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  • DMM Digital multi-meter drone tool - Uni-T UT118A Pen meter for RC  AU NZ
  • DMM Digital multi-meter tool - Uni-T UT118A Pen meter for RC Australia
  • DMM Digital multi-meter tool - Uni-T UT118A Pen meter for RC
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DMM Digital multi-meter tool for Drones - Uni-T UT118A Pen meter - RC

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99.00 Grams
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Product Description

In RC engineering it's always important to have a digital multi-meter in the field with you ! Before you connect a 5v device to 12v by accident you can check the voltage first ! Accuracy is vital for LiPos -  a small reliable RC DDM for single handed checks, is hard to find. We at MultiWiiCopter.com use and recommend these particular UT118A Pen DMM meters ourselves. It will easily pay for itself if it saves you from a single crash from false assumption.  Its no good having a 200 dollar fluke at home when you need to check your electronic drone at the field !


  • Small, light weight (85g inc cables, probe) and accurate
  • Low light illuminated LCD and front probe illumination too
  • Max and Min memories - auto function
  • Hold function - will hold a measurement taken
  • sprung loaded red probe guard to prevent jumping or skating - can be locked back by pushing it in and rotate CCW ; Cw to release
  • Accurate 2 digit voltage measurement for LiPos and cell voltages/Lithium Polymer balance checks - Accurate to 0.01v ; perfect to check the main PARI voltages of 5.00v and 3.30v ; or FPV voltages of 12v ; or polarity of un-known FPV gear lead wires.
  • Diode tester for LEDs - set to Diode mode and put the probes up to any LED - if LED does not illuminate - switch polarity of the probes ; if it illuminates the LED is good and you can confirm the colour too (for clear LEDs)
  • single hand - Holding the pen meter in your right hand no need to put the meter down like large DMM - so perfect to check voltages on a Scarab "in the filed" literally
  • Loud - auto ranging continuity tester - great for checking shorts, quality of soldering joins
  • Accurate to 0.1Ω - so whilst not a high end DMM to 3 decimal places of an Ω - it will tell you if your motor is healthy after a crash - for example a healthy winging on a CarbonBird motor is typically 0.1Ω-0.2Ω between any 2 or the 3 - 3-phase wires ; so can also check a motor for 
  • WARNING - never handle 110-240v AC circuits unless you are a trained electrician
  • Auto off after 10 min - will turn itself off - so its not going to die - beeps 3 times when about to shut-off too (which other DMM don't do)
  • respected brand - never heard of Uni-T ? wow - they are the Fluke of Chinese DMMs - very good product - full CE


  • Uni-T Pen style DMM for drones
  • GND/COMM black wire probe - point type only
  • a CR2032 button cell battery
  • instructions are downloadable - please download and read it in advance of purchase - there is NO booklet - see instructions above/ video below


Excludes printed/hardcopy instruction sheet - see photo section above for instruction manual & video below






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