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Carbon SCARAB Vampire 12mm airframe Core - HexiiCopter H

Shipping Weight:
1,310.00 Grams
Stock Remaining:

Product Description

USD525 - on sale USD399 - Vampire H has the lifting power of 6 motors for Sony Nex style cams, but with unique clear view forward (no props) and low profile flat hex for travel - for PARIS v5r3 with iOSD or Wookong -
Price has been altered downward to reflect the options for either ; a "stills" servo gimbal ; or a GoPro4 on our new brushless video gimbal -  our unique fully protected-GoPro brushless gimbal must be purchased separatley now. Excludes gimbal - Excludes 8-Balls (see below). Excludes PARIS v5r3 autopilot - these can be added to cart separately.  In the 1st Video (right)  you can see the indy filmMaker greggsy2000 using his fully enclosed and protected GoPro in a high risk environment like a rocky waterfall (yet his goPro4 is safe inside the GoPro clear housing) - he uses the gimbal tilt function @ 2:14 to tilt/look vertically down at the waterfall, as he flies over the lip of the falls.

the Carbon Vampire SCARAB is a large stable 700mm Hexii for Aerial Photography - it is much bigger than a 450mm yet still easy to put in the back seat of the car becuase the camer ais NOT on the both like others.  Scarab kits require screw-driver drone assembly skills - has the Has the flight characteristic of a Quad - yet is smooth and light, thanks to a super strong CENTRAL CORE - with 3 decks it has room for sensors - can carry an APSC sized "stills" camera like a Sony Nex - PARIS Sirius™ can be mounted on the mid-TOP-DECK - slender 12/10mm double thickness booms & light weight mounts have been designed to reduce airflow drag being aerodynamically clean and efficient with low drag under the propeller wash zone. Scarab Vampire is set up as an H configuration where the side motors are NOT used for yaw - their function is to provide lift near the centre.  If you choose to run a WookongM do not config as Hex - you must use a custom motor-mix - for PARIS Sirius™ we have written our own custom mix called H.  The booms can be rotated/offset by small 3-5° tilt increments to provide positive-offset-thrust lines rather than the poor yaw control associated with rectangular or flat boom frames. Can be upgraded to Octa at any time by adding 2 booms/motors/ESC and reprogramming the PARIS or WookongM - or a Octa 4X co-axial - or downgraded to a Quad - the Airframe has 8 boom mounting positions. 


 the 2nd video shows both 170° ultra wide for FPV view (what the pilot sees)  & GoPro HD set to 127° which cuts out all props in view










the 3rd video shot in San Fran filmMaker pilot CrazyJ Anderson puts his Vampire thru its paces with a Sony Nex5 Camera attached. Jason is a very skilled pilot who worked his way up from the small Reconn and the Scarab Tiikoptas 









Vampire is a fast, stable and smooth platform and easily handles a gimbal+GP3 for Video or an APSC camera like a Nex for "stills"


  • Active and helpful Facebook Scarab User group  f-logo.png  its free -  dont lurk in the shadows - join the group and meet Pilots in your area
  • Handles like a Quad - fast and manoeuvrable yet smooth in roll - lifting power of a Hex - the H software is the key
  • Optimised for the NEW PARIS Sirius™ brushless gimbal - flat low profile design - the camera is counterbalanced by the 4S4200 LiPo in the rear tail
  • SCARAB Vampire 175mm carbon core (This core has never been fractured in any crash recorded - never) - can be reconfigured to Quad ; Octa X ; Octa
  • 700mm diameter between opposite engine centres
  • Airframe 695 grams - excluding engines/electronics/LiPo cell
  • FPV - APC Camera tray flight ready weight 1225grams (without LiPo and camera)
  • Payload - 850grams including LiPo - If your running an APSC camera it is advised to run 10x5 props and a 4S4200 as well
  • 4 x carbon Landing Gear 120mm clearnace to lower frame 
  • Props 4S 16.8v 9050 Triples (included - see video above)
  • alternate props are Graupner 10x5 (not included) or 11x5 Graupner(not included)
  • Designed, developed & manufactured by us.  Not available on any other website.
  • Requires high C rated Lipo Recommend 4S4200 45-90c;  NOT INCLUDED

