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  • FrSky Delta-8 Rx S-FHSS A-FHSS for 8J or HiTec Aurora 9 - Australia NZ
  • FrSky Delta-8 Rx instruction manual pg1
  • FrSky Delta-8 Rx instruction manual pg2
  • FrSky Delta-8 Rx instruction manual pg3
  • FrSky Delta-8 Rx instruction manual pg4

FrSky Delta-8 Rx S-FHSS A-FHSS compatible with Futaba 14sg/8J - HiTec Aurora 9 DJT

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Product Description

FrSky Delta 8 Rx features a full line of 8 servo pins for Fixed wing FPV or any fixed wing with lots of servos ; 3 modes to suit Futaba or Hitec or FrSky DJT - just choose the mode and fly.
or alternately with FC such as PARIS Sirius™ AIR receiver for Futaba fliers wanting CPPM (PPMSUM) and RSSi (for OSD and FPV) - RSSi can only be accessed in PPM SUM mode by placing the Jumper across pins 3->4 - ; or you can use rssi in traditional 8pins/wires/Ch mode and not use rssi.  The Rssi output is Squarewave PWM.

WE have tested these extensively for long range out to 750m with FUTABA 8J and 14SG in S-FHSS mode on Carbon Scarabs doing FPV with all the usual gear running - no problems found - solid lock and 100% failsafe tested by us in the field.

  • Hitec Aurora 9 A-FHSS compatible
  • Futaba 8J S-FHSS compatible
  • Futaba 14SG S-FHSS compatible
  • Futaba FHSS compatible
  • FrSky V8 & D8 DJT Modules Receiver

 features CPPM and RSSI output options if used with CPPM. 

Receiver specifications:

  •        Operating Voltage Range: 3.0V-16V (HV Version)   
  •        Operating Current: 30mA
  •        Specified Range: 1.5km-2.5km
  •        Resolution: 3072
  •        Latency: 22ms
  •        Number of Channels: 8CH
  •        Dimensions: 49mm×24.5mm×15 mm
  •        Weight: 9.3g
FrSky Delta 8 servo RC Receiver (Throttle plus 7 if electric)
Printed binding instructions
Excludes wires - these are supplied with PARIS Sirius™ v5 Mega iOSD or PARIS Sirius™ AIR
Binding to Taranis - Paris v5 C-PPM
These Rx work well with Taranis and PARIS v5 Mega iOSD or Airv2 as C-PPM Receivers - to bind create a new model in Taranis - set Internal RF=Mode D8 ; Bind/Enter  "bind flashing" - with Rx off place a jumper across pin 3&4 then hold down the F/S button on Delta8 and whilst holding connect a 5v battery to the Rx - wait until you see the red light - release ; on the Tx hit enter - BIND will stop flashing ; power down both and remove the jumper from 3&4  ; restart both Tx and Rx - the Rx display both a green&red led to show its working in range and in C-PPM mode ; connect a 3 pin wire from Pin1 Rx to Pin19 PARIS Sirius™ v5 Mega iOSD.
notice : These Rx are compatible with Hitec Aurora and Futaba SFHSS 8J. However -  They are made by FrSky for FrSky users. 

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Product Reviews

  1. finally found a respectable price for a hitec compatible ppm output rx @ MWC

    Posted by Unknown on 15th Dec 2016

    Works well, easy to bind, good range and that all important ppm output. once decased and depinned its as big as a d4rii frsky rx so great for tight builds

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