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How do i use Ch9 Sbus on Taranis X8R / PARIS v5r3 Mega to control camera tilt on my servo gimbal pin 44

How do i use Ch9 Sbus on Taranis X8R / PARIS v5r3 Mega to control camera tilt on my servo gimbal pin 44

I want tilt my Camera down using MultiWii PARIS v5r3 - but i don't want to use an aux channel 3 or 4 as these are already assigned to other switches and functions


To use Ch9 Sbus in MultiWii (called AUX5) to tilt the camera gimbal down, do the following 


On your Taranis - 

  1. Re-Bind your X8R Rx for Ch1-9 (not 1-8) ; this is so you can use Ch9 for tilt fuction of the camera
  2. Assign the MIXER page 6/12 ch9 = 100RS


Then edit the MultiWii 23 Code Sketch for PARIS v5r3 Mega - code can be downloaded from the PARIS v5r3 page


In config.h ; line 254    comment in     #define SERVO_TILT

In Config.h ; line 366    comment in         #define SBUS 

In Output.cpp goto the "Cam Stabilize Servos section" line 1327 ; replace 


           servo[0] = get_middle(0);       



           servo[0] = get_middle(0) - rcData[AUX5] + 1500; 


if you only have a 8Ch Receiver and wanted to use Ch8 you would use AUX3 or  AUX4 (not Aux5) 



or; if you are NOT into MultiWii coding, you can use the GUI (from v2.3) this way ; launch the GUI - select the USB port and click START - wait 10 secs - then as follows

• Under AUX 1 select all 3 boxes low/mid/hi white, and select WRITE - CAMSTAB will turn green; then at the top of the GUI Click the purple  "SETTINGS" tab in the GUI ; settings will turn green ; click READ ; click READ again - now you will see purple SERVO tab appear at the top of the GUI (provided the PARIS has SERVO_TILT wascommented IN by defualt - MWC setting)


Click SERVO and it will turn Green ; Click GIMBAL ; Click LIVE

The top bar will show MID and 1500 ; drag this bar all the way to the LEFT (this activates Aux tilt source for Pitching a camera down) and it will say ROLL ; now drag it slowly to the right until it says AUX5 - now your Taranis RS slider will be controlling the the tilt centre - Press SAVE


These bars can be reverted back to tuning the centre point to 1500 by dragging all the way to the RIGHT side and it will indicate MID 2000 ; slowly drag it back to the left and it will tune the centre - until you get to 1500


so from this you can see the ends are like invisible "switches" for Aux modes - video of this process is HERE

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