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  • SCARAB QuadCopter Australia 175mm Carbon Core - QuadOcta - 2kg Farm Ag Drone Australia
  • Scarab QuadOcta Can be upgraded to OCTA ; by adding 4 additional booms/motors (not included) - in Octa the batteries are on the top for easy access
  • SCARAB QuadCopter Australia 175mm Carbon Core - QuadOcta - 2kg Farm Ag Drone Australia
  • SCARAB QuadCopter Australia 175mm Carbon Core - QuadOcta - 2kg Farm Ag Drone NZ
  • Boom locked by grub screw - SCARAB QuadCopter Australia 175mm Carbon Core - QuadOcta - 2kg Farm Ag Drone
  • SCARAB QuadCopter Australia 175mm Carbon Core - QuadOcta - 2kg Farm Ag Drone USA with rain dome cover
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  • The PixFalcon AutoPilot controller can do "mission Planner" ops (click at right top side to add to cart - not included in base price)
  • SCARAB QuadCopter Australia 175mm Carbon Core - QuadOcta - 2kg Farm Ag Drone - Includes Autopilot and day/night LOS LED orientation
  • Scarab Quad-Octa is supplied with a clear dome to protect the autopilot from debris and moisture
  • Scarab Quad-Octa lower view - the lower side features a  removeable "service" panel.  Also shown here you can see the single point landing gear retention system
  • Scarab Quad-Octa - motors are held by 2 bolts only - use Loctite™

SCARAB Quad Octa 700mm Ø Australia - QuadOcta Farm Ag Drone

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1,110.00 Grams
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Product Description

quadcopter australia for real estate aerial photosthe Australian Carbon QuadOcta  SCARAB is our most stable Quad - 700mm size 2kg-3kg Farm Ag Drone (can be easily updated to Octa by adding 4 extra booms) - perfect budget modular drone for Aerial Work - Survey, Photography and Video - bang for buck features on a tight budget - requires assembly - has the properties of a super strong Carbon CORE - two decks - slender  booms being aerodynamically clean and efficient with low drag under the propeller wash zone. The Scarab booms can be rotated 3° tilt to provide positive-offset-thrust lines rather than the poor yaw control associated with rectangular or flat motor/boom frames. A Modular frame with 8 boom slots - easy to upgrade to Octa at a future date in time with higher OCTA gear and  4 additional booms/motors/ESC , then reprogramming the PixFalcon Flight controller to Octa

QuadOcta flown by QuadSlo ; as Quad with CarbonBird motors - GoProHeroHD cam (above)

(above) a demonstation of the smooth camera platform - SCARAB QuadOcta  - Slovenia during Autumn

(above) a Cyclocross event filmed from a QuadOcta 


QuadOcta in EU - Alps at high altitude (above)

Above - Props do NOT show on APSC wide angle - this video shot on ultra-wide FOV GoPro setting 170° - for effect - FPV style
GoPro can also be set to 127° or 90° to remove props from view



 Specifications / Features of SCARAB QuadOcta

  • The most stable Scarab Quad we make, and the most stable you find - The booms are longer and the inertial mass of the motors are further out.  all props operate in undisturbed clean airflow
  • Includes rain protection all weather clear dome and HiVis LED ring 360° visible in full sunlight at 300mm
  • Quiet - because the props are further apart - no annoying buzzing screaming noises - less intrusion to others, on the ground - true Stealth Quad
  • Modular - very small number of unique parts - cheaper parts - easy to fix 
  • Dedicated carbon "TAIL" section for mounting GPS/MAG away from ESCs EMI - provided accurate GPS/Compass data
  • Long flight times - 15-17 mins with  4S4250 LiPo ;or 22 mins on 4s6600
  • Optimised for FPV SCARAB Quad/Octa has lots of space for FPV gear (This core has never been fractured in any crash recorded - never)
  • 700mm diameter between opposite engine centres - super super stable design
  • Airframe 495 grams - excluding engines/electronics/LiPo cell - !
  • Payload - 800grams including LiPo
  • 4 x HIGH carbon Landing Gear 160mm clearance to lower frame 
  • props are HQ 11x5 (included)  
  • Scarab Engineered in Australia.  Not available on any other website.  Ships to USA in 3 days choose DHL

