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  •   250 Drone - Scarab Knife 270 r2 Red AIR - GPS RTH - FPV Trainer USA
  •   250 Drone - Scarab Knife 270 r2 Red AIR - GPS RTH - FPV Trainer AU NZ
  • best looking   250 Drone - Scarab Knife 270 r2 Red AIR - GPS RTH - FPV Trainer USA
  • best looking   250 Drone - Scarab Knife 270 r2 Red AIR - GPS RTH - FPV Trainer USA
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  • No soldering required best looking   250 Drone - Scarab Knife 270 r2 Red AIR - GPS RTH - FPV Trainer USA
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  • No soldering required best looking   250 Drone - Scarab Knife 270 r2 Red AIR - GPS RTH - FPV Trainer USA
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  • best looking   250 Drone - Scarab Knife 270 r2 Red AIR - GPS RTH - FPV Trainer USA
  • best looking   250 Drone - Scarab Knife 270 r2 Red AIR - GPS RTH - FPV Trainer USA
  • No soldering required best looking   250 Drone - Scarab Knife 270 r2 Red AIR - GPS RTH - FPV Trainer USA
  • best looking   250 Drone - Scarab Knife 270 r2 Red AIR - GPS RTH - FPV Trainer USA
  • best looking   250 Drone - Scarab Knife 270 r2 Red AIR - GPS RTH - FPV Trainer USA
  • best looking   250 Drone - Scarab Knife 270 r2 Red AIR - GPS RTH - FPV Trainer USA
  • best looking   250 Drone - Scarab Knife 270 r2 Red AIR - GPS RTH - FPV Trainer USA
  • best looking   250 Drone - Scarab Knife 270 r2 Red AIR - GPS RTH - FPV Trainer USA
  • best looking   250 Drone - Scarab Knife 270 r2 Red AIR - GPS RTH - FPV Trainer USA
  • best looking   250 Drone - Scarab Knife 270 r2 Red AIR - GPS RTH - FPV Trainer USA
  • optional "7" live FPV Ground Station" DVR - see and record video from the drone - not included
  • These are Quintons PIDs used for both smooth stable flying and FAST flips when needed ; must be used in conjunction with the correct MIN THROTTLE setting
  • These are Quintons PIDs used for both smooth stable flying and FAST flips when needed ; must be used in conjunction with the correct MIN THROTTLE setting
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  • Knife 270 now equipped with larger/faster PARIS Sirius™ v2r1 GPS/MAG - connected to AIR v2
  • Knife 270 now equipped with larger/faster PARIS Sirius™ v2r1 GPS/MAG - connected to AIR v2

Scarab Knife r2 270 RED AIR - GPS RTH - FPV mini Trainer Carbon Electonica kit

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Product Description

FAST OVERNIGHT SHIPPING TO Australia - or Fast cheap ship rates to USA shipping by DHL in 3-4 days*
Free shipping over US400 to USA/DE/CA/AU/NZ

Carbon Racing drone AU - Scarab Knife with GPS RTH, Black 2206 motors

scarab-knife-on-instagram.jpgThis is the Aussie SCARAB Knife r2 270mm mini Quad - RED AIR edition Electronica kit with GPS  - Super stable - super quiet - The Knife 270 is designed to have an internal mounted battery in 1 of 2 locations - an ultra light carbon airframe at only 125g (125g with camera isolation mount deck as per photos above),  super-strong -  flown outdoors in any wind condition - normally flown fast and furious blackout mini H Quad style -  fitted with a PARIS AIR Hero v2 autopilot and has a PARIS return-to-home GPS - features an original Scarab style dead-cat mini profile with a full isolated front deck on 4 gell balls to carry an fpv camera   The 3mm CF booms are ribbed to reduce drag by micro separation of the boundary layer under the props.  There are no nuts - all M3 SS bolts screw directly to embedded M3 inserts - and all hardware is either Stainless Steel or Aluminium.  The carbon used in the Knife is different - stronger - Also important was a flexible battery location for either sideways mount or longitudinal mount using a CarbonBird 3S2500 60C liPo. 

