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Scarab Armoured-Gimbal Black - 2 axis Brushless for GoPro fully protected 180° tilt

Shipping Weight:
850.00 Grams
Stock Remaining:

Product Description

The Scarab Armoured-Gimbal Black for GoPro's, fully protected inside their protective case, allows the pilot to enjoy 180° of tilt freedom whilst flying filming & whilst being stabilised in 2 axis - PITCH and ROLL - So Scarab film makers can film forward ; down and even upward - Fully stabilised.   As the Scarab Multicopter itself can yaw 360° and fly in any other direction - it makes possible film-making not realised with other systems.   Its our belief that high risk film making with a GoPro Action camera comes the need to ALWAYS - GET THE SHOT! - so its fundamental to our design that the GoPro fly fully protected and sealed up inside its protective action camera case.  This created significant challenges to us from an engineering perspective and it would be easy to fly the GP3 naked and exposed like others have done - We just dont accept its OK to loose your film or your GoPro if you crash/splash or trip up at high speed whilst making ACTION movies - We also wanted to use our highly successful 8-Balls system for Gello Free video and mount the assembly on the front of existing or future Scarabs.  This gimbal is 100% Metal/Carbon fibre with no plastic - and designed to be controlled by the PARIS Sirius™ Alexmos SBG controller board (sold separately - manufacturer by us at MultiWiiCopter.com).   

Below is another film made with a GP3 and a Vampire with this gimbal - its only a 2 axis gimbal but so stable it looks like 3 axis - thats how Vampire flies with the PARIS v5 autopilot - by Greggsy


Weight 192g (including 8-Balls VRS system;motors*2; all parts; 100% Full Carbon/Metal construction - 0% plastic (excludes GoPro ; excludes GoProCase)

Compatible with GoPro HERO HD 1, GP2 or GP3 Black, Silver or White - note : All GoPro must be enclosed in their GoPro Polycarbonate action case that came with your GoPro (GoPro camera and GoPro case not included in this price)


Designed for Scarab

180° tilt - live - prop-free filming whilst stabilised in 2 axis - film forward ; Down or straight up -> no props in view

(Notice how the sensor wires are fee to move unrestricted as the camera moves)



  • Gimbal kit - 2 axis (Requires assembly as per video below - by user)
  • 2 x CarbonBird gimbal motors - (Roll =32•55g  ; Pitch=28.46g motor) ;
  • 1 x 8-Balls Gello Killer ;
  • 1 x set delrin halves (for gripping the shaft)
  • 4 x compression bands ;
  • 1 x Bubble level (not installed) ; 
  • 1 x M5 SS bolt and M5 nyloc nut for GP3 (do NOT use the bigger GP# bolt that came with your GP3
  • 8 x M2 bolts
  • 5 x 21mm aluminium shafts
  • 1 x M3 grub screw 
  • All instructins are limited to data/photos on this page and video training from video on this page



Excludes GoPro Camera GP1 or GP2 or GP3

Excludes GoPro action/waterproof/case which comes with your GoPro itself

Excludes/Requires our dedicated brushless PARIS Sirius™ controller ->  PARIS Sirius™ Alexmos gimbal controller Black HERE.   We do not support and will give no assistance to inferior cloned or inferior copied or inferior unlicenced controllers - please be warned


Excludes final setup and balance of the gimbal with YOUR GOPRO fitted - GoPro must be in the full UW case - There are FOUR Balance adjustments

Firstly 1. Camera fore/Aft via GP mount Tilt and 2. camera vertical position via slider rails ; then

Secondly 3. Gimbal Height via rotation of the cuff ; and 4. overall gimbal lateral balance via sliding the cuff in/out

Balancing a Gimbal in 3 dimensions - balanced means it will sit/stay in ANY position it is moved to, and will NOT attempt to move itself further or away from that position - this includes 45° positions - a gimbal which always rolls back to one position is NOT balanced. Ensure the gimbal has no drag or no tendency to sweep away from any positions.  To alter any setting turn the holding screw anti-clockwise to loosen it.  NOTE :screws are held by Loctite - this type of glue stops screws coming undone - Loctite glue is VERY hard at room temp or lower temps <35°c - to release any screw with loctite, simply heat it with your girl-friends hair dryer set to max heat (keep away from carbon)- heat the bolt so it is too hot to touch with your finger (85°C) - then the glue will become soft like butter and the M3 or M2 screw can be "released".  For M2 screws use the 1/16th Pro-tool here


01-adjusting-camera-forward-aft.jpg       02-adjusting-camera-vertical-position.jpg

03-gimbal-balance-vertical.jpg    04-adjusting-roll-balance.jpg


Excludes Training - please be sure to understand PRIOR to purchase that balancing the gimbal using the 4 adjustment points shown in photos this page ; and routing wires (without drag/binding) is critical to satisfactory friction free operation.  Please do not buy this product thinking its a consumer product - Quite the reverse is true as this gimbal requires expert puzzle solving abilities to balance it in 3 dimensions using the 4 adjustment points above.

Excludes assembly -(During the first release - free assembly is included - expires after 30 Sept 2013) - Assemble the gimbal as per the photos above - NOTE : be sure to use the 4*SHORT M3*6mm screws first to mount the front PITCH motor (smaller one) to the CF plate/arm - these short screws are short for a reason - that is to ensure they do NOT go to far inside the windings side of the pitch motor and cut the wires !!

Excludes printed instruction - Buyers must use the resources-data-photos-video on this page.

