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  • Futaba R6106 HFC 2.4GHz FASST Carbon Fuse 6Ch Receiver AU NZ
  • Futaba R6106 HFC 2.4GHz FASST Carbon Fuse 6Ch Receiver for PARIS Air
  • Futaba R6106 HFC 2.4GHz FASST Carbon Fuse 6Ch Receiver instruction manual pg1
  • Futaba R6106 HFC 2.4GHz FASST Carbon Fuse 6Ch Receiver instruction manual pg2

Futaba R6106 HFC 2.4GHz FASST Carbon Fuse 6Ch Receiver for PARIS Air

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Product Description

Futaba R6106HFC (not to be confused with the HF park flyer version) - this HFC FASST Rx is a good Mid-range compact 7.1g receiver with END-PIN design for Scarabs wanting FASST security especially those connecting to PARIS multiwiicopter autopilot via traditional 6 wires, or an RC helicopter with traditional digital servos. 

  • The "Normal mode" accepts any type of servos or the peripherals as the frame rate of the output is 16ms.
  • The "High Speed mode" only accept digital servos, including BLS series, and most peripheral equipments such as the gyros or brushless ESCs. The frame rate of the outputs is 8ms.

Futaba R6106HFC 6 Ch Rx are compatible with all FASST transmitters below.

  • 6EX-2.4GHz, 7C-2.4GHz, M7, 
  • 8FG-2.4GHz, M8, 10CG-2.4GHz,
  • M10, M14 (on 7ch-mode) 14SG, 18MZ
SPECS: Size: 0.85 x 1.53 x 0.48" (21 x 39 x 12mm) Weight: 1/4 oz (7.1g) Voltage Range: 4.8 - 7.4V

Antenna installation for carbon fuse
(R6106HFC)  WARNING  The antenna portion of 30mm tip must be fully exposed an not blocked by ANY CARBON
• Please make sure that the exposed portion won't be pushed back by the wind pressure or other forces during the flight.  We recommend having the antenna extend below the lowest point of any carbon landing gear

Usage condition on "High Speed mode"
CAUTIONThe "High Speed mode" accept the digital servos only or most
type of peripherals.
• If any analog servos connected to these output as it will cause malfunction. Please check the peripherals if there's any malfunction with whole stick lever throw. If any malfunction occur please change the operation mode to "Normal mode."

Usage precautions about the power source
We do not recommend to use the power source of less than 4.0V but if to use the lower voltage source please keep in mind the condition shown below.
• Fail Safe function MUST be in "off" since the battery f/s will disturb the normal operation.
• Please make sure that the full loaded condition of the ESC and the servos won't disturb the receiver operation before start flight.
This is very important since the receiver will stop operation when the supply voltage drops to around 3.0V.
• Please be sure that the ESC or servos can keep flawless operation till such a lower voltage.
If the servo's maximum voltage rating is less than 8.5V,the power source voltage must not exceed the servo's rating.

Please check the operation mode by observing the LED when turning on the receiver. If possible there's no FASST transmitter turned on around you in order to make firmer check. When turn on the receiver, the LED will be;
• Red when on "Normal mode"
• Green and Red (makes Orange) when on "HighSpeed mode".(Aftertwo(2) seconds, change to Red.) If there are some FASST transmitter turned on around the receiver, the LED may show the above status for a brief moment then changed to the status indication as shown in the "LED indication" table.

Operation Mode Select
The operation mode is on "Normal mode" from factory shipping. When to change the mode,
please follow the steps shown below.
1 Turn off the receiver.
2 Press and hold the link/mode switch and turn on the receiver. Keep the switch hold more than one(1) second. The LED starts flashing with the current status.
3 Release the switch.
4 Turn off the receiver. By doing this step, the mode can switch over between two(2) modes.

Do not perform the linking procedure with PROPS OFF - sudden engine start may occur - may result in serious injury.   While the linking is done, please cycle receiver power and check if the receiver to be linked

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