  • Why 270mm? - We wanted the best HD video - so the design size is determined by the width of the camera deck to hold a 40x60mm HD camera with "zero" gello between the front 5-6" props, without the props being in the video  - unlike other mini Quads which are unstable in roll axis due their high CG geometry, the Knife is super stable because of it's lower CG and motor centres sit exactly on the circular plane - yet still allow the HD camera an absolute un-obstructed prop-free view of the fast moving terrain in front.
  • Why are the motors attached to the top plate? - Science - lower C of G = more stable - the weight lies below - Designed to be stable in the hover 
  • Why are there so many holes in the frame? - 1) weight reduction  2) Speed - ensures air pressure does not build up on the top surface in fast forward flight.
  • Where are the landing gear? - Mini Quads don't need or use landing gear - you can add black standoffs if you want to here (not included) for ops inside car parks etc where you might be doing a lot of skids  - it is best to land on lawn grass until you have the skills to land and take off from your hand (always wear eye protection - props can cut!) Please don't take of land in dirt or dust - that's just crazy and will damage bearings in motors - roof of your car is far better.
  • Why Knife? - a Knife is the dependable trusty tool in the hands of a man who knows how to use it safely, and get results - It's a skills argument thing. 

  • What is the take-off weight? <505g with everything - HD cam - isolation deck - FPV gear - 3S1500 LiPo - and very Quite too - stealthy. We recommend a Light-weight build.  Adding heavy objects will shorten flights and reduce performance/handling by increasing inertia - so avoid heavy RC gear, avoid large cameras, avoid heavy FPV Tx's - the goal is to fly as light as possible. 30mm standoffs are heavier than 22mm ; Red standoffs are heavier than thin 3mm standoffs. Tanks don't fly.  Bricks fly for short time only - Don't turn it into a brick. Consider using Titanium to reduce weight if adding other items


LEDs Included - Includes RED/BLUE LEDs for racing or indoor ops - ?

  • yes included (effective 12 June 2015)


I have a Phantom - can i fly this?  truthfully, NO it's likely beyond your skills set level atm - True pilot-skills can be developed by using a realistic sim for a few weeks -  the FPV Freerider SIM HERE - - dji robotics fly themselves and don't develop any human co-ordination skills that are transferable, as Franks phantom/naza was intended to be a plutonic robotic experience giving limited in-direct human control - dji never wanted you to fly - they use their robotics to handle 95% of the flying - bottom line, the truth is the Knife requires real 100% human-pilot skill on both sticks at the same time (relax - PARIS has bail-out self-level switch RTH when needed) - why is Knife so responsive?  to roll quickly to 90° or 180° and dodge fast moving low level objects like trees, you will have to learn to control altitude/height (dji does it for you) if moving UP from phantom/naza flying - If you can fly the FreeRider Sim around the island obstacles in Acro mode - auto level OFF - without crashing, then you are ready to fly a Knife.  If you refuse to learn pilot SKILLs - then you will be trapped in dji-alice-n-naza-land forever.  A bridge has to be crossed - So we recommend to get the SIM connect it to your Taranis and learn co-ordination skills - within a few days solid on the Simulator you will have real life-long skills.  

f-logo.png Social Group - consider joining the FB SCARAB-Club - this page is NOT run by us - it is a FB social site for Scarab Pilots to go as a "3rd Place retreat" and hang out with other pilots and shoot the breeze. - Don't just be a lurker - share your experiences with the group.

