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Vibration removal zip Tie for motors <50mm Ø - 2.5x198mm - Qty 10

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20.00 Grams
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Product Description

These are 198mmx2.5mm lightweight motor balance point tool/device - used to establish the side of the motor which requires copper tape is added.  You do not actually fly with these on the motors - see notes below 


  • thin but very long - perfect size for brushless motor balance point determination - 198mmx2.5mm
  • fits motors <50mm Ø diameter bell
  • 10 zip ties - 198x2.5mm - ultra light type






  • CAUTION - spinning Props can cut ! - wear eye protection, at all times - Remove the prop - removes the risk !
  • Motor bell Surface must be FLAT ; free of protrusions or bumps, dirt, moisture,chemicals, oil, finger marks, other adhesives
  1. First remove the Prop
  2. install the zip tie - pulled firm around the motor bell, to determine the position and size of the imbalance in any motor- cut off the tail flush
  3. by running - then stopping the motor (arming) - repeatedly - and feeling the residual vibration level - 4 positions at 90° intervals - the zip tie should be tight enough to grip but can be still be turned by hand 
  4. at one 90° position it will be worse and vibrate more - on the opposite side it will be much smoother - at the other two place in between - not as smooth
  5. mark the position which reduces the vibration to most - a dot from a permanent marker where the head of the zip tie was - the weight
  6. then add a 2nd zip tie to see if the vibration is reduced or increases - this will tell you if you need a small or a large piece of tape (if equivalent weight to the head of the zip tie)
  7. remove the nylon zip tie (s)
  8. apply the tape to replicate the weight of the zip tie head used
  9. Peel-n-stick - press on firmly to surface.  Apply pressure for 1min -  to cure.   
  10. run to check - add more tape or move tape to get the perfect result.
  11. Attach prop - double check - by running again at idle rpm - caution - props can cut !

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