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  • drone USB Linker BLHeli CarbonBird ESC programming tool - ATMEL  AU NZ USA toolstick
  • drone USB Linker BLHeli CarbonBird ESC programming tool - ATMEL  AU NZ USA toolstick

USB Linker BLHeli CarbonBird ESC programming tool - ATMEL

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Product Description

 USB Linker tool for upgrading SimonK ESCs using ATMEL 8 bit cpu, via the existing ESc wire (no need to cut open the ESC) , up to BLHEli 13.1 firmware - such as CarbonBird 12a and CarbonBird 22a - Does NOT work on Silabs ESCs like CarbonBird 18a



  • 1 x USB Linker tool - as per photo - For CarbonBird 12a and 22a ESC (ATMEL)

Requires: user must flash their own firmware as below - at your own risk

  • cb12amp-settings-blheli.jpg

    Downloads for BL-Heli 
    The CarbonBird 12Amp ESC (and CarbonBird 22a ESC) can be programmed and optimised for active braking called "damped Light" performance - with BLHeli - OneShot is included/Ready in the latest versions of BaseFlight 0.63 or later (a tick box) and BLHeli 13.1 auto-senses oneshot coming from the Flight control (it does not work the other way - be careful you will smoke any ESC which is not updated - never select oneShot unless BLHeli 13.1 or later is first installed in all ESC first ) - we recommend use our BL-Heli settings above - for Scarab Knife mini quads (depends on RPM and Props - some motor prop combo need different settings - see motor pages data table) ; However if you wish to alter anything or to DIY upgrade your existing Simon_K CarbonBird ESC to BL_Heli DIY at your own risk, -  download the following files

    1. Update your BaseFlight to latest version 0.63 or later (BaseFlight is a free plug-in for Google Chrome - on the UI & Flight controller BaseFlight firmware  - do NOT tick Oneshot yet until all ESCs are first flashed with BLHeli below !
    2. UART -  this linker - needs drivers,  download the USB VCP driver HERE for this UART linker - then install the PC drivers
    3. Download the BL-Heli v 13.1 Win 7 program .exe HERE (for ATMEL) 40Mb - Select Blue 12amp Multi - 9600 Baud - Linker
    4. First connect ESC to the Linker, then 2nd plug the Linker USB to your PC and finally 3rd the LiPo power the ESC by its power plug. (last) - flashing ESC can result in "smoke" - at your own risk - this is especially true if you use a chip level bootloader clasp over the CPU pins and the pins are not aligned to the cpu pins !  less likely with a 1-wire connector or linker - but esc can still be smoked or firmware damaged needing a bootloader level re-flash by you - wrongly flashed firmware can also smoke your motors !
    5. press connect - then flash the firmware first (Flash BLHeli - it can use the Simon_K bootloader present) - this may need to be done twice in some instances - it's normal depending on the USB cable
    6. Then upload the setting for this ESC CarbonBird 12a - by using Our pre-set .ini saved setting for this ESC by .ini file HERE
    7. note ;  Remove the ESC RED centre wires (lift tab and slide out) Make sure you power the ESC (last) using a 3S LiPo to connect to BLHeli & flash, as the USB linker does not provide 5v power for the ESC. After flashing is comleted - disconnect - unplug the servo lead and re-connect the red centre wire (not needed on some hardware UARTS as they have not connected their centre pin at all internally) - we did try leaving the red wire connected and were successful - but this risks damage to both the ESC and the linker - so not recommended.
    8. make SURE you have the latest version of BaseFlight 0.63 or later or latest CF !
    9. Now for the good part - go back and increase your "P" values ! Obviously this is done in steps of 0.2 frm your previous setup - an oLED is best for this - take it up until 0.3 under any oscillations.

NOTE: The ESC MUST have the correct bootloader (SimonK or BLHeli) - it will not work on ANY ESC just becuase the name of that ESC is on a list - and loading bootloader on ATMEL requires a different hardware and different process - you cannot load bootloader to atmel with this LINKER device.  If you damage your bootloader - then this device cannot repair that damage either to the bootloader - bootloader cannot be installed or repaired over 1-wire connectors.


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