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landing gear Scarab OCTA - Claw 345mm Full Carbon - set of 6 plates 2.0mm

Shipping Weight:
225.00 Grams
Stock Remaining:

Product Description

These are the 345mm, the Tallest - OCTA Scarab Claw landing gear - 2.0mm CF version - optional part for upgrading a QuadOcta or a Vampire to a Scarab OCTA -  offers a rigid non-flex gear  suitable for carrying an APSC sized camera gimbal under a Scarab Octa in the 4kg class - Quieter, which does not have the penalty of extra weight of retracts.  Offers a wide range of landing gear mount position and angles as required ; or go with the position shown in these photos above.  FYI Retracts are completely useless for single pilot ops as the pilot simply uses the yaw axis of the OCTA to rotate his camera azimuth.  Retracts are only useful in a 2 man operation (Plot+camera man)



  • Effective height from bottom of the 12mm boom arm to the surface/ground = 325mm
  • Very rigid and strong
  • Can be positioned at any point on a 12mm boom (using Delrin boom clamps - not included - sold here)
  • Can be used as shown in these photos on OCTAS up to 4kg AUW
  • can be rotate flat for transport - 90° - remove 1 screw per plate - rotate
  • low aerodynamic drag - see top profile photo
  • good energy absorption absorption of the landing is over cooked



6 x 75*345mm plates (3 males and 3 females ->bottom lock) - Thickness = 2.0mm - see photo above (3 are females with M3 inserts - 3 are males)

6*M3*5 (pre-installed in lower section)



Excludes / Requires

Excludes the Delrin 12mm Ø  boom clamps HERE

Exclude Toe brackets/plate shown above in sample photo - the gear are arrange back so the Camera has the maximum FOV - this requires a toe is added to prevent the OCTA tipping over into it's face - the plus side is the FOV is maximised.

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