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  • Scarab Knife 240 Race-R - Electronica - FPV miniquad  AU NZ USA - includes AIR3 FC/OSD/LEDs/ ESCs 30a
  • Scarab Knife 240 Race-R - Electronica - FPV miniquad  Tx AU NZ USA - includes FC/OSD/LEDs/ ESCs 30a
  • Scarab Knife 240 Race-R - Electronica - FPV miniquad  AU NZ USA - includes AIR3 FC/OSD/LEDs/ ESCs 30a
  • Scarab Knife 240 Race-R - Electronica - FPV miniquad  AU NZ USA includes FC/OSD/LEDs/ ESCs 30a
  • Scarab Knife 240 Race-R - Electronica - FPV miniquad AU NZ USA includes AIR3 FC/OSD/LEDs/ ESCs 30a
  • Scarab Knife 240 Race-R - Electronica - FPV miniquad AU NZ USA includes AIR3 FC/OSD/LEDs/ ESCs 30a
  • Scarab Knife 240 Race-R - Electronica - FPV miniquad AU NZ USA includes AIR3 FC/OSD/LEDs/ ESCs 30a
  • Scarab Knife 240 Race-R - Electronica - FPV miniquad AU NZ USA includes AIR3 FC/OSD/LEDs/ ESCs 30a
  • Scarab Knife 240 Race-R - Electronica - FPV miniquad  AU NZ USA includes AIR3 FC/OSD/LEDs/ ESCs 30a
  • optional carry case (ecluded) - Scarab Knife 240 Race-R AU NZ USA includes AIR3 FC/OSD/LEDs/ ESCs 30a
  • Includes - Ultra bright daytime sun LEDs - Scarab Knife 240 Race-R - Electronica - FPV miniquad  AU NZ USA  includes AIR3 FC/OSD/LEDs/ ESCs 30a
  • Schematic diagram - Scarab Knife 240 Race-R - Electronica - FPV miniquad  AU NZ USA
  • for Knife 240 with Sirius™ AirHero32 F3 - Assemble the AIR3 with USB port facing to the starboard side (Right) ; solder the ESC leads and OSD direct.

Scarab Knife 240 FPV - Electronica - includes F40 motors/FC/OSD/ 30a BLHeliS ESCs/Frame/LEDs

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Product Description


Scarab Knife 240 F40 T-Motor FPV race ready drone

Scarab Knife 240 is our FASTEST Quad with long flight times - includes our own AIR3-SPi flight controller,  OSD, ESC and motors ; with a strong power-to-weight ratio for hard Freestyle aerobatics ; fly fast 120kph PARK FPV - with an Australian designed/made full-house indoor/outdoor drone running 5 inch props very compact for travel - The Knife 240 design is centered around the mini-Andromeda power distribution/OSD and LOS Hi-Vis LED board which drastically reduces build time, reduces wiring and integrates a 1177 Sony FPV camera (sold separately) and a Telecommand legal Video FPV Tx system (sold separately) for the cleanest layout - reactions from pilot are very very positive totally locked in feel, fast and easy to build.


Knife 240 Features

  1. AIR3 F3 full SPi flight controller 
  2. OSD -  Mini-andromeda power board/LED/PDB - Super Hi-Vis daylight LEDs red/Blue with no LED wiring ; XT60 with no pigtail ; includes Regs for 12v ; 5v ; 4.5v diode protected for BLheli CF direct access to motor directions and ESC setup via CF/Betaflight
  3. 25mm standoff separation of mainboard decks 
  4. Top mount LiPo - suits 4s1250
  5. 2 x utility decks internal - spare boot space for larger Rx such as Futaba or Spektrum Rxs ; or FLVSS if fitted
  6. simplified FPV camera tilt mount - camera is held by a single slot
  7. Full Gello balls HD cam pivot deck included - permits easy mounting of a Yi Cam or GPro in a frame 
  8. Small narrow design to reduce profile drag
  9. 4 mm booms and 2mm plates for the mainframe
  10. Fast and easy/simplified assembly and soldering
  11. easy access to the drone internals for maintenance by removal of only 6 top plate M3 screws
  12. High end FPV camera included - FPV Tx ready

like this video (above) click YouTube logo and press "LIKE" to tell our pilot to "make more like these"


