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  • Scarab Knife 200 mini Quad - excludes sony 1177 FPV camera and FPV Tx airside
  • Scarab Knife 200 mini Quad - easy access to build and maintain
  • Scarab Knife 200 mini Quad
  • Scarab Knife 200 mini Quad - lower side view
  • Scarab Knife 200 mini Quad - side view - with LiPo and HD camera shown (not included in price)
  • Scarab Knife 200 mini Quad - full daylight visible LED system
  • Scarab Knife 200 mini Quad - shown with FPV camera and FPV Tx (sold separate)
  • Scarab Knife 200 mini Quad
  • Scarab Knife 200 mini Quad
  • Image 10
  • Scarab Knife 200 build photo - solder ESC wires and OSD wires direct for reliability and to ensure no vibrations are transferred to the AIR3
  • Scarab Knife 200 build photo - solder ESC wires and OSD wires direct for reliability and to ensure no vibrations are transferred to the AIR3

Scarab Knife 200 - best first FPV drone - includes F3-FC/OSD/LEDs/ESCs/Frame and 2205 motors

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Product Description


Racing drone made in Australia the Scarab Knife 200 mini quad racer Australia
The best First FPV drone - super strong unbreakable - locked in BetaFlight full house  - INCLUDES OSD,LEDs and motors and FC F3 AIR3 Board !

Scarab Knife 200 is our smallest Australian designed/made full-house indoor/outdoor racing style drone running the AIR3 F3 SPi flight controller and 4 inch props - with advantages of size in fitting through small gaps and being very compact for travel - The Knife 200 design is centered around the mini-Andromeda power distribution and LED board which drastically reduces build time, reduces wiring and integrates adding your choice of  camera such as 1177 Sony FPV camera and a Telecommand legal Video Tx system for the cleanest layout - reactions from pilot are very very positive totally locked in feel, fast and easy/fast to build.

Knife 200 Features

  1. AIR3 F3 SPi Flight controller - DShot or MultiShot - 100% enabled and ready controller
  2. super powerful 2205 3900kv CarbonBird motors
  3. 20a CarbonBee MultiShot ESCs - smoooth and reliable - rock solid preset when you get them
  4. Mini-andromeda power board/LED/PDB - Super Hi-Vis daylight LEDs red/Blue for LOS or indoor ops with no LED wiring required ; XT60 with no pigtail ; includes Regs for 12v ; 5v ; 4.5v diode protected for BLheli CF direct access to motor directions and 20a ESC setup via CF/Betaflight
  5. 25mm standoff separation of mainboard decks 
  6. Top mount LiPo - suits 4s1250
  7. 2 x utility decks internal - spare boot space for larger Rx such as Futaba or Spektrum Rxs ; or FLVSS if fitted
  8. simplified FPV camera tilt mount - camera is held by a single slot
  9. Full Gello balls HD pivot deck included - permits easy mounting of a Yi Cam or GPro in a frame 
  10. Small narrow design to reduce profile drag
  11. 3 mm booms and 2mm plates for the mainframe
  12. Fast and easy/simplified assembly and soldering
  13. easy access to the drone internals for maintenance by removal of only 6 top plate M3 screws


Karlosvontrap With 2205 motors  -  (above) click YouTube logo and press "LIKE" to tell our pilot to "make more like these"


Knife 200 Kit Includes

  • Includes our Aussie AIR3 F3 SPi HERO•32 flight controller on 30.5mm FR4 mount (pre-mounted) - All PIDs are set - pre-Coded BetaFlight 3 - with all PIds set/tuned already
  • Includes   MWC mini-Andromeda 90 OSD PDB/dual voltage BEC and full ultra-bright LED/ XT60 (XT30 included for power out if needed)
  • Includes A2 voltage divider - be sure to Select A2 telemetry at top right if you use Taranis with an A2 capable Rx such as X4RSB or D4RII (not included for customers with other RC Rx)
  • Includes CarbonBird Motors  x 4 - 2205 3900kv CarbonBird Red motors with Red M5 nuts (4) and M2 mount screws (8)
  • Includes 4 20a ESCs - CarbonBee ESC x 4 coded BLHeli MultiShot with BLHeli bootloader
  • Includes Props x 8 (2 sets HQ 4x4.5x3 - one black set and one yellow set) - nice HQ triple DURABLE props
  • Includes upper and lower Deck Full CF 2.0mm
  • Includes 2 Booms (each boom has left and right engine mounts transverse) Full Carbon Fibre 4.0mm
  • Includes RC Rx mount plate 1mm FR4 FGlass
  • Includes FPV Tx mount plate 1mm FR4 FGlass
  • Includes Gello Ball vibration killer pivot-mount system for HD GoPro/Yi cameras
  • Includes 5 thermal pads (4 for ESCs and 1 for FPV Tx)
  • Includes 6 x 25mm red anodized CBird standoffs
  • Includes Scarab velcro STRAP for 4s1250 retention x 1
  • Includes self-adhesive velcro male/female
  • Includes standoffs  Nylon 6mm x 8 with nylon nuts (4) and nylon phillips screws (4)
  • Includes M2*6 (8 for motor mount) and 12 for mid deck mounts
  • Includes 15mm CNC aluminum posts (6)
  • Includes M3*5 (20) Stainless Steel button head
  • Includes zip ties short (5) and long(2) for antenna RC Rx - with 2 pieces heatshrink to hold Rx antenna to long zip ties
  • Online Instructions - Scarab Knife 200 instructions are HERE



