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  • mini-Andromeda OSD-90 PDB, ultra bright LED with dual FPV 5v/12v uBECs & FrSky A2 AU NZ USA
  • mini-Andromeda OSD-90 PDB, ultra bright LED with dual FPV 5v/12v uBECs & FrSky A2 AU NZ USA
  • ultimate best mini Quad PDB mini-Andromeda OSD-90 PDB, ultra bright LED with dual FPV 5v/12v uBECs & FrSky A2
  • EASY connectivity - plug-n-play OSD ; mini-Andromeda OSD-90 PDB, ultra bright LED with dual FPV 5v/12v uBECs & FrSky A2
  • mini-Andromeda OSD-90 PDB, ultra bright LED with dual FPV 5v/12v uBECs & FrSky A2
  • mini-Andromeda OSD-90 PDB, ultra bright LED with dual FPV 5v/12v uBECs & FrSky A2
  • mini-Andromeda OSD-90 PDB, ultra bright LED with dual FPV 5v/12v uBECs & FrSky A2
  • optional "CarbonBird Hacker - sold on this site ; allow for firmware future updates
  • andromeda - nearest visible galaxy to earth
  • mini Andromeda LEDs are bright - do not look directly at these LEDs !
  • mini-Andromeda OSD-90 PDB, ultra bright LED with dual FPV 5v/12v uBECs & FrSky A2
  • MWOSD Chrome UI Extension by ShikOfTheRa - for setup and control of OSD functionality.
  • mwosd configurator voltage alarm setting 3s set to 102
  • Spektrum based system - 8 pins multiwire Rx
  • FrSky based system - A2 voltage monitoring and Sbus single Wire Rx
  • wiring image - for AIR3 and Andromeda
  • example of Andromeda LED/OSD/PDB/A2/5v/12v in use on Scarab Knife 240 drone

MWOSD-90a PDB, ultra bright LED mini-Andromeda with dual FPV 5v/12v uBECs & FrSky A2

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Product Description

new version coming in Sept

The MWOSD v5r1 mini-Andromeda OSD 90 is a multi function CORE PDB (power distribution board) made by CarbonBird AU and includes clean VIDEO, OSD and compact LEDs and above all is reliable - with so many rubbish OSD PDB producing noisy video images (even resorting to drastic LCfilters haha) and those boards soon smoking under high amps after a few flights ; so our EE's worked to design a new PDB board able to take high amp bursts, have full sunlight visible LOS orientation LEDS with above all a SUPER-CLEAR video picture, clear OSD text (NO LC FILTER EVER NEEDED) and RC STICKS feature control (to enter setting mode of OSD - Before arming hold MID THRO ; RIGHT YAW ; CYCLIC FORWARD to enter menu and setting of all features) - even the LEDs are installed and brighter than anything else on the market for FPV

MWOSD all in one PDB with high amp protection , hi-vis sunlight visible LEDs, 5v and 12v uBEC and FrSky A2 voltage divider for X4RSB

Question What's the difference with this v5 MWOSD 90 and the previous v3 50 mini-andromeda 50?  Answer = This OSD version has full Scarab MWOSD built in - clear noise free video ! (most other brands are riddled with noise in the FPVVideo)- plus the double thickness 2 OZ copper PDB for 90 amp race bursts, and in built dual pololu 2 x 1000ma uBecs for 5v and 12v FPV gear  (so these are uBEC not BEC and are double the DC power of the v3 mini andromeda) - we developed the v5 for hard core racers pushing max-amps

Features of the mini-Andromeda OSD v5r1  90 PDB

  • Super Clear OSD Video - No LCFilter EVER needed - true fact
  • 100% backward compatible with all Scarab 200/240 - can be fitted to 270 with minor alterations 
  • 8 Ultrabright sunlight vis-LEDs (4 Blue front) and (4 x Red Rear) these can be seen at 300m in full Aussie sunlight
  • OSD - strong 2mm dual-PCB by design - both main and OSD daughter board are 2mm to handle 90amps and for OSD to ensure heat is not transferred over - SUPER CLEAR Video PICTURES - no interference or noise !! no LCfilter ever needed.
  • OSD easy to setup and configure using MWOSD Chrome extension - all platforms - Mac and PC
  • 12v regulated power for FPV camera/Tx 1000ma with diode protection RP - note test your FPV Tx does not draw more amps than you realise - a 200mw Tx can draw up to 450~550ma - common mistake is to attach a 600mW Tx which draws <1.2amps and damage the 12v reg 
  • 5v regulated power for Flight controller 4.9v diode protected - wont accidentally run ESCs when USB is connected - feature  - max 1000ma 
  • 3s -> 4s 16.8v input
  • 90 AMP PDB burst or 60 amp continuous
  • FrSky voltage divider A2 voltage
  • LEDs and PDB consume 1.8w @16v (110ma)
  • Only 21grams with XT60 and OSD
  • Fits the standard 30.5mm square hole spacing used in all FPV drone racers 
  • has 8 lead out points to distribute power to 4 x ESC
  • Designed for HS1177 12v PV camera support
  • Designed for 200mw class FPV Tx (450mA nominal power draw via 12v BEC onboard)
  • Nominal power drawn WITH HS1177 camera and 200mwTx combined and LEDs = 5.8w/[email protected] 4s or = 4.1w/[email protected] 3s
  • Nominal power draw without FPV camera or Tx = 1.8w/[email protected] (LEDs only)
  • dimensions 56x38mm (12mm h without xT60) - std 30.5mm mount pattern
  • backward compatible upgrade for previous PDB owners wanting plug-n-fly OSD.
  • sits on standard 6mm nylon standoffs.


