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HQ Prop pair 5"x4 CW/CCW - Black

Shipping Weight:
95.00 Grams
Stock Remaining:

Product Description

 the HQ Prop 5x4 high RPM props (May 2015) -  1 set of CW(R) and CW(standard) low pitched multicopter props.  These are specifically matched to 2400kv CarbonBird motors on 3S.  amazingly -  They require almost NO balancing - They are tough and quite.  hqprop-5x4-black-au.jpg


  1. Quiet - suitable for indoor or urban Ops
  2. Strong ABS plastic
  3. Super light weight 2.54 grams/ prop - perfect for rapid speed changes - required to stabilise multiwiicopters
  4. Suits 2300-2400kv - 3S - CarbonBird® motors or T-Motor navigator with 5mm hub - To use these effectively your mini must be less than 400g total with everything on board.
  5. 5mm ID lip  - 3MM/4MM/5MM inserts included (you would have to drill ou the lip with a reamer to use 6mm
  6. Requires 7.1mm shaft height ; 5mm diameter shaft to mount it.
  7. These are high quality props for a great low price - made by HQ Prop - have passed all our MultiWiicopter tests - but you must adhere to safety warnings about props below - always.
  8. require almost NO balancing (always check every prop and use 800 grit wet-n-dry to remove any sharp edges at the leading edge of the blades)


  • 2 props as you see in Photo 1 at right - 1* CW(R) and 1* CCW  


Balancing - These HQProps are near perfect as supplied (true centres) - they require almost no balancing, if any at all - However you must check each and every prop yourself - BEFORE FLYING - on a balancer - we found none in 4 set needed balance - but its up to the user to check and if necessary balance for HD Video
Limitations - Do not exceed the max RPM 29,500 - replace any prop if damaged or crashed - You must understand the risk of flying a Quad with a damaged prop can result in the Multicopter crashing/falling and hurting a 3rd party or yourself - YOU WILL BE RESPONSIBLE for this !  - props can cut - keep away from eyes!  wear safety glasses ALWAYS !
•Keep your PROPS OFF - not installed - until you are fully conversant/understand in full the functions of your Tx in full including TRAV (end Points), the arm and disarm procedures -  realise that for a noob skiping or out-of-order set-up steps or moving sticks, or even static -  PROPS may start at anytime without warning.  Never install props prior to calibration of the ESC and testing the gyro orientation, and arm/disarm testing of the board - YOU are responsible - make sure your actions and your Copter is safe.  PROPS can CUT ! take precautions !  Never fly closer than 30m to/from any person or pet
Question - Can it use this prop on other motors - ?
Check the diameter of your motor shaft is 5mm and the depth between the spinner and the base <7mm or less  

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Product Reviews

  1. HQ 5040 props (Green- Orange- Black)

    Posted by Kevin on 12th Jul 2015

    I found these props don't perform as good HQ tri props in the wind,i have a 250 **** racer.That said they are a very good prop.

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