Knife 240 Kit Includes

  • Includes our Aussie AIR3 F3 SPi HERO•32 flight controller on 30.5mm FR4 mount (pre-mounted) - All PIDs are set - pre-Coded BetaFlight 
  • Includes OSD - on screen display - latest 2016 MWC mini-Andromeda v5r1 PDB/dual voltage BEC and full ultra-bright LED/ XT60 (XT30 included for power-out if needed)
  • Includes A2 voltage divider - be sure to Select A2 telemetry at top right if you use Taranis with an A2 capable Rx such as X4RSB or D4RII (not included for customers with other RC Rx)
  • 4 x T-Motor F40 BLACK motors with M5 nuts (4) and M2 mount screws (8)
  • Includes 4 ESCs - CarbonBee 30a ESC x 4 coded BLHeliS with BLHeli bootloader 
  • Includes Props x 8 (1 set 5x4x3 - GemFan black) + (1 set x HQ 5x4.5) -  props
  • Includes upper and lower Deck Full CF 2.0mm
  • Includes 2 Booms (each boom has left and right engine mounts transverse) Full Carbon Fibre 3.0mm
  • Includes RC Rx mount plate 1mm FR4 FGlass
  • Includes FPV Tx mount plate 1mm FR4 FGlass
  • Includes Gello Ball vibration killer pivot-mount system for HD GoPro/Yi cameras
  • Includes 5 thermal pads (4 for ESC and 1 for FPV Tx)
  • Includes 6 x 25 red anodized standoffs
  • Includes Scarab velcro STRAP for 4s1250 retention x 1
  • Includes self-adhesive velcro male/female
  • Includes standoffs  Nylon 6mm x 4, 10mm x 4, 20mm x 1, nylon nuts x 4 and nylon phillips screws x4
  • Includes M2*5 x 6, M2*8 x 6
  • Includes 15mm CNC aluminum posts (6)
  • Includes M3*5 x12, M3*8 x 8  Stainless Steel button head
  • Includes zip ties short (5) and long(2) for antenna RC Rx - with 2 pieces heatshrink to hold Rx antenna to long zip ties
  • Online InstructionsScarab Knife 240 instructions are HERE



Excludes Requires 

  1. Excludes Sony 1177 FPV camera with 2.5mm lens and custom wire to PNP to mini-andromeda (no soldering)
  2. Excludes mini FPV Tx 200mw/400mw 19Ch for AU/NZ telecommand Ch bands only (other Ch locked out for compliance) with custom FPV cable - no soldering reqd for FPV gear
  3. Excludes antenna for FPV
  4. Requires soldering - pilots assembling the Knife 200/240 tell us its the easiest and fastest build they have done due to the design of the mini-Andromeda PDB
  5. Requires assembly and use of tools - excludes tools - - see Instructions page HERE for tool list
  6. Instructions for 30a Carbon Bee ESC are here - these come pre-coded 
  7. Instructions relating to F40 motors are HERE
  8. Instructions relating to PARIS AIR3 Hero•32 are HERE
  9. Excludes RC Rx - recommend FrSky X4R SB
  10. Excludes optional used in combination with the optional "winglet" mounted Nimbin antenna HERE
  11. Excludes LiPo - recommend 4s1250 XT60
  12. Excludes ground-side FPV gear such as Goggles
  13. Excludes Charger - see Chargers and Power HERE - we recommended charger is 106B+ here
  14. Excludes Training see YouTube - pilots should learn on a Taranis in combination with FreeRider FPV Quad sim HERE
  15. Excludes RC  - we strongly recommend telemetry based Transmitter TARANIS 

 Question - How do I increase the Roll & Flip rate to spin much faster ?  Answer = OK cool - so you are ready to do fast rolls and flips - go to CleanFlight (CHROME) UI and connect - then click on the "Receiver" tab ; on the right side RC Rate - change it from 0.6 up to 1.0 then click SAVE at the bottom ; then click on the PID Tuning tab ; look on the top right,  ROLL rate increase to 1.0 ; PITCH Rate increase to 1.0 - YAW Rate increase to 1.0  -   press SAVE at the bottom - done    Make sure you have around 65% Expo on your RC Transmitter(Tx)

Safety & Risk


  • Always wear full eye protection and ensure others around you are eye - protected
  • Remain 30m from other persons 
  • Risk - Pilots assume responsibility of Risk in relation to their kit build, battery charging and air operation and any associated equipment fitted at your own risk - pilots must read the risk SMS page HERE
  • (below) best to solder the ESC leads direct to the AIR3 
  • (below) green/yellow/blue wires are OSD - also soldered to AIR3






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Product Reviews

  1. Yep, glad I read the reviews

    Posted by TK on 23rd Aug 2016

    Fantastic quick quad, easy to build, especially if you've built one before. The packaging is easy to follow and segmented quite nicely, and the PDB is fantastic.

