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Knife 24 LED hub Red-Blue night indoor FPV mini-quad racing LED kit

Shipping Weight:
54.00 Grams
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Product Description

scarab-knife-leds-4656.jpgThis LED hub kit is designed to be fitted to a Scarab Knife mini-Quad racer for indoor or night FPV ops - LEDS are closely spaced and very bright and can handle 9-16v no problems - the system consists of a small hub and 4 pluggable LED strips - any strip can be plugged to any port - the voltages are passed thru - so the hub itself can be connected to the spare 5th JST allowing the other side to pass-thru the DC bus rail voltage.  The hub is self adhesive - we recommend placing it next to the Rx on the top deck.  The LED strips are white but we like to use a permanent office marker pen to colour them red and blue - but they work equally as well white as supplied.    Plug n fly - does not require any soldering - if one led is damaged - can be swappped out in the field for a new LED strip.

total weight 11g

designed and made by MWC for Scarab Knife

we recommend placing the LEDs on the bottom surface to ensure any following Quad will see you - but feel free to put them where you prefer.



2 x RED LED strips 150mm wires

2 x BLUE LED strips 150mm wires

1 x 4 way hub



Excludes color pen - we recommend a office style permanent box marker red or blue 


NOTE WARNING : be sure not to short out the hub or any red wires to the Carbon plates - the airframe is grounded.  

Question - How can i add more LEDs? I used one port for 5v BEC.   Answer = if you want to run 4 - rather than 3 - you can solder 2 together - such as 2 fronts - however, we recommend 3 LEDs and keep one as a spare - normally pilots only run one Blue in the front and keep the 2 RED rear so a Racer coming up behind you can see you in the dark evening park style flying. Alternately you can buy a 2nd LED strip pack and daisy chain it to the frst hub, and you will have 7+1 ports - 3 top and 4 bottom LEDs  - NOTE - the best soldering iron is the HAKKO 888, and always use AMTECH 223 Flux

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Product Reviews

  1. LED Kit

    Posted by Andrew Tuck on 4th Jul 2015

    Got a second set to put on Little Sky Hero!! I now fly my quads at night!!

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