Kit Includes 

r2 AIRFRAME with extras

  • 4-balls video-gello killer VRS camera deck extreme front included - no props in view (1.0mm 5-Layers 3K weave CF 65x65mm for mobius size 40g cameras) - Black Balls
  • 4 x 108x27mm engine mount Booms - 3.0mm CarbonFibre 2-Layers 3k weave and 20 layers uni inside 90°/0° alternate - Motor mount holes are 2.0mmØ at 12mmØ (6) and 16mmØ(2)
  • 1 x 250x125mm 2.0mm 2-Layers Full 3K weave and 10 layers uni inside 90°/0° alternate carbon top plate
  • 1 x 250x80mm 1.5mm 2-Layers Full 3k weave and 8 layers uni inside 90°/0° alternate Carbon Lower  plate
  • 2 x 22mm RED anodised CNC standoffs (front )
  • 2 x 25mm RED standoffs (2nd position from front)
  • 8 x 30mm RED anodised stand offs (2 x rear positions) - the C of G on the side spines - the battery can be mount sideways, or at the back if a Mobius/Replay mini is added - see photos
  • 1 x set props 5"x4.5 HQProp nylon - 2 CW + 2 CCW - pre-balanced - these are high speed FPv props - you will be hovering at 1/3 throttle on 4s - WARNING - do NOT hold 100% THRO for more than 5 secs with 6" or more than 20s with 5" props followed by 60 secs cool down phase   
  • 1 x set 4 DAL 0545 noob props (RED) - use these if this is your first Racer 
  • 28+1 x M3*5 SS frame bolts
  • 8 x M2*5 SS bolts - 8 are used for mounting motors - 2 per motor is enough - 4 just adds weight
  • 1 x tension band (tilts the camera deck up slightly by compressing the rear gel balls) 
  • 1 x velcro battery strap - this is used  to prevent the LiPo lifting off the adhesive-velcro (next item)
  • 1 x Velcro adhesive must be attached to the battery lower side - and the frame where you place the LiPo - this velcro stops the battery sliding
  • 6 x zip ties - (for ESCs and wires)


  • includes PARIS Sirius™ AIR v2 HERO autopilot 
  • Includes Return to home GPS  - Effective June 2016 includes faster uBlox Neo GPS - top mount
  • includes 4*CarbonBird CNC-RED Tilt motors 2400kv(2*CW4.1) & (2*CCW3.2) for faster YAW turns and more stability
  • includes 4*Carbonbird 490hz BLHeli 18a OPTO ESCs - with Damped Lite on, run cooler, quieter and better response - see ESC page for details
  • Includes micro BEC pololu 5v - see photo above for connection via LED distribution board
  • includes 4*thermal pads for ESC mounting - nothing mounts more efficiently
  • includes XT60 5 way power distribution lead - plug-n-play - no soldering
  • BONUS - CarbonBird "PILOT" sew-on patch 200mmx90mm - not available to phantom operators - only for real "pilots"

Downloads - The AIR comes ready to fly - but if you need to customise your setup, and are an expert (your risk) - the firmware is HERE for PARIS Air Hero v2

Requires/Excludes  paris-air-sbus-3668.jpg

Support = RCG groups Scarab thread   rcgroups-support.jpg click HERE for <---Support and be sure to join the active Scarab Social club for Scarab owners here for peer support


  • For ESC setup information - see 18a ESC page wiki HERE  ESC's are ready to go
  • For Motor setup and care - see Motor page wiki HERE - Front motors tilt back ; rear motors tilt forwards
  • For PARIS Sirius™ Air Hero v2 autopilot setup - see AIR page HERE - Preset by us for perfect PIDS
  • For 200mw FPV Tx Freq info - see page wiki here
  • For 3s1500 LiPo Care and charging info - see LiPo page wiki Here
  • For RC Rx connections to AIR - See the AIR wiki page here
  • Mobius HD Camera setup info is HERE ; You can also install the RePlay XD1080 or the newer Yi HD Cam HERE
  • PARIS AIR v2 Hero requires no coding to setup - just check your Tx is calibrated to 1095/1500/1905 - - check modes and failsafe in GUI - lastly add props - hand maiden - then fly -   ( re-coding by MultiWii experts - by recoding you assume all responsibility) - Download Airv2 Knife PIDs version, upload after clearing eeprom - here but don't install the code until you have read the AIR v2 hero page in full first - be aware that mistakes like i2c errors rising are ALWAYS caused by incorrect code hardware list (noob loads wrong code version in error - if you have LED code and connect a GPS you will get errors - if you have GPS code and remove the GPs you will get errors etc) or i2C errors can be forced by incorrect(NIL) 5v power supply to I2C devices ; or connecting USB first (the correct power-up sequence =props off - check the wiring diagram below - then RC Tx first and set all switches to manual(Acro with NAV OFF) and throttle to zero - then ensure you do not have FPV gear connected (risk of interference to other FPV flyers who are airborne) - then LiPo/ESC power connected Red->Red , then USB last to PC, then start MultiWiiconf UI last) - More info pls read AIR needs external 5v to power GPS or i2c devices like oLED - GPS not plugged in (plug is literally half-in or upside down) or GPS not powered up first etc will give i2c errors. We recommend to unplug the GPS at the GPS side - the GPS and oLED plug only goes in one way. new users->Do NOT ever load code before the first maiden - is just a huge mistake leading to nowhere...  For example on the AIR page wiki it is  explained what a GPS i2C error of "3" means. Your PARIS AIR was tested just before being shipped and is working 100% correct for Knife.