    Cons: Only modification I'd recommend is to desolder the XT60 connector thats hard mounted onto the board if you're a newbie like me who crashes a lot. Word on the street from other friends that have one, is you can damage the connector in heavy frequent crashes, so adding an inch of wire will stop this from happening. Haven't had any issues so far though, and have yet to make the mod. The camera angle isn't high enough for my liking, as I tend to fly with the quad almost vertical, but some motor angled mounts will fix that fine.

    Build notes/recommendations for new buyers:
    Read the notes in the build guide. Saved me a couple of times!
    Buy the black 100mm SMA extensions, and never put the antenna directly into the VTX. This is bad news bears if you crash it.

    Also, if you have issues arming the quad when setting up failsafes, the quad cannot be in any mode (i.e air mode, horizon, angle) when trying to arm. If you're having intermittent arming issues like I had, this is how I fixed it: delete your modes for failsafe and arm switch, if theyre on the same switch. Then, create an arming mode on the switch, and don't assign anything else to it. This way, the arm will act as an arm, and the other position (which is unassigned) will act as a failsafe/drop/throttle cut/motor stop incase of crashes.

  2. effortless punchouts

    Posted by karl on 30th Jul 2016

    I have been loving the scarab knife 270 for a while now and have loved the balanced frames flight characteristics so was super excited when the scarab knife 240 frame was released. I was certainly more than impressed and as always with the fit and finish was top notch and the fact that everything was there to get the 240 in the air bar the receiver is awesome. Assembly was a total breeze with only the most minimal of soldering needed, otherwise it was all plug and play. In the air it is a total dream to fly, fast as can be with effortless punchouts and super nimble surefootedness. This is my absolute goto frame for awesome fun that can take a total beating when your pushing hard. I found that The fully jello ball isolated gopro mount also takes away any hint of jello in the vid which is great too

  3. Great combination ready to go or modify to your taste

    Posted by Captain Average on 29th Jun 2016

    The 240 is a great machine if you are chasing 4s punch to fly acro with a GoPro or cut down the weight to have a quick and competitive naked race frame.

    The Carbonbird motors work a treat and have plenty of punch across the entire throttle range and my prop of choice is the HQ 6 x 4.5 x 3 triblade.

    The frame layout is very neat and a very enjoyable build as everything fits nicely and there is room to customise still if wanted. The mini andromeda board is a great addition and really reduces clutter inside the tight frame and easy to setup. The large arms are well made and very robust in crashes with good protection around the motors and I am yet to break a bit of carbon despite some serious carnage.

    The camera and VTX area great combo however I prefer to isolate my VTX with a pigtail to help protect the vtx in crashes but there is plenty of room to fit one. The mounting of the camera with no screws is great and works a treat. There is plenty of camera angle however if you intend to fly hard and fast at full throttle a lot its worth adding a 2.5mm or 2.1mm lens in the camera to get a better FOV at full tilt or slowly.

    I love the Knife 270 for fast flying in close proximity to objects and belting around however if you want to push inverted moves, insane rates and a machine that can turn on a dime and belt off again very quickly this is the machine for you. This machine is a lot of fun to fly and my go to frame when I want to let loose and really push my ability.

    I am also really enjoying it stripped down with no GoPro tray and flying very fast with a great power to weight ratio getting my racing lines and handling down pat for Nationals. The machine handles very nicely and easy to tune compared to a number of other airframes that have a very narrow window of a happy tune making a great frame for pilots looking to build their confidence tuning frames.

    A very enjoyable frame overall and my only criticism is attaching a GoPro closer to the frame to reduce the mass further away from the C of G but that is easy to work around with a strap and high density foam.

  4. Long time Scarab Flyer, best Frame to date.

    Posted by Andrew Gregg on 29th Jun 2016

    I've been flying Scarab frames for a long time and I have to say that when the knife 200 came out I was blown away. The build was so quick and simple thanks to the well thought out Power Distribution Board (PDB) with integrated video feed lines etc. It is probably my most favourite build to date. So when I just thought it couldn't get any better I was told there would be a 240 size soon to be released. I was told it would be even better than the 200 which I was finding quite hard to believe after being so impressed by the 200.

    Wow, the 240 didn't let me down. It had all the perks of the 200 having the same centre core frame but with larger arms to accommodate 5 inch props. Plus the next big thing are the carbonbird 2300kv motors. What an upgrade. So much power for so little weight. The bells of the motors had been upgraded from the previous revision with stronger thicker aluminium. Very important when racing a quad because if you have a crash the last thing you want to be doing is swapping out bent or damaged motors. I have crashed this frame time and time again and all I ever have to replace is props and the occasional fpv antenna. The arms are super strong and can take a real beating.

