

To solve any issue - stop - don't fly - don't take a risk - call us -  buyers will be requested under ACL to return the item for inspection with a signed claim form. Most user error problems are quickly solved with clear photos and a phone support call. If we are un-able to solve it - CarbonBird.com will always request a return,  use the original order # as the RMA authority number, to be displayed on the returned package/item. Buyer is responsible for the cost of postal shipping returned items.  Repairs will be done as fast as possible within a reasonable time given that some items may need to go overseas to be repaired by the manufacturer if so located.

  • 7 day DOA Warranty replacement Policy - Dead on Arrival (DOA) Check your product as soon as it arrives, and read all warnings on our web page for that product, and wiki, warning cards or decals relating to proper setup and CARE -  LiPo batteries voltage must be checked on their arrival - see LiPo pages - if an item is claimed DOA due to shipping damage or manufacturing warranty DOA fault, buyer has 5 working days (7 calendar days) from arrival, to notify/request a DOA refund and produce evidence of such claimed postal damage or defect. Call us or send any DOA Claim to [email protected]CarbonBird.com with photo - video for a speedy solution.
  • WARRANTY Claims - RETURNS PROCESS  - If you wish to lodge a warranty claim for any item purchased from CarbonBird (or MWC) you MUST return the item first : -   Use your purchase order # with us, as the RMA number, then return post the item to us with the Warranty Claim Form  (postable items shipping at your expense) in original condition (including ALL cables plugs and parts) Please complete the WARRANTY CLAIM FORM HERE as a written hardcopy FORM and place in the box of the item being returned.  A returned Warranty claim will be processed after inspection at CarbonBird.com of the returned items with all parts/wires and your written report.  We will inspect all returns.
  • returns shipping address is :
    CarbonBird Returns Dept
    RMA# xxxxx (
    insert your RMA here in place of xxxxx),
    32 Ross St, Ballina, NSW 2478. AUSTRALIA.  

    AUS POST - Aviation Safety & Security - Do not ship Lithium batteries without FULLY DECLARING THEM as Lithium Batteries - Lithium batteries require the original DG packaging and a declaration to indicate "Road Only" as they cannot go by AIR.

    Any warranty repair determined as Factory warranty
    will be done within as reasonable amount of time as is possible, after the RETURNED item is received by MWC.  If the repair is assessed as user damage, staff will provide you with a quote to repair it.

Change of mind - Re-Stocking
If you change your mind and wish to return the items please contact us by email to [email protected]CarbonBird.com within 7 days of  arrival/signature - change-of-mind items must be returned  un-opened in their original packing and not used or resealed.  Items must be in 100% original saleable condition. A 20% re-stocking fee applies to Change of mind.  Store Credit only, will be applied.  If an item is returned modified or clearly "used" we cannot accept it under change of mind.

COMBINING ORDERS requests handling Fee USD10 
In some cases people genuinely forget an item and this could be quite expensive to get sent by itself - we can combine orders but we charge USD10/combination for the extra time and logistics to help you.  Please, do not request we combine two or more smaller orders and expect Free Shipping.  Combining orders creates a lot of extra thankless work for staff and extra time in manually processing, which can inflict delays directly impacting other more organised buyers/orders - please be considerate and understanding.  For example combining 1 original order with two other subsequent orders will incur a Paypal invoice of USD20 handling being raised.

Appearance - colour
Colours and finishes are approximate and can vary as a result of the manufacturing process. Where a colour/finish is not available or is discontinued the buyer will have the option to select the new variation of the original colour/finish, or the new alternate colour/finish or cancel his entire order for a full refund. In a batch of items of the actual appearance may vary due to manufacturing process within 5% of visual colour.

Sales and Product Pricing policy
Product prices vary without notice - the price you pay at checkout is your price.  Sale price are not retrospective - sorry.  Only Members will get special offers, store credit vouchers and incentives - Items offered for sale at discounted prices, for a limited time, cannot be extended nor offered to non-members or friends etc - these discounts are for members only who receive offers as per the T&Cs and validity dates. Different prices apply to demo items, different prices apply to pre-used items where they are offered as pre-used specifically - Products are sold on a daily basis direct to drone-experts and any order, or series of orders, which appears to be supplying an unauthorised shop/reseller will be cancelled and refunded. All products are sold direct to drone expert end-users by this website (CarbonBird.com) or by named persons authorised in writing by the directors of CarbonBird.com.