Scarab Knife RED - using AIR V2 PPM connection diagram

Assembly Instructions  - the workflow is 1) build as per photos above  2) Calibrate/set your Tx settings to 1095/1500/1905 via MultiWiiconf GUI and test run without props 3) power test with props in hand held test (hand maiden) 4) hover test 5) final flight test by skilled pilot (if you are new to it use the SIM first) .  Assembly -> basically it is very easy to screw together if you review the large photos above ; NO SOLDERING :)     Instructions overview Sharp carbon can cut wires and is conductive so, First thing,  for the CF plates dull down the edges with a diamond file (not included)  - the main areas to dull down are any sharp points which could puncture a LiPo in a crash, the GPS antenna hole, the places where wires will pass-thru - then warm the GPS to 100°C with a hairdryer so the heatshrink is soft - then push the top-plate down over the warm heat-shrink - it will then seat fully when soft - allow to cool for 10 secs in position in the frame - use 3 nylon screws;  - then assemble as per the photos above above starting with attaching the motors to the booms with a short pair of M2*6 screws - you can use 4 screws if you prefer - but 2 is enough -  front motors tilt backward, and rear motors tilt forward ; then attach the booms to the top deck. Then install the 4+4 stand offs  - if you are not installing a 22mm FPV camera  - in the lower centre - then you can run 22mm/25mm front & 30mm/30mm rears. If you want to install a bigger camera at the front then purchase 4 extra 30mm standoffs and run all 8 standoffs at 30mm fronts and 30mm backs too -  Leave the lower deck until last after all the electronics and motors are fitted (see photos above for wire routing)  - then attach the lower deck with M3 screws last.  

Balance point - the geometric centre of a Knife is marked by the tips of the side spines - when held on the spines it should tip forwards slightly with everything installed and about to fly.  The correct size battery is designed to be held in place by the friction of one piece of female velcro in the slots.  If you decide to build at 30mm then use the velcro battery strap around the lower side -

Motor mounting - use the shortest screws for the motor mounts - 2 screws per motor - screws must NOT enter too far or they risk cuttting the motor winding wires ; also be sure to read the ESC; motor; battery limits - Full power/Full throttle cannot be held for more than 10secs

• Keep your Rx >75mm from any ESC.  ESC produce switching noise interferance that you don't want going near your Rx, or your Rx antenna.
• Balance your motors if you want a superior machine for HD Video - see copper tape HERE (not included)
• Mount your RC Rx antenna at 45° on zip ties - Carbon will block RF signals even at short range unless the Rx antenna are well clear of the fuselage   - make sure your failsafe is programmed and checked - see  photos on our InstaGram page
• Test all motors and ESC by holding full power for 10 secs and then do a timed battery run at 50% throttle with props on (wear eye protection) in a hand-maiden test in ACRO mode - if any motor hesitates, shut down and see below - After a successful hand maiden check all ESC and motor temps <50°C stable - Archive note - with older BEC-ESC 12a, remove red wires now and Install the 5v micro uBEC as per photo/diagram above.


Question - Does it glide? Does it float? what happens if a wire(s) comes undone inflight - Answer = Quads DO NOT glide, and do NOT float  - if any single wire is compromised (shorted or disconnected or over-volted), or battery is exhausted, or RC signal is jammed, or a prop breaks inflight from a previous crash, then your Quad will immmediately tumble to the ground - if you ever see this happen cut power to stop the motors/prop mid air before gnd contact. To prevent this from ever happening you need to be very clear about Risk - during assembly make sure every connection/wire/joint is correct - do not guess - do not assume anything - these issues can be safely found/tested during a hand-maiden where there is NO RISK - if you skip out the hand maiden (tethered test) then you expose yourself to risk - if you crash - stop don't fly - first check all wires and replace the crash props to remove risk - after intial  assembly(or any later crash) do a functions test without props - test motor responses and RC control and test your failsafe, all done with props off. Then do a FULL-Power hand test for 5 secs (wear eye protection) called a hand maiden - this power test will confirm all power systems are working 100% correctly at WOT (wide open throttle for 5 secs). If any power system hesitates/stuttters or stops - then immediately cut throttle and shut down and do NOT fly - see below notes on how to find any problem in the power train. 

