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My ESCs are hot - Why is only one red wire required for 5v ESC BECs connected in parallel

My ESCs are hot - Why is only one red wire required for 5v ESC BECs connected in parallel?

 How come the red wires of my Quad ESC and left connected up to the hand maiden stage? - then it says to disconnect 3 of the 4 ESC red wires after a successful hand maiden? Whats the difference? Why leave them connected up to this stage?

I have also read that for larger Scarabs a separate switching uBEC is recommended and ALL red wires disconnected?



This is normal when 4 linear voltage regs are connected in parallel for one to get hotter and from ambient 25°C to rise to 45°C up to 55°C- check you have a high-grade thermal pad making contact to the non-label side BEC side - as long as the hot one is <65°C it is normal - if it is stable it is OK ; However if the ESC exceeds 70°C rising in a static GND test -then it's likely in thermal run-away & it will cut out at 125°C when the thermal protection of the 7805 Reg cut in to prevent risk of fire. If you have one very hot ESC >60°C and rising you can elect to disconnect/cut the RED wire of the 3 ESC's with the least cooling air; and run on one BEC red wire alone (one ESC with best cooling airflow position has its red wire connected) ; or you can disconnect all RED wires and use a separate uBEC HERE (switching Regulator) provided it has smooth 5.00v power. In most instances in small Quad, one BEC (one with red remaining) is a sensible strategy after programming and throttle learning is completed. However on a Hex or an Octa its best to use a clean 5.00v uBEC and OPTO ESCs(all Red wires disconnected).

Opto ESC only produce heat from the MOSFETS which power the motors - contrasting with ESC that have a 5v regulator in them which produce either heat ; or noise. This can all be established (as above) on the ground with LiPo power connected - but motors idling in manual mode - by using a good Heat gun and monitoring temps accurately

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