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How to use FC LiPo Voltage for AIR3 iNav OSD

vbatt-for-osd FC voltage sensor connection AIR3

With 2017 telemetry radios use the "Voice co-pilot" audio calls of the Taranis to call out the RSSi/Voltages, cell voltages and warnings. 
1. However if you still want or need the OSD to show main voltage you can use the +ve 
voltage sensor pad inside the AIR3 (open it up) called ~BATT (near the USB) ; connect a thin red wire (32 AWG) from the main LiPo, thread it (and glue the wire down) so it cannot be pulled or broken/shorted by accident (as this wire will have high voltage),  and solder it carefully to the ~BATT pad (below)



2. (UART1 is shared by OSD and USB ; When accessing the AIR3 by USB - pull the rainbow ribbon cable plug out of your OSD temporarily at the OSD side ; when finished doing any settings in USB - Before step 3 below restore the rainbow plug into the iNav OSD) - Step 2 = then in the iNAV UI / Configuration TAB make sure the MWOSD main voltage tab has the "Battery Voltage Monitoring" is on (blue), save.
Here you should also set Cells to 3 or 4 or set the voltage scaler from 200 to 111,max/min and warning voltage per cell


3. then use the Radio Tx "sticks" to access you OSD menu setup ;   (Before arming hold yout Tx sticks MID THRO ; RIGHT YAW ; CYCLIC FORWARD to enter menus and settings) Go to the "VOLTAGE" screen and select USE FC = ON


how to use osd to display fc-lipo-voltage-for-inav



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