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  • dji Phantom Part - GPS internal - crash part for  Phantom - DJI  Australia NZ
  • dji Phantom Part - GPS internal - crash part for  Phantom - DJI  Australia NZ

dji Phantom Part - GPS internal - crash part for Phantom 1 or 2- DJI Australia

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135.00 Grams
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Product Description

This is the new Phantom internal GPS (no mag) for severe crashes where the internal GPS inside phantom has been cracked  - AU safe Version - can only be used in Phantom where red flashes will NOT go away - this usually means you have crashed and cracked the GPS inside - You must balance all props on a balancing device for accurate Nav


1 x Phantom GPS internal - Southern Hemishere and world wide coverage compatible - AU, NZ, Oceania - areas with SBAS disabled - no geostationary sat (excludes polar regions due excessive magnetic declination)

4 * Screws internal 

1 x Cable


Excludes / Requires

Excludes fitting - this is a DIY user fitting part - excludes instructions - see dji website - no soldering - attached by 4 screws and a plug. 

excludes copper adhesive grey shield - be careful - do not rip off the old one an damage it.

Requires an Internet connection to update & programs settings



NOTE : Phantom GPS  only
NOTE 2 : GPS requires proper setup - a) balance fully all props b) calculate the offsets from the C of G using the string plumb line methode c) mount your CPU/IMU on Gel Foam tape they same as all helicopter Gyros - as close as possible to the C of G d) DO NOT MOVE the CPU in the first 5 sec after connecting the LiPo - Quad must be level and remain 100% still in first 5 secs

NOTE 3 : GPS is not suitable for beginners - Pilots must be capable of manual flight reversion - do not put yourself in the position where you rely on GPS mode - You must legally be able to fly safely - hover - or fly back in manual mode if there is a problem. As the Pilot you are 100% responsible for the flight path of the aircraft -  You yourself must set correctly the failsafe settings in your Tx to ensure you can regain control and prevent any uncommanded flight or departure from flight - NAZA GPS return to home will NOT see obstacles or persons - it will fly back directly at speed - if there is a tree or a person in the way - it will colide and you will be responsible - Make sure you FIRST understand manual reversion and can take control - never make any stick inputs during or prior to reversion - whilst the vehicle is autonomous - leave the cyclic stick centred and the throttle at 50%.  Study the manual FIRST - If you dont understand GPS - don't buy this product. If you think failsafe is magic - don't buy this product - Again - You MUST program failsafe into your Tx and ensure its working by testing it on the live PC UI first!!!!


We support directly only those customers who support us.  You will not receive any warranty nor support from us for any DJI product which is a grey import or purchased from another supplier.  Choose wisely.  DJI products have a high return rate - chances are you WILL need your local warranty backup....  Buy Locally

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