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  • Original Naze 32 AfroFlight Japan - Rev 6 - deep purple - flight controller Australia - top side
  • Original Naze 32 AfroFlight Japan - Rev 6 - deep purple - flight controller Australia - lower side
  • Original Naze 32 AfroFlight Japan - Rev 6 - deep purple - flight controller Australia - soldering options - pins in
  • Original Naze 32 AfroFlight Japan - Rev 6 - deep purple - flight controller Australia - as supplied 90° connectors
  • Original Naze 32 AfroFlight Japan - Rev 6 - deep purple - flight controller Australia - size comparison
  • naze 32 sticks - short cuts - mode 2
  • example of Naze 32 - Rev 6 fitted to Knife
  • example of Naze 32 - Rev 6 fitted to Scarab Knife

Naze32 Acro AfroFlight Japan Original - Rev 6 b -2016 - flight controller AU

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Product Description

Original Naze 32 ACRO Rev 6 b AfroFlight - latest version with Receiver Power via USB / and with Diode which enables 4xESC to be coded/updated via USB/CleanFlight interface of BLHeli (without motors spinning up via USB)  - our Rev6b stocked in support of our long time MWC partner  hardware originator/ developer -  Timecop - Rev 6b  - Australian stock - Australia-wide overnight shipping available.  Cheap worldwide post.   perfectly Fits Knife - we recommend to set/solder pins 1-4 inward (see our photos this page) - then flash for BetaFlight (Naze) -    note : this Naze32 flight controller requires some EE/soldering skills and PC skills to set-up and use, you will easily find videos on YouTube for Naze Rev 6.    Google/youtube is your friend.   Standard drone 30.5*30.5mm mount.  Naze 32 gold coast ; Naze 32 Brisbane ; Naze 32 Qld ; Naze 32 Australia

Naze 32 rev 6 connections diagram


This "Acro" Naze rev 6  - latest version -  for freestyle or racing - ACRO fun version + has a Baro , direct SBus (no inverter needed) and side USB

  • STM32F103CBT6 32-bit ARM Cortex M3 processor (72MHz, 3.3V)

  • Invensense MPU6500 MEMS accelerometer/gyro

  • BMP280 Barometer

  • Built-in Micro-USB (on the side) for programming/firmware update

  • 30.5x30.5mm mount - 36x36mm size, ~5 gram weight w/o headers ; 8g with all headers ; 6.7g with ESC headers 90° only

  • Designed in JAPAN by the person who invented NAZE, timeCop - made in Korea by TimeCop himself

  •  comes with un-soldered pin headers ( right angle), NOT soldered to the board (you may choose to solder your 4 x ESC wires directly - to save weight and reduce risk). 

Naze32 rev6  Features

  • USB on right side (UART1)

  • PPM/PWM input as through-hole

  • 3.3V, I2C on standard-size headers

  • Fully pinout compatible with ealier naze rev5 accessories

  • SBUS Inverter included on pcb pin 4 (select UART2 = Serial Rx if using Sbus)

  • Spektrum satellite ready i/o

  • MPU6500 gyro/acc

  • Sonar pads w/resistors added for direct connection to 5V sonar

  • All extra pads (FT, GP, A5) on top, only sonar on bottom

  • BMP280 barometer - for future nav

  • 16Mbit flash memory for datalogging - Blackbox

Specs quad-x.jpg

  • 36x36 mm (30.5mm Mounting)

  • 5.3 grams (no headers, 7.3 grams with)

  • 2000 degrees/second 3-axis MEMS gyro + accelerometer (MPU6500)

  • Input voltage = 5.0v      : You can also connect 4s to the Batt pin (be careful ! reversed polarity will smoke the product)


  • Acro Naze32 rev6 - latest version - pre-loaded with bootloader / BaseFlight (user must configure & check)

  • (1) 2x5 pin header 90° (right angle)

  • (1) 3x6 pin ESC header (right angle) - these are normally the only pins installed by user-diy for 4 ESC

  • 1x10 pin header strip (right angle)

Excludes/ Requires

  • Excludes/Requires 5.0v BEC - Pololu HERE or similar (do not use a 5.4v servo uBEC)
  • Requires static prevention - do NOT expose to static - ground your tools ; fingers before handling PCB
  • Do not make "live" connections other than USB - Power down - then make changes such as ESC - check polarty carefully - then power with 5.0 v only

Configuration software UI = Chrome Baseflight (this is an extension added to Chrome)

Download User's Manual.

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Product Reviews

  1. Good Product, Good Service at MWC

    Posted by W Kent on 17th Jul 2017

    I was pleased with the ease of programming with CleanFlight. Good Product, Good Service at MWC

  2. multiwii service

    Posted by winefield on 9th Jun 2017

    very happy with service from this company - they are fast and efficient - good work

  3. Naze32 rev6

    Posted by Erkki Pursi on 10th Nov 2016

    good quality, works fine and its not so expensive...

  4. Great FC for quads

    Posted by Jørn Ramnæs on 28th May 2016

    First time user for the Naze32 Acro! I soldered the pins in ten minutes, and configured the board in about twenty minutes with baseflight. I needed support for attaching a GPS with Mag. and they answered in minutes(I live in Norway) To use a serial GPS you need Cleanflight and set it to UART1! Tonight it´s being installed in my new DART400, and this week it´s going to fly. By the way, it took about a week to get it to Norway from Australia, that´s great!

  5. Great Product Latest rev6D version

    Posted by Joseph Rau on 10th May 2016

    If you wan the latest Naze Rev6 version-D this is the product, great price and delivered to your door quickly.

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