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Vibration PU Gel dampener - PAIR - 20mmx30x20mm - self adhesive for Camera

Shipping Weight:
60.00 Grams
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Product Description

These are a PAIR of 30mmx20mm @20mm thickness pads of special PU Gel (Polyurethane Gel Elastomers) CarbonBird brand - designed to isolate high frequency vibration from CMOS cameras such as GoProHeroHD2 without the underwater housing .  PU Gel is self adhesive - peel-n-stick-once material ; in some applications also requires compression of 1g to work well, such as an elastic retaining band if stored sideways - ie If subjected to periods of tension (pulling) or shear force it can come unstuck.  However it can also be washed in fresh water and allowed to air-dry to regain its adhesive properties.

Has a major effect at reducing vibration Gello in HD Video - see application below



  • Very good vibration Isolation of high frequencies typical in multicopters/RC Helicopters -  in compression - for objects up to 250grams 
  • 20mm thickness
  • self adhesive - water washable
  • suitable for GoPro HeroHD or can be used in groups for larger applications
  • Can be cut to size with sharp scissors before removing protective cover
  • 12g
  • 2 x pads   20x20x30mm  (note size varies by up to 20% due to the extreme Gell nature of the substance
  • 1 x protective film - peel once - dispose


  • Must be used in conjunction with full Prop balancing and motor balancing techniques 
  • Does not turn a shake-master noob vibration platform into a silk carpet by magic - ! 
  • No not drill - the drill will bind to the gel and pull the gel INTO the hole permanently damaging the gel 
  • Excludes rubber band or elastic band to apply compression - this is not required if the surfaces are well prepared and 1g is maintained


  • Surface must be FLAT ; free of protrusions or bumps, dirt, moisture,chemicals, oil, finger marks, other adhesives
  • Peel-n-stick to a FLAT surface 
  • Apply pressure for 1min - apply 2g for 24 hrs (rubber band) to cure
  • Keep under storage conditions of 1g (gravity) 
  • use water only - Do NOT use any chemicals

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