  • 1 x mini-Andromeda MWOSD v5r1 90 board  - ready to run on 3S or 4S - MWOSD 1.7 pre-loaded
  • 1 x XT60 connector
  • telemetry (OSD) data wires Tx/Rx (green/Yellow) - connect Rx to Tx ; Tx to Rx on AIR3 - in BetaFlight UI activate Telemetry but do not activate OSD

Here is an example of the Andromeda PDB OSD system being used in FPV flying to provide telecommand information back to the FPV pilot and also to tune PID's and other settings - OSD usually configured by "RC Sticks" -
but advanced function accessed using MWOSD Chrome Extension below


Andromeda Connection 

Downloads - to update an existing Andromeda OSD you can Download Scarab OSD 1.7 HERE ; Use Arduino 1.6.1 HERE  to upload that new Sketch file into the Mini-Andromeda90 (Tools/Board/Arduino Pro Mini)- in Config.h select Andromeda Board and Flight system such as iNav or BetaFlight  ; we recommend you un-comment upload BOLD fonts ; upload ; wait 95 secs with USB still connected (fonts upload) , then comment out define load Bold Fonts ; then upload again - this ALWAYS gives 100% perfect fonts.

  • FYI - If you decide to upgrade firmware (not essential ) The MaxChip OSD will not tolerate poor/low 5v voltages - pls CHECK YOUR USB Cable - many cheaper mini USB cables use very thin copper and only transfer 4.5v (not 5.0v as they should do) - low voltages in MWOSD manifest with fonts , such as nil or partial font uploaded in MWOSD 
  • Use the Hacker FTDI here ; disconnect Camera/Video Tx and connect only the Hacker FTDi - at the point where the ARDUINO 1.6.1 says uploading ; press the Hacker interrupt button briefly, and release it again; the Androma Leds will(must) blink OFF and back on again indicating an interrupt ; then the hacker data Red + Green LEDs will flicker to show successful data transfer is occurring  (if only the Green LED flickers you did not do the interrupt)
  • When soldering the XT60 or XT30 connectors be sure to use a LARGE 125w soldering iron so the join can be made in 2 secs - WARNING - using a small 60 or 90w electronics solder tip will take too long and will not be able to create a good joint - a dry solder joint will result in power failure and a crash - RISK - you must use Amtech 223 flux and make solid / rapid soldering joins
  • its is vital NOT to connect other devices to the 5.0v or 4.5v ports - this power is exclusively reserved for the FLIGHT CONTROLLER
  • it is vital NOT to short the base of the PDB onto CARBON ! - Danger - Carbon is fully conductive and shorts of lithium batteries may cause fire /harm /smoke
  • XT60 connectors must be sized (insert a 1.5 tool) so the blades are well spread out - if the XT60 probes are compressed they will not make firm contact with the female on the LiPo battery - lubricate the XT60 with lanolin spray


  (Before arming hold MID THRO ; RIGHT YAW ; CYCLIC FORWARD to enter menu and setting of all features)


Question - I don't see the OSD overlay - just video picture ? Answer = This is usually when the FPV camera you are using has some type of built-in OSD "feature" and even when off these OSD signals block the MINUMOSD signal  - to test just unplug the camera where NO OSD is seen, and if you now see a black screen now with OSD-data ; that confirms your particular camera is not compatible  - We have tested ALL cameras sold by us on our site here - and they ALL work PNP.

Question - I only see a smooth black picture, no OSD no video image ? Answer = Check that your Camera and FPV Tx 3 pin plugs and no swapped over.


Question - How do i update the mini-Andromeda MWOSD version to the latest firmware ?  Answer = You will need the FTDI/USB hacker board ; 1. disconnect the 4 pin data plug from the front of the OSD ; 2. Connect the Hacker ; 3.  then flash latest supported version: as below

  • you Need an online connection
  • GUI must be disconnected. press disconnect
  • Select com port
  • Click Flash
  • Click Select
  • Choose version you want for Andromeda
  • Click load online hex firmware
  • Click Flash FW
  • press the Hacker RESET button briefly whilst its saying "waiting for bootloader RESET"



For Andromeda, press RESET button whilst its saying waiting for bootloader RESET

Question - i see NO DATA in my MWOSD screen display? what does that mean? Answer = "no data" means the OSD Chip is not communicating with the the CPU Chip - so usually this means you have not connected the Tx/Rx wires correctly (yellow/green wires) - remember Rx goes to Tx and Tx goes to Rx.  Also make sure the UI  has telemetry enabled.  on AIR2 and AIR3 the OSD UART1 is shared with USB - so while doing iNav (or BF) on the ground the OSD will not function. Like wise in the air while flying USB is not connected so UART1 is the perfect port for OSD.


Question - I want to connect RSSi to the OSD RSSi pad? Is it analogue or PWM input on that PAD?  Answer = the Minum OSD is looking for a 0~3.3v analogue voltage signal at the RSSi pad on the lower side of the Mini-andromeda 90a ; most FrSky RXs (except L9R) actually output a PWM RSSi signal so this will require a PWM->Analog converter (low pass filter)  in such cases (not included)  ; see diagram below.


rssi-pwm-analogue.jpg frsky-pwm-rssi-to-analogue-filter.jpg

However the X4R and X8R are more complex - please See AndyRC video below 


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Product Reviews

  1. great OSD/PDB board

    Posted by Jesse on 5th Aug 2017

    a great OSD/PDB board for iNav - and fast tech support from the MWC team

  2. The only PDB and OSD that hasn't failed for me

    Posted by Tom crashtestD on 11th Jan 2017

    I went through so many PDB/OSD combo's before this board came out. They all failed, caused damage and cost me money. The mini-Andromeda OSD-90 PDB I have has been perfect!

    I have had loads of flights with it now, and am now back to trusting my quads again, thanks to Multiwii developing this OSD-PDB board!

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