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  • You get this adapter ONLY
  • PARIS Sirius AIR -> Android 4 OS -> USB OTG Adapter
  • MultiWii AIR -> Android 4 OS -> USB OTG Adapter
  • easy and Quick PID tuning PARIS AIRv2 flight controller
  • FreeRider FPV flight sim for FPV
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PARIS Sirius AIR -> Android 4 OS -> USB OTG Adapter

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56.00 Grams
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Product Description

This is the Android->PARIS AIR adapter/cable - it looks like a regular cable but it's different internally - so DON'T connect it backward - make sure the short cable goes to the phone side !! - once connected it is easy to make PID changes - just land and disarm then alter the GUI settings via your Android Cell phone App (app sold separately) on your Android Phone - no need for any bluetooth.  Perfect for PID tuning.  


Works with Android 4.0 or later Phones which have OTG (check your cell phone to see if it has OTG - use google)  using  the App Multiwii EZ-GUI from eziosoft is here for  MWii 2.3  


sadly It does not work with Apple iPhone 

Want to fly a FPV SIM? Yes - Also Works with Taranis and FPV FreeRide flight Sim here with android 4.0 device or later and Taranis - TRY THE FREE VERSION first to check your device.


  • For FPV Sim - Purchase and download the Sim FPV FreeRide here - not included - Goto Google "PLAY STORE" on your Android Phone and search for "FPV FreeRide"



  • Requires Android skills to use the software on your phone
  • Requires an Andoid Phone with OTG and Android 4.0 or later OS >4.0
  • Requires the original USB->USB micro RED USB cable that came with your PARIS AIR - not included
  • Requires a PARIS AIR or AIRv2 HERO
  • For support go to the PARIS RCGroups forum HERE
How to use it for EZGUI
  • NOTE : Purchase and download the PIDS App called EZGUI - not included. or Goto Google "PLAY STORE" on your Android Phone and search for EZ-GUI MultiWii
  • Connect the  long red USB cable (comes with a PARIS AIR) to the AIR first ; then
  • Connect this ADAPTER cable to the long red cable ; then
  • Turn on your Radio Tx - (Props off if you are a noob) - safety first
  • Connect the LiPo to the copter to power up the ESC->AIR devices (like GPS or oLED)
  • LAST - connect THIS short ADAPTER cable to the Phone ' then wait 10 secs
  • Start the MultiWii App called EZ-GUI by Ezio
  • On your Cell phone - in the App EZ-GUI -  Go to MW Settings ; Config ; Select ; Settings ; If your device is Andoid 4.0 or later and is OTG compatible you will seeBluetooth/SerialPort/Wifi -> select Serial Port ; then OTHER (CDC/ACM) and make sure the BAUD = 115200
  • hit return to restart the app
  • after the app starts ; press MW connect - you should see 115200 flash up and connected at the bottom of the screen
  • swipe right-to-left once to get to PID
  • If it's working you will immediately see all the PID data
  • to make a change press the number  ; change it and press OK; then press the Red UP arrow ; Send Data to Flight controller "YES"

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