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Calibrating RC Transmitter Tx - for PARIS AIR3 iNav BetaFlight

PARIS Autopilot iNav - Transmitter Calibration 


iNav and MultiWii software requires an accurately calibrated radio Tx - To do this it offers a USB interface called a GUI which shows you the output errors of your RC radio and allows you to correct/calibrate them to be accurate - using a USB cable !  DO NOT SKIP THIS first STEP - see right - every transmitter is slightly different -
  1. Create a new model memory on the Tx and Call it PARIS.  
  2. For MW 23 (AirHero v2) Make sure your PC/Mac has JAVA loaded enabled - The GUI runs on JAVA - do a cold restart after installing Java -
  3. connect the Receiver (Rx) to the PARIS, connect the PARIS to your FTDI-USB - this supplies 5v power (after installing the FTDI drivers - HERE - cold restart) and
  4. turn on your Transmitter (Tx) and set ACRO(mode) & PPM(not PCM inside the RC Tx itself - modern radios are allPPM by defualt).  If your not sure leave your Radio on factory settings.  99% of RC radios output PPM and work with PARIS out of the box.  
  5. Do NOT connect anything else yet (like ESC) to the PARIS ! -
  6.  then Launch MuliWiiConfig 23 Application/program (AIR HERO v2only) on your PC or Mac  
    or CHROME extension iNAV (AIR Hero•32 F1 and F3 only) 
  • whilst looking at your PC screen - you will see that changes made on the Tx are sent to the PARIS via your Rx - and actual critical uSEC readings - 1095/1500mid/1905 can be seen/set.
  • set them to approx use 1095/1500/1910.
  • this may seem a bit weird but you will be using/pressing buttons on your Tx whilst your eyes are looking at your PC or Mac.  First move all sticks to the centre - set all Tx trims to neutral -
  • Now use SUB TRIM MENU on your Tx to set all mid points to 1500 on these blue bars (pic above) .  
  • Then move, one at a time,move each stick to the low position and set 1095; then move each stick/switch to the high position and set 1905.  
  • Then go back and check all your midpoints are still 1500    Do this for all sticks and switches.  
Orientation - the light blue bars (above seen on your Mac/PC) MUST move in the same direction as the stick you are moving - If they do not then REVERSE that Ch in your Tx.  So if you move the throttle stick up - then the blue Throttle bar should move up.  If you move your rudder right then the YAW bar should move right.
For Multwii code 2.3 or later (use 1.0.6 Arduino HERE - make sure you use GUI 2.3 to match it -  clear the eeprom and make sure you recalibrate the ACC and MAG after any version changes - Calibrating a MAG means press the button and then rotating the Quad XYZ 360° in 30 secs)
thanks ..... take care and Fly Safe -  Q  AlouetteIII

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