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  • White balls - GoPro - Scarab-Knife - Camera Tilt mount kit - Gello Killer
  • White balls - GoPro - Scarab-Knife - Camera Tilt mount kit - Gello Killer
  • Comparison - The goPro 7 Yi frames are different - be sure to order the correct one
  • White balls - GoPro - Scarab-Knife - Camera Tilt mount kit - Gello Killer
  • White balls - GoPro - Scarab-Knife - Camera Tilt mount kit - Gello Killer

White balls - GoPro - Scarab-Knife - Camera Tilt mount kit - Gello Killer

Shipping Weight:
180.00 Grams
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Product Description

Fly a GoPro on your Scarab™ Knife - with this White Balls GoPro mount kit - This White Balls mount kit is specifically for a GoPro3 or a GoPro4 to be flown "tilted back" for fast FPV flying without have issues of the GoPro camera facing to far down and no Horizon in your HD recordings - Carrying a GoPro is considered to be a large payload and suited to the more powerful CarbonBird 1806 Black or 2206 Race Motors (red 2203 motors are for FPV cam only lighter setups and not designed to carry the extra weight of the GoPro size cameras) - The best prop for carrying a GoPro is the HQProp6*4.5 on 3s1500 or HQProp 5*4*3 triples on 4S with Black 1806 motors - the Race Spec motors can carry a wide range of props as they are the most powerful motors.

The Kit has been designed with our newly developed extra-stiff white balls to ensure the GoPro3 or goPro4 is held firmly at a tilted back angle without needing a compression band- and still being gello free - We dont recommend zip ties to hold the White balls as in an extreme High "G" crash the forces may be transferred to your GoPro - some pilots attach Red ribbons to their GoPros to help find them in the grass when they detach which is a good idea.



  • GoPro Frame mount - black (fits GoPro3 or GoPro4 - not suitable for older GoPro2)
  • 5mm SS Bolt/Nut
  • GoPro bracket pivot/nut
  • Anti vibration Gello tray Carbon fibre
  • 4*White Gello Killer Balls - extra stiff



  • Excludes GoPro camera
  • Excludes Prop and motor balancing First
  • Requires assembly and drilling of frame to widen Gello Balls hole - see below
  • Excludes tools - Requires dremel drill bit ; diamond file ; soapy water ; 3mm hex tool ; 8mm C spanner for nut 
  • RISK - Be aware of the risk of flying your GoPro camera fast at low level in the event of a crash is your decision - if you crash your GoPro may be destroyed - you should insure your GoPro for risk with your insurer
  • Cannot by used for Yi camera which is a few mm different size - that mount kit for Yi is HERE


To Install

  1. Hold the camera plate over the top frame and identify the 4 holes for the White balls ; then
  2. The frame holes for balls are 7mm - if you find it too hard to insert white balls you can dremel/grind them slightly bigger to 8mm - see note below*
  3. dull down all 8 holes (top frame 4 and camera plate 4) to remove any sharp edge which might cut your balls
  4. Add soapy water to a bowl and dip the white balls into the soapy mixture to make them slippery
  5. Fold the ball in on itself from the side - then push it into the frame with a twisting motion
  6. Repeat for all 4 balls
  7. Intall the top camera plate onto the 4 balls - again pushing them thru
  8. Install your MicroSD card into the GoPro and battery - then install the GoPro into the Black Frame
  9. line the 2-fingers of the frame with the 3-fingers of the silver pivot mount
  10. insert and tighten the 5mm bolt and nut - tighten the nut/bolt to achieve a firm fit
  11. When GoPro is carried the Main LiPo must be moved to the rear position

NOTE - with patience and soapy water the strong White balls can be inserted in the 7mm holes. Be carefull not to use sharp steel tools to pull or push the gel balls as you may cut/damage them.  If you wish you can slightly widen the holes to 8mm on the frame side - but be sure to use a dremel to grind them bigger - NOT a twist drill as twist drills can act like a screw and rip thru the carbon giving poor results - so a small abrasive/diamond coated bit on the dremel is by far the best way to modify carbon holes. 


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