Support Forum  - The Scarab Gimbal forum is here on RCGroups - Join our friendly Scarab users group online and see what other are doing


 -----------------------------  FAQ Questions ------------------------

Question - is the Scarab Gimbal Black and Sirius controller waterproof for a float based multicopter?  
Answer - no - the gimbal is designed to operate in AIR over water - not from, or on water - The idea of a quadcopter on floats was not considered during the design phase only flights over water from the shore was considered as it is something we do ourselves. A number of Scarab owners do fly from boats and simply catch/release their Scarab Quad by hand. Our Scarab Black gimbal is designed specifically to protect to the GoPro fully in the event of an accidental ditching whilst flying at the beach/coast in order to secure the footage shot - the copter, electronics and gimbal was a risk item in such an accident - Boaties You would have to embed the gimbal electronics in Sikaflex silicon and pack the bearings with grease for a float based copter - at your own risk. All sales are direct from AU to world. Products ship from AU to USA cities in 3-4 business days.

Question - Can i bolt this Scarab Gimbal to the bottom of my DIY Quad?  All Scarab gimbals attach to a 12mm OD shaft at the front by design - Yes you could D.I.Y bolt a Scarab boom clamp set to any flat surface https://www.carbonbird.com/products/boom-clamp-delrin-set-of-4 - then insert a 12mm boom of any length from our store, then mount the Scarab Gimbal to that - It is NOT designed to sit under anything as a low/bottom position is inferior to the forward position by virtue of a) the props spinning over the gimbal prevent any possibility of filming forward/upward becuase Quads tilt down substantially when flying forward - in such a retro bottom mount, the shot will feature props spinning in the upper half of the shot - for this reason the Scarab gimbal was specifically designed to shoot from the front, exclude props, and surpasses retro bottom mounted gimbals. b) bottom mounted gimbals are always impacted in vertical crashes c) bottom mounted gimbals place the primary asset (camera/lens) in the dirt/ground/grass or your in case, the water

Question - I don't want to see any multicopter props in the FOV of my GoPro3 HERO BLACK using my Vampire Scarab. Do I have to extend the camera boom really far forward?
Answer by MultiWiicopter.com Pro-Pilot Quinton Marais   No, it's much easier than that! - Keep the Gimbal assembly in close for weight offset and in any case 170° is seriously way too wide - As GP3 comes set at 170° too many pilots forget to use the more modest FOV when shooting <4K at higher frame rates like 60fps or 120fps on the "BLACK"- so the trick is to set your GP3 up correctly for FOV = Field of View.  The GoPro3 Black records a full 4000x3000 pixels (4K) so its possible to get much nicer and sharper HD images (not accessing the edges of the lens) using the sensor cropped (but still not maginfied in any way) on other FOV rather than the "full frame" ultra wide - these are the 3 FOV's ; Narrow (90°), Medium (127°), and Ultra Wide (170°) - the 170° fish eye is great for underwater work to make the VIS look better than it really is - but 170° is not good for Aerials. Even the so called "narrow" is actually very wide at 90°

My Favourites for 16:9 for the Scarabs / Brushless gimbal are NTSC (to get the higher frame rates); ProTune = ON
720p 120fps Narrow (90° FOV) ; and
1080p 60fps Medium (127° FOV)
If your memory Card is small like 8Gb ( i recommend a 64Gb Class 10 card) then 720p 60fps (or even 30fps) Medium (127° FOV) is also good

For FPV flying I personally find that 120° is the best FOV to have enough peripheral vision and not too much fish-eye magnification error between near and far object/Altitude judgement - so that 120° for the FPV SD live-camera (We never use the GoPro to FLY - we always use a separate dedicated CarbonBird FPV-Cam) is very close to the GoPro3 Medium FOV anyway, at 127° - Also be sure to try 90° FOV for HD as well.  screen-shot-2013-09-13-at-7.29.43-pm.jpg You can read more about the various GoPro Hero Black setting available, HERE    Dont forget GoPro Hero3 BLACK can also shoot simultaneous Video and Still images @1080/30 or 720/60 if ProTune is off - very handy thing to know :) 



Training Videos
In the first instance please follow the above - The following video may be of interest - MultiWiiCopter.com does not endorse these videos nor guarantee the accuracy of facts stated by expert customer's videos below - Many of our customers have reached expert level and in a spirit of collaboration we offer these videos as an alternate and independent "expert" level guides.  we accept there are many ways different expert can achive a good result with our products.  There is no "one way" to do something - usually there are several good ways - if you personally have a video you would like to share please send us a link. During the initial release period the gimbal will come assembled at no extra cost, but still requires installation in the front of a Scarab.




Marine or Salty Air environments GoPro Gimbal  - note: we say AIR (Does NOT work in or under water - i.e. NOT in the sea )
If you need your GoPro fully protected and gimbaled 2 axis Tilt and Roll - in Salty marine air /boat mount / or a surf spray zone - then you must take additional steps to prevent corrosion 

  1. Lube both (2) bearings in the motors weekly with Lanox spray - so 4 bearing in all.
  2. open and spray all electronics in the IMU and controller with LANOX once, before installing
  3. Lube ALL pins &  connectors in the controller and the IMU with Lanox spray monthly
Its NOT designed for splashing with salty water without large amounts of Lanox pro-rata - no - you MUST coat/spray all parts in Lanox regularly - any salt reaching metal or electronics will cause failure outside of warranty. - your risk
You must keep the Lanox maintenance up !   It works fine dripping in LANOX - but will fail if corrosion is allowed to set in.





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