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  • PARIS Sirius™Air HERO•32 r2 - micro F1 pcb - aussie iNAV r2 - top.  GPS can be connected to flex port (GPS sold separately)
  • PARIS Sirius™Air HERO•32 r2 - NAZE pcb - aussie Naze r2 - OSD connectors
  • PARIS Sirius™Air HERO•32 r2 - NAZE pcb - aussie Naze r2 - sonar connection
  • example of sonar connection to HC-SR04 sonar - excludes sonar

PARIS Sirius™AirHERO32 r2 - SBus - Full SPi F1 iNAV pcb

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Product Description

an r2 upgrade pcb part for existing PARIS AIr v2 or AirHero32 to upgrade to  AirHERO32 r2  ; comes with BETAFlight 3.1.7 firmware 


5.0v input to AIR Hero32 r2 on pins 1-4 ; OSD output connectors on pins 5 and 6


Existing Air Hero•32 Features 

Has all the features of AirHero32 r1 HERE such as

  • FULL SPi Gyro connection 
  • Direct SBus (no inverter needed)

; plus the NEW changes below

NEW changes to Air Hero 32  r2

  1. 6500 MPU sensor connected by FULL 32 bit spi bus (not i2c like other boards)
  2. updated CP2104 USB chip
  3. boot loader pins/pads moved to centre of PCB
  4. On screen display pads Tx/Rx outputs moved to external pins 5&6 (centre pins) - see photos
  5. Vcc 5v input ONLY on motor ESC 1-4 now (previously on 1-6)
  6. USB now powers RC Rx (lower molex 8 pin red wire) - up to 1 amp or limit of USB port if less
  7. Blue LED moved away from Green LED - easier to see now 
  8. Sonar PADS added to PCB - see example above - connected to HC-SR04 sonar sold HERE
  9. A5 pad added - for rssi - Max 3.3v +
  10. added FT pad - GPIO - future use
  11. LED pad current limit now 1a continuous 


  • AirHero32 r2 pcb - 90° header are pre-soldered to the pcb - NO soldering to fly
  • RC cable 8 pins ; or RC cable 3 pins Sbus - tell us in "comments" box - thx

    The AIRHERO32 can be loaded with iNAV <1.7.3 (no not try to load any version after 1.7.3) - for iNAV it has the same wiring and pins as AIR3 - see here



  • ships with BetaFlight 3.1.7  - or users can install other software of their choice - select NAZE
  • warning - naked PCB are vunerable to STATIC - users must ground their tools and hands when handling - for expert EE
  • excludes 2 parts CNC metal inertial vibration isolation case - full version metal case is HERE

Question - How do i know which version of AIRHero32 i have without opening up my case? Answer = if the blue and green LED on power up are together (near 32) then its a AIR Hero•32 r1  ; or if the Blue and green LED are on opposite sides left/right on power up - then its an Air Hero•32 r2

Question - How do I load the bootloader and firmware on a PARIS Sirius™ AIR HERO•32 ?     Answer = first launch BaseFLight (extension in Chrome) - then click "Firmware Flasher" - select  a stable version for Naze , press load firmware online - tick No Reboot Sequence & also tick Full Chip Erase ; then short together the two pins marked BOOT and keep holding the paperclip on the pads with your left hand - connect USB (pads MUST remain shorted still) - while you press FLASH FIRMWARE - keep holding pads shorted - after firmware has flashed (progress bar) you can remove the paperclip.   You can now load all future firmware without the boot pads closed - such as loading Cleanflight or betaFlight


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