Scarab QuadOcta kit Includes

  • 4 x CarbonBird 888kv motors R15 motors - effective 1st June 2016 - R15 details HERE  Scarab QuadOcta includes a clear optical weather dome 100mm for Drone rain protection and impact protection for the Flight controller/autopilot system and LED (also included)
  • 4 x 18Amp CarbonBird ESC's (combined peak of 88amps for 10secs)
  • 4 x Carbon booms 260mm 12/10mm(no man can break these in his hands - they are NOTHING like hobbyclone stuff - these are the real deal proper carbon spec internal)
  • 2 x 2mm Full Carbon 3K 90° weave decks (lower deck has a removable centre piece for inspection and maintenance access to ESCs and PDB)
  • 1 x Andromeda v2.1 Hi-Vis LED orientation disc.  Pilot orientation board with dual 12v FPV regulators - super bright daylight/sun friendly Red/White and Blue LEDs indicate the front.sides and rear - can be seen from 250m
  • 1 x clear optical dome (for rain protection of autopilot  - bubble crash resistant) 100mm
  • 4 x 12mm Dupont Delrin™/metal boom holders (top half is Delrin black - bottom half is Aluminium CNC)
  • 4 x CNC metal engine mounts/coolers - black 
  • 2 x Carbon fiber 1.5mm battery tray holders - (LiPo can be moved to balance  C of G -  placed below)
  • 1 x 5 way JST Voltair power distribution board PDB 
  • 1 x 3 Amp uBEC 5.00v - premium grade uBEC
  • 4 x Custom SCARAB Full Carbon HIGH landing gear -  scarab style legs curved - 160mm ground clearance
  • 4 x Props 1150 HQProp -> CW (x2) and CCW(x2) - these 11" props give excellent efficiency results and very smooth fast forward film performance
  • 4 x 15mm nylon stand-offs for (optional) mezzanine decks (PARISv5r3 stacking)
  • 8 x 6mm nylon stand offs for PDB
  • 1 x ESC learning curve YLead 1 into 4
  • M2 and M3 stainless steel bolts, nylon bolts and nuts
  • 140mm circumference Velcro strap
  • Adhesive Velcro for LiPo positioning
  • 5 x Zip-tie ropes for recommended 18a ESC
  • 1 x 1.57mm (1/16th ") Allen Pro tool German tool steel - Wiha Pro-tool
  • Instructions - Build Guide for QuadOcta is HERE - please read in full now, before purchase

Kit Excludes/Requires - 

Excludes - items to be purchased if you dont already have them

  • Excludes Battery 4s6600
    Excludes PixFalcon Flight controller - RECOMMENDED for Ag Ops    
    QuadOcta Drone after being upgraded to full OCTA for Farm Ag Ops australia
  • Excludes brushless gimbal 
  • Excludes Optional FPV gear kit
  • Excludes Radio control Tx/Rx 
  • Excludes LiPo main power cell ; - >Recommend 4S6600 45-90c 
  • Excludes LiPo Charger ; Recommend iCharger ; We have tested heaps of B grade chargers - these ichargers are the only chargers on the market we can recommend 100% - amazing balance charge and cell balancing
  • Excludes a temperature controlled soldering iron - Hakko 888
  • Excludes HD Camera - Yi HD
  • Requires Prop balancing  for Aerial Photography/VIDEO
  • Requires model assembly Skills - RC Radio skills - PC skills 
  • Requires Android tablet or PC/Mac for Mission Planner Ops - not included
  • Excludes FPV video goggles for FPV if used
  • Requires Advanced PC & general problem solving mental skills - suited to people who enjoy hacking and PC tech?  Perfect for pilots who check everything - take their time to make sure stuff is 100% correct - you must understand Risk management, SMS, as this an electronic drone, checklist discipline and prop balancing skills is needed to build, test fly and operate safely.  This frame is proven over years of flying in the field - but how it is used is in your hands, once you launch is up to you.
  • Excludes training - Training and Tech skill is a reality of life in drones. Different people need different amounts of tech/tool training - Google is your friend - see "Pixhawk Ag" ; Our experience is that most people with an "Above average PC aptitude" and problem solving mind set, EASILY build this aircraft - but some have an unrealistic expectation of their own abilities, rush to fly and may fail.  YOU MUST DOWNLOAD THE INSTRUCTIONS before buying and make up your own mind if you understand everything, or not.

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