    If you're looking for a well designed and easy build quad with epic performance this is certainly a fantastic option. Everything you need is supplied in the kit and the instructions on the MWC site are super easy to follow even for a beginner.

    If you have ever found it hard to tune a quad and are never fully happy with how it flys or performs I have to say that the team at MWC have spent a good amount of time tuning the flight controller for the frame and you will find it flys amazing with no adjustment to PIDS etc. This is especially handy for those that are just starting out with this hobby and can easily get confused with all this tuning PID stuff.

    Finally this quad has improved my flying 10 fold. It has given me the confidence to push my limits and take risks I wouldn't normally take. Having 100% confidence in the performance and predictability of a machine gives you the ability to fly harder, faster and have an awesome FPV experience every time you head out for a fly.

    Highly recommended.

  5. Performance, durability and a load of fun!

    Posted by Tom Rosoman on 19th Jun 2016

    I own lot of different quads but I seem to always want to be flying the Scarab Knife 240, which is why my other quads are gathering dust. The package deal had everything I needed. Esc's that can run multishot, integrated LED's on the PCB, really nice light Carbonbird motors and the full FPV set up.

    I hate building new quads, but this is the first one that was enjoyable. It was quick and simple and required only simple soldering.

    Flying the 240 is a joy! The performance is great, easy to set up and tune and the frame can take a real hammering! Simply put it is a great package.

  6. Favourite Scarab too date.

    Posted by Damien Pitt on 17th Jun 2016

    As the title says. This is my go to machine whether going fast and low or high and acrobatic (or both). I know I have a fleet of Scarabs now; Reconn, Avatar, Knife 200, Knife 270 and now Knife 240 so you can take a hint from that; there is an obvious reason I keep coming back.

    I reviewed the 200 when it first came out and loved it! Fast, zippy, agile; much of what I wrote there applies here as the 200 and 240 share common components and chasis design / layout with 2 main difference; arms and motors. So it's largely the same build as the 200 but just changing those 2 components to create the 240 makes a BIG difference in performance.

    So what's different? Firstly the arms are extended to fit 5" props. Secondly, to swing the bigger, heavier 5" props you need a motors with more torque and power output and so the 2203 3100kv (or 3200kv depending on which 200 option you went with) is replaced by the 2204 2300kv motor. Lower rpm sure, but with the larger props and extra thrust they provide the performance between a 200 and 240 is night and day. The 200 is fast, the 240 is everything the 200 is turned up to 11.

    The 240 is considerably more powerful; it's ability to punch out of corners or drive itself skyward is beyond anything in the current Scarab line up. It might feel a little intimidating for newcomers initially, but having that extra power to pull yourself out of a hard dive can make a big difference.

    My only real concern when going to the 240 was that the longer arms would be a weak point compared to the 200, but thankfully, that hasn't been the case. If you want to know how strong a quad is, give me a few runs on it, I'm guaranteed to put it too it's limits. Not because I'm a great pilot (I'm not, actually I barely know how to land as I've usually hit the ground long before that) but because I am always pushing myself to fly faster, lower and perform new manoeuvres every time I'm out.

    A couple of mates jokingly ask whether I have the confidence to try the things I do because I must either have too much money (unfortunately this is definitely not it) or I just don't care to smash it (I do, because of reason 1, not made of money) but I push myself and the 240 hard because I'm confident that even if I come unstuck the frame will take the beating and keep on going. My 240 (and 200) have come down from 50ft +, upside down, backward, sidways, cartwheeled, head first into trees; doesn't seem to worry the 240. The beating the poor thing has endured and continued to shrug off gives me the confidence to fly it hard and do what I do, if it didn't, I wouldn't enjoy flying it anywhere near as much as I would be paranoid every crash would put me out of the air; to date it's not been an issue.

    So the only real question is; if both the 200 and 240 are so similar in build and strength, which do I go for?

    Well the 200 will be a bit more relaxed compared to the 240; it might be the better frame to learn on or to casually cruise around and nail small gaps. If you fancy yourself bit of a Top Gun, go for the 240. It's everything the 200 is but like Spinal Tap, turned up to 11.

  7. the best quad to hit the market

    Posted by Unknown on 18th Apr 2016

    Ultimate quad from the ease of setup all the way to the characteristics of the machine flying, would recommend.

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