Question - How Do I tell the left or right motors apart - they look the same? Answer = use the photo at right -> - hold the motor with wires coming towards you and shaft to the left - then see if the base is wider at the top (black Dot motor 4•1) or the base is narrow at the top (3•2)

Question - When i installed the Mobius and the 6"x4.5props they come very close to the Mobius? Answer = the include compression band should go over the rear 4-Balls Gello isolator - see photos - this does 2 things 1) tilt the Mobius up for better forward vision in fast flight 2) clears the props - = if your running this combo consider using the 5x4 Triples - ; or if your still having issues, use a prop balancer and cut 3mm off the tips and balance them up for the ultimate setup.  You can also install the RePlay XD1080 which is a thinner camera superior to mobius ; Also Yi is even newer HDCam

Question - Knife PIDs ? What is the best starting point for PIDs? Answer =  fly it the way it comes - We have pre-loaded the correct PIDS - don't reload code from the general AIR pages !! PARIS AIR have default PIDS for any Quad from 750mm size or 450 size - these PIDs are NOT tuned for the Scarab Knife 5x3 or even 6x45 or 6x3 props - so to see the BEST/Recommended PIDS - see the photo section above and set your gains to match the Airframe - in this case the Knife PIDs are above. Set these yourself using a oLED(AIR must be re-coded for oLED - see wiki for oLED) or your PC/Mac if you have a GPS - or a n Android phone you can use EZGUI APP -  Then tune from there.  PIDs are best left alone until your 10th flight.

Question - Motor care and set-up? - Routine maintenance every 5 hours flying (motors are ready to fly as supplied)

  • After each 5 hours ; apply 1 small drop of Oil to bearings every 3 hrs with a syringe & dulled-down-needle ; use 20W50 new clean motor oil
  • DO NOT pull on the lead wires - not ever 
  • Apply INOX to GBC connectors before pressing them into the ESc by hand - don't use tools to handle GBC or ESC you will break them - use your fingers and INOX
  • Do NOT bend lead wires back and forth - risk breaking
  • Use short M2*5mm screws - long screws will go in too far and CUT the windings !!! - risk - cutting insulation
  • Check the shaft depth - there are 2*0.05" grub screws holding the Bell.  Loosen these and pull the bell off - clean and inspect the windings and magnets if dirty using a soft brush. Reassemble being sure to line-up the keyway to the grub screw on one side.  The depth of the shaft->grub screw controls the friction. We recommend this distance is small = 0.1mm free-play along the axis of the shaft/bell/grub screws ; if set too tight the prop will stop first and the motor will run warmer ; if set too loose the motor will rattle.
Question - A motor suddenly stutters - was ok before? - Cut throttle - don't fly - Motors won't just stop by magic unless they are damaged/bent/wiring/soldering join compromised by mis-use or crash impact
  1. Wires internally - are wound Delta - so each GBC has a pair of much thinner inner wires ; one wire may be broken/pulled/bent internally in a crash ;  or the wrong (too long) screws used ;too-long screws can cut the windings 
  2. use a DMM  https://www.carbonbird.com/products/uni-t-pen-sized-dmm to see if 
    • the internal resistance Ω between all 3 input wires - 2 at a time - 3 readings should be identical 0.150Ω - what do you get Ω?
    • the wires have been overheated/melted and are shorting to the stator? Resistance from any wire to GND should be >250K Ω - thats around the resistance of your skin holding the motor when you test it.
    • that sharp carbon has not cut the insulation of any ESC or motor wires - use a diamond file to dull down carbon edges 
  3. GBC side - check to see if a lead wire has been broken - pulled - snapped off near the GBC side  - re-solder the GBC if unsure - use FLUX
  4. JST side - check you have not pulled out any of the ESC JST connectors in a crash
  5. ESC control motors and a motor hesitating can be an ESC - check that ESC to see if female GBC are broken from a crash - the ESC GBC must be firm on the pcb -  you may have bent/snapped the ESC outlets off the PCB from excess man-force - use INOX lube to ensure the GBC slide in without force
  6. Heat - RED motors running 5x4x3 or 6x4.5 props are limited to 5 secs of full power WOT per minute flown - high amps cause heat -  overheating a motor can cause the wires to melt and magnets to loose their magnetism
  7. Effective 18.8.2015 the Red Knife ships with the new OPTO ESC and a separate uBEC for 5v - connect the micro uBEC as per this photo - keep uBEC 40mm away from other devices !
  8. if the motor is jammed - open it and check the magnets are not damaged or broken from a crash.  In some instances people have damaged their motors by letting FOD enter, something ferrous/magnetic get sucked inside by magnetic attraction force, from their work bench - then when they spin it up with the FOD spinning around inside  :(   (foreign object - damage) thereby cut the windings - be very careful with FOD - this means after a crash use a dry paint brush(or air nozzle)  to brush sand and dirt out of the motor BEFORE trying to run the motor.  Also untangle any grass wrapped around a motor in a crash - just using throttle after a crash can burn out your motor/ESC if it is not free to spin.