Vampire Includes

  • 6 x CarbonBird 888kv motors R15 version effective 10.12.2015  reversed mount equipped 6mm PA built in
  • 6 x 18Amp CarbonBird ESC's (combined peak of 88amps for 10secs)(mount ESCs with the label facing down - BEC side up)
  • 6 x Carbon booms ;  280mm 12/10mm x 4 ;  and 150mm x 2 (no man can break these in his hands - they are NOTHING like hobbyclone stuff - these are the real deal)
  • 2 x 2mm Full Carbon 3K 90° weave decks 175mm (upper deck has a removeable centre section)
  • 1 x Andromeda v2r1 (new Nov 2012) Hi-Vis LED orienation disc - with built in 16.8->12v FPV Reg
  • 1 x top vampire shielding deck 2.5mm FR4 (not to block RF for FPV gear)
  • 7 x 12mm Dupont Delrin™/Aluminium  boom holders (6 have top-half-Delrin and bottom-half-metal ; 7th one is All Delrin and is used to support the tail section with 2*M3 and 2*M2 with washers both sides) 
  • 6 x CNC metal engine mounts/coolers - black 
  • 1 x set Carbon fiber 1.5mm battery tray holders - (LiPo can be sandwiched or placed below)
  • 1 x 7 way JST Voltair power distribution board - JST leads have gold plated connectors - no sldering
  • 1 x Andromeda v2r2 LEDRing - Works with PARIS AIR v2 or v5r3 as supplied - or multiwii code 2.3 or later ; or by solder-bridge for other flight-controllers for lesser functionality
  • 4 x Custom SCARAB Full Carbon landing gear -  Scarab insect style legs curved - 120mm ground clearance
  • 6 x Props 1060 CW (x3) and CCW(x3) - 6mm inserts -  these triples give excellent efficiency results and very smooth fast forward film performance
  • 4 x 15mm nylon stand-offs for lower mezzanine deck 
  • 4 x 30mm Red aluminium standoffs
  • 8 x 6mm nylon stand offs for PARIS board/Voltair
  • 1 x ESC learning curve YLead 1 into 8
  • M2 and M3 stainless steel bolts, nylon bolts and nuts
  • 2 x 170mm circumference Velcro strap for recommend LiPo size (4S 4200mah 45c)
  • Adhesive Velcro for LiPo postioning
  • 7 x Zip-tie ropes for recommended 18a ESC
  • 1 x 1.57mm (1/16th ") Allen Pro tool German tool steel - Wiha
  • 1 x 1.57mm (1/16th") Allen L key Wiha
  • 1 x Online downloadable Instructions - Download the Vampire Manual HERE
  • Excludes/Requires
  • Excludes PARIS Flight control board; also flies on Wookong M.
  • Excludes gimbal
  • Excludes APSC camera tray
  • Excludes 8-Balls Video Gello Killer if shooting video? you will need this 8-Balls item sold HERE ; also be sure to get a 12mm boomholder ; 21mm shafts ; m2*8  screws    if you don't already have one
  • Excludes Optiona FPV gear kit
  • Excludes tools - see instructions download - Vampires are hand made - not mass produced, some dremel drilling is required to enlarge/trim holes
  • Excludes Radio control Tx/Rx 
  • Excludes LiPo main power cell ; Recommend 4S4200 45-90c
  • Excludes LiPo Charger ; Recommend iCharger ; We have tested heaps of B grade chargers - these ichargers are the only chargers on the market we actually recommend 100% - amazing balance charge and cell balancing
  • Exclude Quanum telemetry for individual cell monitoring - total voltage has caused the loss of many aircraft because it is primitive and archaic - You MUST know in real-time when the first cell dives below 3.4v - only Quanum can do this  
  • Excludes a temperature controlled soldering iron - Hakko 888
  • Excludes Camera - Recommend GoProHeroHD2 (or GoPro 3 Black o or Sony Action Cam) ; Sony Nex5N ; Panasonic GH2
  • Requires Prop balancing skills for Aerial Photography levels of smoothness - Videos in HD require custom balancing to a level beyond normal RC levels
  • Requires Advanced model assembly Skills - RC Radio skills 
  • Excludes FPV video goggles
  • Requires Advanced problem solving mental skills - NOT suited to people who cannot solve a puzzle - why? becuase you must understand a complex electronic UAV, to build it.
  • Excludes training - We are not responsible for training and do not offer a free TAFE/Uni course with every multicopter kit - sorry - Training is a reality of life. Different people need different amounts of training - Our experience is that most people with an "Above average aptitude" and problem solving mind EASILY build this aircraft - but some have an unrealistic expectation of their own abilities and fail.  YOU MUST DOWNLOAD THE INSTRUCTIONS before buying and make up your own mind if you understand everything, or not.

For PARIS v5MegaiOSD - below engine numbers
For PARIS v4r6 - below
    vamp-hexii-h-engine-pins.jpg      vampire-engine-directions.jpg  
NOTE: Engine 5=A0 ; Engine 6=A1 these run on a custom motor mix called Hexii H - yaw is disabled for these 2 motors in this MultiWiicopter PARIS Hex H code is HERE
In OUR Vampire mix -> the side motors on a  Scarab Vampire provide LIFT and roll corrections only - not yaw ; these side motors 5 & 6 should be run flat - not inclined at 3° like the other motors
for WookongM - be sure to runs THIS CUSTOM motor mix for Vampire as its a cropped H - below





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