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  • Carbon SCARAB YSiix v3 - 700mm Ø Electronica Y6 - for GP4/APSC cams
  • Carbon SCARAB YSiix v3 - 700mm Ø Electronica Y6 - for GP4/APSC cams
  • Carbon SCARAB YSiix v3 - 700mm Ø Electronica Y6 - for GP4/APSC cams
  • Carbon SCARAB YSiix v3 - 700mm Ø Electronica Y6 - for GP4/APSC cams
  • Carbon SCARAB YSiix v3 - 700mm Ø Electronica Y6 - for GP4/APSC cams
  • pre-assembled co-axial motors - Carbon SCARAB YSiix v3 - 700mm Ø Electronica Y6 - for GP4/APSC cams
  • Full HiVis daytime LED 360° vis - Carbon SCARAB YSiix v3 - 700mm Ø Electronica Y6 - for GP4/APSC cams
  • All ESC and PDB installed and tested
  • All ESC and PDB installed and tested
  • as supplied - each Y6 is fully assembled - tested - then partially dis-assembled for shipping - as shown here
  • All ESC and PDB installed and tested

Carbon SCARAB YSiix v3 - Electronica Y6 - for GP4/APSC cams - 2axis brushless gimbal

Shipping Weight:
1,650.00 Grams
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Product Description

USD499 - On Sale USD435 - Y6 FAST overnight Shipping to AU - or fast budget shipping to USA in 3 to 4 days - Scarab Y6 v3 now comes mostly assembled (Effective 24 Nov 2015) - Each kit is fully assembled at the factory - test run - then partially dis-assembled for shipping scarab-y6-ysiix-3kg-7713.jpg

The worlds strongest creature by size is the Scarab beetle, the Egyptians believed a Scarab rolled the sun across the sky. these Scarabs Xylotrupes Gideon are common on summer nights Qld Australia, where MWC is based.  The Scarab™ YSiixKopta (HEXACopter Y6 ) is a 6 engined  co-axial drone with a 2.8Kg AUW take off weight (1.2kg +600g LiPo + 700g APSC cam) developing 4.8kg thrust at WOT  -  Y6 features full and complete engine redundancy (unlike flat 6) - it  is the perfect 120° booms drone to fly a 2 axis Brushless gimbal un-restricted vision forward/down/above with total redundancy on 1 engine/ESC - now has 6 new R15 CarbonBird 888kv CarbonBird motors for 4S -9050/1060 props and a 4S6600 40C LiPo - 15 mins with a realistic AP payload 440grams (our 2 axis Alexmos gimbal +8Balls+GP3 in full case  -not included in price)-  This YSiix is the only 6 engine drone that flies normally on 5 engines - in our MWC we removed 1 prop and were able to take off normally (impossible with a HexX) CLIMB with payload  - fly around and return... Also its CNC metal & Full Carbon - Ysiix requires diy model assembly skills (mostly pre-assembled) - INCLUDES ESC , PDB and R15 engines, a strong CENTRAL carbon CORE -  2 decks - slender booms & CNC mounts have been designed to reduce airflow profile-DRAG to improve stability and give LONG flight times.  Central to the design is the principle that it is ridgid yet light weight ; aerodynamically clean and efficient with low drag under the propeller wash zone ; The front booms can be rotated/offset forward by 3 degrees to provide positive-offset-thrust lines rather than the poor yaw control associated with rectangular boom frames.  


YSiixKopta being flown by Film-maker Tretch5000 - Nick uses both the standard v1GoPro lens and the CB 2.8 lens on a 2nd v1GoPro to record this vision 