Excludes Requires 

  1. excludes Sony 1177 FPV camera with 2.5mm lens and custom wire to PNP to mini-andromeda (no solder)
  2. excludes mini FPV Tx 200mw 19Ch for AU/NZ telecommand Ch bands only (other Ch locked out for compliance) with custom FPV cable - no soldering reqd for FPV gear
  3. excludes FPV Tx antenna ; 1 x 4 blade RHCP Clover HERE
  4. Requires soldering - pilots assembling the Knife 200 tell us its the easiest and fastest build they have done due to the design of the mini-Andromeda PDB - see instruction HERE
  5. Requires assembly and use of tools - excludes tools - - see Instructions page HERE for tool list
  6. Excludes RC Rx - recommend FrSky X4R
  7. Excludes optional SMA extension HERE ; used in combination with the optional "winglet" mounted Nimbin antenna HERE
  8. Excludes LiPo - recommend 4s1250 XT60
  9. Excludes ground-side FPV gear such as Goggles HERE 
  10. Excludes Charger - see Chargers and Power HERE - we recommended charger is 106B+ here
  11. Excludes Training - pilots should learn on a Taranis in combination with FreeRider FPV Quad sim HERE
  12. Excludes RC  - we strongly recommend telemetry based Transmitter TARANIS 


  13. knife-air3-wiring.jpg

 Question - How do I increase the Roll & Flip rate to spin much faster ?  Answer = OK cool - so you are ready to do fast rolls and flips - go to BetaFlight/CleanFlight/iNav (CHROME) UI and connect - then click on the "Receiver" tab ; on the right side RC Rate - change it from 0.6 up to 1.0 then click SAVE at the bottom ; then click on the PID Tuning tab ; look on the top right,  ROLL rate increase to 1.0 ; PITCH Rate increase to 1.0 - YAW Rate increase to 1.0  -   press SAVE at the bottom - done    Make sure you have around 65% Expo on your RC Transmitter(Tx)


Safety & Risk


  • Always wear full eye protection and ensure others around you are eye - protected
  • Remain 30m from other persons 
  • Risk - Pilots assume responsibility of Risk in relation to their kit build, battery charging and air operation and any associated equipment fitted at your own risk - pilots must read the risk SMS page HERE

Question - my Knife 200 ESCs won't spin after being armed?  Answer = The Knife 200 ESCs are coded for MultiShot (Star Wars tones) - so you must SET MultiShot in the UI config window and save.




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Product Reviews

  1. This 200 kit has it all!

    Posted by Charles on 15th Jul 2016

    The Scarab Knife 200 comes in a kit form and requires some level of multirotor knowledge and soldering skills to assemble. Building the Knife 200 is a very rewarding challenge. Great online instructions and a pool of help via Multiwiicopter Facebook page for the Knife construction. Once built just map the channels for the radio you choose via a computer (easy to do). The best part of the Knife 200 is you don’t have to have special computer programming skills to set it up. Multiwiicopter have done all the programming for you. I Simply charged the batteries to fly. For the tech heads who love to crunch code, the ever evolving software means you can always be up to date with the cool kids and latest trends in flight controller and ESC technology.
    This is an excellent kit build and the Knife 200 is awesome to fly. The Knife 200 has so much to offer every one of all skill levels. I have found the Knife 200 to be very capable and will be my "fun" choice for a very long time.

  2. Great fun to fly and learn

    Posted by Stephen Clark on 6th Jul 2016

    This is only my 2nd Mini quad ever and being very steady to fly makes it a good mini to learn on.
    It is also quite robust and despite all the abuse I gave it... ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s25w0ZpzYmo ) only required the occasional minor repairs.
    If flying through the bush I would highly recommend these bullnose props as they are much tougher and harder to break.... http://www.multiwiicopter.com/products/dalprop-4x4-5-cw-ccw-0445-props-red

  3. Performance on tap

    Posted by Damien Pitt on 15th Feb 2016

    The Knife 200 is my 4th Scarab frame (along with my Reconn V3, Avatar, Knife 270) so there must be an obvious explanation for my continually coming back; it just works.

    Rather than picking and choosing different components trying to find the right combination that will fit the frame and give you solid performance, it's all done for you so you know when you've completed your build you can expect you're quad to perform with absolutely minimal fuss; stable, responsive and extremely well balanced.

    The Knife 200 is easily the smallest Scarab to date, making even the 270 seem a moderate size. Make no mistake about the 200; it is very much geared toward being an FPV racer. The 270 is just big enough to give you decent orientation flying line of sight and choosing a 3S battery to dull it down might make it a bit more newcomer friendly; the 200 is an out and out FPV racer, the 45 degree camera tilt should give you plenty indication this frame was made for fast aggressive FPV flight and the high KV motors on 4S allow the 200 to punch itself forward with extreme urgency and react to attitude changes with a level of immediacy that demands the utmost focus from the pilot. Everything about the way the 200 flies is aggressively responsive but with a crispness and poise that is massively rewarding as the pilot.

    Being the smallest Scarab in the fleet it also is the first that really requires you direct solder all components. Personally, I prefer it this way as it allows for a really neat, clean install where you can trim wires to run only the length you need rather than trying to find ways of routing them about the frame or hide the excess but if you have never soldered before or are not comfortable with it you might want to get some practice in. There's nothing unnecessarily difficult to solder here but soldering does take a certain knack you acquire over time and it's certainly made a lot easier with a decent soldering iron. Get it down though and you'll find the new Andromeda is an awesome little bit of kit; it's well protected within spines of the frame and makes life so much easier when routing wires and powering all necessary components. I'm a huge fan of this Andromeda and the elimination of excess connectors.

    There's not too much else to add; it's a well designed piece of kit, solid (I've already had the accidents to verify this, never by choice but hey, gotta learn somehow), good looking and the supplied components all work harmoniously to create a superb little quad with a performance ceiling (especially in my case right now) that exceeds current pilot skills; but at least you'll know as you improve, this little fella will have plenty more to give.

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