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  • little bee - Carbon Bee ESC 20a OPTO silabs BLHeli DIY mini quads - Australia
  • little bee - Carbon Bee ESC 20a OPTO silabs BLHeli DIY mini quads - Australia  - the program stick is sold separately (not included)
  • little bee - Carbon Bee ESC 20a OPTO silabs BLHeli DIY mini quads - Australia - in BLHeli use firmware for Little Bee if updating in future - ships with BLHeli 14.3
  • ships with BLHeli 14.3

littlebee - CarbonBee ESC 20a OPTO silabs BLHeli mini quads Multishot - Australia

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35.00 Grams
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Product Description

the little bee CarbonBee 20a opto esc is diy Silabs BLHeli ESC for mini Quads and racers - has very strong active braking (uses more amps to do this) and a fast CPU by Silabs Little Bee ESC Opto 20a Australia CarbonBee

these are supplied programmed with BLHeli 14.4 for Carbonbird motors - Fully MULTIShot coded by MWC  - 100% compatible/ready



  • 1 x Carbon Bee ESC 20a opto - tinned wires (ESC wire 120mm / motor 3 phase 80mm / DC 100mm)
  • Includes BLHeli bootloader - allows changes to coding via Chrome/CleanFlight interface
  • Includes BLHeli 14.4 MULTISHOT coded software pre-installed for Knife


Excludes / Requires

  • Requires soldering by DIY - use AMTECH 223 flux paste - not included
  • Excludes program STICK - sold HERE (or use BF) TIP / - BLHeli - select Silabs - Option (C) USB/COM - then connect the ESc and power the ESC - PORT = FVT 
  • Excludes reverse voltage protection - if the ESC is shorted or reverse polarity it will be smoked - take care

TIP / HACK if you wish to solder the motor wires direct to the ESC - make 2 cuts 10mm down each SIDE of the heat shrink - peel back ; solder ; then fold down again - there is no need to remove the heatshrink entirely

This is an original product by CarbonBird - 100% compatible with FVT little bee (if mixing it) 


Question - How do i reverse a motor direction after i soldered all the wires up on my CarbonBee 20a ESC?  For ESC with full BLHeli bootloader - The latest CleanFLight software 1.1.0 is intergrated with latest BLHeli to allow pilots to select ESCs one-by-one and alter their setting thru the Chrome CF interface UI - see below - PROPS OFF ! - however the Pololu (if fitted) will need to be disconnected initially as Pololu does not have a reversed diode to prevent early start - then connected again just before connecting the BLHeli UI - here the settings





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Product Reviews

  1. CB Littlebees rule

    Posted by Ward Paterson on 5th Mar 2016

    Awesome ESC's. Highly recommended

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