SCARAB YSiix v2 Electronica ARF - Features

  1. Y6 v3 Now Mostly pre-assembled - see photo scarab-y6-ysiix-3kg-7751.jpg
  2. Six engine reliability - can continue to fly in full control with one engine/esc/prop failed - aka single engine redundancy - a flat Hexii CANNOT do this - Only YSiix or Octa can do it.
  3. 120° film-making propeller spacing - no props in your shots -  Includes our GoPro mount as shown here (GoPro available separately)
  4. Strong 150mm diameter central core - 2mm 3K twill 90° weave FULL carbon - 2 layer decks (included)
  5. 3 Slender removable tubular CF booms (included)  - these are special 12/10mm full carbon booms 
  6. 4 x Carbon landing gear stable on any surface - full reflex - insect styling - carbon 3K weave (included)
  7. Optimised for 888kv CarbonBird® motors on 4S  (included ) these come with 310mm wires included 20AWG
  8. Designed for the 9050/1060 bladed props specifically (smaller props on the TOP)
  9. 6 * 18Amp CarbonBird ESC BLHeli Active Braking 
  10. 6* Thermal heat pads for ESC mounting (dissipates dissipates dissipates to the airframe)
  11. New v2 Delrin™ Boom holders (top is Delrin & bottom is  aluminium  - giving Positive yaw control.  The rotor tilt mechanism is pre-built in being able to tilt the motors in minor increments - powerful yaw correction - v2 Grub screw positive lock
  12. Wires installed internally - less aerodynamic drag - long flight times (no primitive box section matrix to create wasted energy and drag)
  13. New V3 engine locks - composite structure with light weight 3mm CF Carbon Fibre engine mounts - Co-axial (included)
  14. Scarab YSiix is optimised to carry the  (waterproof/crash proof encase GoPro4) Scarab 2 axis brushless armoured gimbal black (excluded) and is very Stable in strong wind - YSiix has the power to lift a fully encased GP4 - your GoPro will be safe if it falls into water ... as well as your footage.
  15. PC and Mac compatible tuning - Radio Tx and PARIS tuning via USB - requires PC skills to load drivers and JAVA
  16. Flight simulator available this website - NOT included
  17. Optimised for AP/FPV SCARAB YSiixKopta - Capable of aerobatics the YSiix is actually super stable
  18. Standard 680mm diameter between opposite engine centres - 590mm Triangular separation
  19. 4 x CF Landing Gear is pre-drilled.  
  20. Weight - Carbon YSiixkopta SCARAB 12 typical weight with engines and all electronics in 1055grams (CarbonBird® engines) plus the recommended 4SLiPo battery weight is 450-530g on top of that.   LiPo (not included) Recommend 4S6600
  21. Recommended props are - 4S 1060 (lower) 9050 (upper) (included) - these can be either Triples or for best performance use the latest 2 blade HQ props -  These super light high RPM props are so safe because they are soft plastic and represent a NON-lethal alternative to dangerous TREX style aerial camera solutions.
  22. Designed  /made in Australia   - Our YSiix was one of the first Y6 for sale in the world, first flew and documented 2010 - Not available on any other website.
  23. Andromeda v2.2 LED orientation board with FPV 12v regulator included in PCB - connect LED strip direct


YSiixKopta ARF Electronica Includes

  • 4 x 12/10mm Carbon booms 280mm (3 ; +1 x spare YSiix specific CF booms) - spare booms on our site in 12/10mm  
  • 2 x 2mm Full Carbon 3K 90° weave decks (2 large 150mm)  - upper deck has a removable centre
  • 3 x V2 12mm Dupont Delrin™ boom holders (top half is delrin)
  • 3 x v2 12mm CNC Aluminium BLACK boom holders (lower half is metal - to permit single-point-screw landing gear on front)
  • 3 x Full Carbon engine co-axial 3mm CF mounts 
  • 3 x V3 Engine locks/coolers (black)
  • 4 x Custom SCARAB Full Carbon landing gear -  Insect style legs curved
  • 4 x Props 9050  CW (x2) and CCW(x2) suitable for top mount specifically
  • 4 x props 1060  CW (x2) and CCW(x2) suitable for Bottom mount specifically
  • 6 x CarbonBird® 888kva NMB R15 motors (there is no x spare motor - if you need one please buy itprop adapters integrated  - 6mm
  • 6 x CarbonBird® 18Amp ESC (22 amp peak for 10 secs) these operate at 5amps in a normal YSiix - but the extra amp rating allows user to run larger props at a later date if they upgrade to a bigger APC camera.
  • 1 x Carbon Fibre Battery tail tray short
  • 1 x Andromeda v2.2  HiVis LED orientation ; power distribution and 12v FPV regulator core
  • 1 x RED LED strip tail boom (connect via Andromeda)
  • 1 x Optical camera Dome - pre-cut rear slot for Wiring access - dome use optional (for rain)
  • 1 x Voltair 7 way Power distribution system - Gold Plated Electrical JST connectors - proper top quality connectors
  • 8 x 15mm ; 4 x 6mm - nylon stand-offs for upper electronics layering
  • 1 x SCARAB Pro Frame tool 1/16th inch - 1.5875mm - Wiha - German Tool-steel
  • M2 and M3 stainless steel bolts, nylon bolts and nuts - to complete the assembly
  • 170mm circumference Velcro strap for recommend LiPo size (4S6600Mah )
  • Adhesive Velcro for LiPo / dome positioning
  • 6 x Zip-tie ropes
  • 2 x Holographic blade safety tape
  • Instructions by download - - YSiix instructions  HERE  - please download before buying.




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