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How to re-flash AIR3 iNAV bootloader

If you have a situation/need to totally WIPE and reload all the firmware for AIR3
you can follow the procedure below 
this wipes everything ; pilots who need this last ditch measure,
usually have made incorrect DIY PORT settings, which block their USB port on UART1

Be sure to read the entire article before starting

Open iNav Configurator

The bootloader hex is online inside the iNav software ; in the tab marked Firmware Flasher #

Note  - make sure you use the correct files for AIRHEROF3
For example - FIXED wing - click the box for AIRHEROF3 and latest stable version of firmware

setup the switches as below - select  


Load Firmware download (online) ; it will load from the iNav server

Note 1  See above photo of the boot pads (marked "boot") shorted with pogo pins (these 2 pogo pins are soldered together/joined at the top) - you can use anything conductive pin placed/held precisely
Note 2 - Hold the pins (to keep the pads shorted)  in that spot WHILE CONNECTING USB ; once power is connected LEDs come on ;
           then flash firmware
           keep holding  ; then keep holding them for first 15 secs of flashing

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