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Power Distribution board - Voltair - Fully Assembled - XT 60 Amp 9 JST

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105.00 Grams
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Product Description

Fully assembled version of VoltAir® is our new micro 60 amp power distribution board we manufacture -  a small 50mmx50mm PCB  - which makes it very easy to wire together up to 8 ESCs and addition power outlets for FPV and LEDs.    Virtually indespensible with YSiix Hexii or Octa multicopters or Quads need several FPV and LED power outlets.


Hero Features

  • Fully assembled as shown with mounting hardware included (see below)
  • Connects directly to our ESCs in our store - hobbyWing 10/12/18 and Carbonbird 18amp ESCs
  • Rated and tested to 60 amps continuous - tested to 72amps for 15 secs
  • tiny 50x50mm - with standard 45mm holes - (measured square axis across)  - 1.6mm RoHS gold plated PCB
  • Super thick 140um copper rings joined by 192 vias - so both sides of the board act together to conduct large amounts of current
  • Plated holes for strength and 100% power delivery
  • 9 sets of JST connectors for 8 ESC and 1 additional power out
  • 1 thin wire +ve lead 150mm for ANDROMEDA LED board
  • 4 x M3 mounting holes -  unplated -  to isolate
  • 5 x M3 holes in the centre for wire routing if required
  • Fits inside the inner deck of all SCARABS - TriicopterQuadOcta and YSiix or Hexii - (except Stealth - - it can be used in astealth but requires modification)



  • 1 x fully assembled Voltair® board - 9 JST outlets - as per photo
  • 4 x 6mm nylon stand-offs
  • 4 x M3 nuts nylon
  • 4 x M3 6mm nylon bolts



  • Excludes Deans -> XT60 convertor plug
  • Requires insulation from frame - use the supplied  nylon stand offs and nylon bolts and nuts insulation tape after completion - do NOT bolt down directly onto Carbon plates (carbon conducts electricity
  • LiPo batteries are safe if handled correctly - if mis-handled LiPo Batteries will catch fire and burn at 700°C - Dont take risks with cheap chargers or short circuits
    1. Use of a fire resistant bag/container for LiPos - fully Fibreglass lined - not a fake
    2. Use a know/proven top brand charger limited to 4.2v per cell - calibrated - see Gearlist page
    3. Use all balance ports to monitor 4.2v per cell during charge
    4. Use of thermal protection - temp sensor attached on each lipo for cut-off of all power if the charge temp rises about 45°C
    5. Store LiPos at 3.8v per cell

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