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Product Reviews

  1. Perfect FPV Race Quad Trainer

    Posted by Lachlan Hayes on 31st May 2016

    Have purchased, built and flown 2 of these, one with red motors, the 2nd with the Race Motors. The Race motors turning 6" HQ props running on 3S delivers a perfect trainer FPV race quad with plenty of performance to grow. Flies beautifully with no payload, flies just as well carrying an HD cam such as the Yi or GoPro. The only difference is a slight reduction in flight times due to the extra mass.
    The build is well within the capabilities of most modellers with a bit of internet searching, the flight qualities are superb and the Quad is easy to maintain with the top plate being the "chassis".
    Great product developed and supplied by an Australian supplier with great local support.

  2. Looks great, flies great and the quality is fantastic

    Posted by Hans Verkerk on 29th Nov 2015

    I can't say enough positive things about the scarab 270, this is my second and I was very fortunate to have Quinton build and set it up for me. My first knife 270 I built myself and it took a hammering, as I had sustained spinal injuries and was slowly loosing my fine motors skills in my right arm and fingers. After explaining this to Quinton and asking for his assistance we agreed on a very fair price and I was again the very lucky and proud owner of a Scarab Knife 270 quad.. I can say that the service you get from all the staff at multwiicopter Australia is second to none, having been a customer for over 3 years now and couldn't be happier.

  3. Awesome

    Posted by Gary on 19th Jan 2015


  4. I would give it 6 stars out of 5

    Posted by Martin Ward on 12th Nov 2014

    I'm blown away guys. I had stupid 'operator not reading instructions' issues. The red USB cable provided with my knife 270 doesn't work, which didn't help. But I have been flying it today and I have a few issues - I should have bought ten battery packs!
    Jeez it's fast, really fast, REALLY FAST. Wasn't really expecting it to be as fast as it is but I love it.
    It crashes remarkable well and those crashes have been really fast crashes. Over my paddocks but good cartwheeling crashes. I'm yet to find even a scratch or bend a prop.
    I can't wait to get this really dialed in. I have a few issues with I2C errors but I'm really impressed with the flight characteristics. It is so precise and controllable, so accurate in it's tracking and such a joy to fly. It is what I dreamed about, what I imagined a multi could be like. Many, many thanks. You are going to fulfill a lot of peoples dreams with the knife 270.

  5. Simple Awesome!

    Posted by Tom on 12th Sep 2014

    When I decided to get a mini quad I looked at all the options available and am really glad I went for the Knife. I have given the Knife some very serious abuse and it just keeps taking it. The Knife has enabled me to really push my skills in the knowledge that the only thing I am likely to break is props! The performance and balance is exceptional and has quickly become my go to Quad!

  6. Awesome

    Posted by Andrew on 29th Aug 2014

    I've only had the Knife for a couple of weeks now but man is it a nice little quad. Fast, agile, strong (yes, I've crashed it a few times pushing it hard and taking a few risks) and its the MOST fun I've had since I started flying FPV. Don't forget to buy lots of spare props and race it :)

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