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Failsafe RC setup - What is the best way to set up failsafe for a Naze Quad

Failsafe RC setup - What is the best way to set up failsafe for a Naze Quad?

I know my FrSky Taranis has failsafe settings - 3 different kinds - but what is the best way for me to setup my failsafe?



If you have not thought out whats going to happen if you leave their throttle high or have failsafe throttle at 50% (high) setting. For any given voltage the rpm is fixed but all drones loose voltage over time, so a drone hovering on a full battery at 50% throttle will descend at 50% throttle later in that same flight. - this can be compensated if you are flying in fully assisted BARO modes - but will end up in a VLC shutdown/decent/drop/fall if too high( dji) - and GPS may be blocked and not possible - so what to do?

1st rule of failsafe post crash - After a crash/impact you must move closer to the downed drone, hold up your Tx to get best signal, then cut THRO & disarm the motors by RC as soon as it's DOWN - ie you hit a trees and the Quad tumbles down - cut power just before it hits - this is because a Quad with a broken prop cannot fly - so keeping the other props spinning and powered up is a bad idea. even if you cannot see your Quad, you may still be sending RC signals to drive the props and motors - this can lead to a burnt ESC/motors situation and fire. So one option if you loose RC is to set failsafe to disarm or 0% throttle. We recommend you rehearse your emergency procedures in advance - copter down procedure, and drill this - so when you have a crash you know what to do, exactly. That's if you crash.

2nd Rule - following a crash - Tell other people to keep away from the drone - you the Pilot must Disconnect the LiPo first.

BEFORE YOU FLY - set the failsafe into the Rx. This is about if you lose RC - and need a pre-programmed (by you) failsafe setup for mode and throttle? We Strongly recommend you program a failsafe into your Rx forslow descent - 1350uSec (thats about 10% below hover power - based on THRO setting shortly after take off on a new LiPo) - Set failsafe Flight-mode for ANGLE Mode (self levelling) - then bind/set failsafe to that throttle setting/mode - This is called "RECEIVER" side set (depends on the Rx but ALL FrSky Rx can store settings if programmed that way by their pilot in advance) - this SLOW DESCENT reduces risk to others as a slowly descending copter gives minimal joules of kinetic energy risk, and people on the ground have time to get out of the way as the descent will reduce power draw, prolong remaining LiPo voltage and stabilisation & is a predictable event - bearing in mind you should always fly at least 50m away from people or property of others such as cars etc

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