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  • close-up showing dedicated IMU location, and dual camera survet gimabl - Scarab mini Stealth Reconn Octa Octacopter (excludes autopilot )
  • Scarab mini Stealth Reconn Octa Octacopter (excludes autopilot )
  • High landing gear - Scarab mini Octa -  included

Scarab Stealth Octa-Reconn Octacopter drone for Survey Ops

Shipping Weight:
4,200.00 Grams
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Product Description

The Scarab™ Stealth Octa-Reconn is a mini-Octacopter ~ unique in the world of survey Ops octa copters in that is only 2.1->2.3kg ETOW (ETOW= everything except camera and batteries) - with 9kg thrust available from the 8 carbonbird motors using 11" props at WOT, it is a powerful mini-octa.   small mini OCTA copter for Survey Ops dual gimbal (serv) for photo APSC image capture

  • This high power to weight ratio offers very quiet and stealthy Ops (be aware noisy drones attract problems) Stealth is very good feature in the real world - with full 8 engine redundancy. flat eight multicopters can take-off and CLIMB on 7 engines -  fly around and return RTL
  • Payload - for a perfect 50% throttle hover setup buyers should use 2*4s6600 LiPo top mounted with a weight of 565g*2=1.13kg batteries ; Payload(camera(s))  max total 500g - TOW will be approx 3.9kg with a 2:1 power ratio 
  • Features TOP side mounted batteries (no need to turn it upside down or grovel around underneath) for Fast-Change-over
  • Bottom mounted "payload" features a wider FOV, and a gimballed shaft for 2 small cameras or 1*APSC (normally flown with one camera facing forward and rear cam facing down for survey (servo operated driven by PARISSirius AIR)
  • Large IMU deck space (under main deck) = LxBxH 68x68x50mm
  • Designed for Survey Ops ; Photogrammetry 
  • Designed KISS - retracts are NOT required and add un-necessary weight / complexity
  • Designed with very low parts count - unlike our competitors which have 450 unique parts (sold is set packs you never need0 - this smarter Octa in full carbon has less than 50 unique parts ; for example all ESC, all motors, all booms are identical/inter-changeable. Affordable SCARAB spare parts on this site.


mini OCTA Includes

  • includes All airframe parts carbon/Delrin/SS/CNC aluminium
  • includes CarbonBird 888kv Motors
  • includes 11" HQ props
  • includes 8*ESCs
  • includes Dual battery ready PDB
  • includes roll-Gimbal with 8 Balls (servo driven gimbal) with PARIS Air gimbal controller
  • includes fixed landing gear
  • includes 3a 5v uBec for gimbal


Excludes autopilot - we recommend PX4 PixFalcon Here  or PARIS v5r3 Here

Excludes LiPo - We recommend 2*4s6600 here


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