Taxes and Duties
Australian residents will be charged GST AT CHECKOUT once that country, AU is known.  All other countries, Import duties and taxes are the responsibility of the buyer inbound on arrival.  Postal, Fedex and DHL will levy these charges charges on behalf of the government or local customs of the country you live in - where applicable - Please don't blame Fedex or DHL.  We are NOT responsible for your import taxes.  You as the buyer agree to pay all duties levied lawfully by your country Customs.  Buyers who order products and later refuse delivery duties will be considered to have breached their contract of supply and then be subject to any or all legal actions, fees or charges by their local Customs dept.

Support Channel
All communication regarding orders, shipping and awaiting-fulfilment questions please contact [email protected]CarbonBird.com - For sales or post sales enquiries of a technical nature (excluding training) , please contact [email protected]CarbonBird.com - We do not provide quotes by mail as the website will automatically total/Quote items in USD ex GST added to a shopping cart then press "estimate shipping and taxes" - Emails will generally be replied to within 2 business days mon-fri excluding public holidays or other holidays note on the web-banner of the site.  For training or any don't understand type questions please use the Forum - PARIS support is HERE - Scarab support is here

Product sales do not include training of any kind. Buyers are responsible for conducting their own training and up-skilling to operate this equipment safely and correctly. Pilots should first use a flight simulator. Pilots must understand that SOFTWARE controls the aircraft - Never use Dev software or software hacks - Never change any software setting unless you fully understand the consequences.   Pilots should seek 1:1 tuition from a local area RC pilot with an instructor rating.  Products sold require skills and understanding of relevant technologies, including electronics, model-making, engineering, aerodynamics and safety issues relating to lithium batteries, radio transmitters, receivers and hazards associated with high-speed propellers. A reasonable level of support is provided in relation to product questions but does not include issues related to training or knowledge. Buyers are required to use the CarbonBird wiki as a primary source of information and relevant internet forums where community-based support is available from other skilled users of these same products. CarbonBird does not accept responsibility for any answers provided by the community.

Safety & Failsafe before takeoff
Pilots assembling and flying remote controlled drone aircraft are advised that they must comply with all legal restrictions in their country/jurisdiction and are ultimately, as the pilot in command responsible for safety. In USA pilots should be aware of the FAA & KNOW before you Fly guidelines - in Australia the CASA guidelines and summary - Pilots must conduct full pre-flight and post-flight inspections of their equipment and must discontinue operations if any irregularity is noted. Buyers are required to report any air-worthiness related issue to CarbonBird.com which they believe relates to product safety.  Prior to installing propellers and flying pilots must program their failsafe settings and TEST the failsafe on the ground by turning off their radio (props off) and ensuring the expected failsafe programming meets with their SMS & Risk plan. 

The following are considered the acceptable minimum safe practice for a fully trained pilot (make sure you are trained)

  • Keep more than 30m from other persons, choose an empty field for your first flights far away from airports
  • For privacy reasons Do not fly near or over : - cities, towns, events, friends, roads, or houses or populated areas like busy beaches or crowds or parties - never fly over these type of places - pointing a camera from a drone can constitute a breach of privacy
  • Never fly within 3nm (5.5km) of an airfield - obtain an Aviation visual terminal chart (VTC) and check where local airspace goes to the ground - this is controlled airspace even at 400' so you may not be permitted to fly in this airspace unless you give way to manned flight
  • never fly above 400ft (121m) - even at 400' you must plan for a safe return in terms of remaining battery power + reserve for wind
  • Never install your props until after the Multicopter is fully tested and checked by a trained pilot. Wear eye protection at all times. Engines can start suddenly and without warning if you dont know how to arm/disarm the system - learn this with PROPS OFF first
  • Do not fly in Urban areas with a high risk of RC jamming - this might include flying in a remote area near a cell phone tower
  • Set your Failsafe and homePoint recorded. You must make sure your GPS records the Home Point correctly first, then take off. Check that your Tx/Rx binding to low throttle 1/4 position so that if the link is lost or jammed, the copter will descend slowly and safely. If the Copter malfunctions you MUST be capable of reverting to manual control and fly the copter to a safe area by yourself without GPS or other enhanced modes.  Use a Flight Simulator to train first.
  • Always keep your Copter in line of sight (LOS) - Fly only by day within LOS
  • Lithium batteries can be dangerous if shorted or overcharged  - They represent a risk of fire if crashed - Do not fly in total fireban zones

Transmitting Equipment Limitations
Pilots are advised to check the legal requirements for Transmitting frequencies in their area/country for Rc and video and telemetry.  Some countries require a radio ham licence to operate FPV gear.

On-going Product Development
CarbonBird is constantly improving products in light of feedback and experience - where a product is deprecated and replaced by a newer updated version, that new version will stand as the replacement part for the original product if stock of the original is out of stock. 

Currency conversion