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  • PARIS Sirius™ GPS/MAG - connected to AIR v2 via i2C - shown on Scarab Knife 270
  • PARIS Sirius™ GPS/MAG - connected to AIR v2 via i2C
  • PARIS Sirius™ GPS/MAG - Serial /I2C or I2C
  • PARIS Sirius™ GPS/MAG - Serial /I2C or I2C
  • for AIR Hero v2 set your local GPS/MAG magnetic variation in the UI "settings" tab

GPS MAG v2r1 - I2C or Serial GPS - for PARIS v5/AirHero v2 -Return-to-Home

Shipping Weight:
70.00 Grams
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Product Description

the PARIS Sirius™ GPS+Compass  is updated to v2r1 - a MWC Aussie design -  packed with features that the cloners forgot about - like a Home position "LOCKED" LED, built in Mag/Compass and a supercap for instant hot starts on the 2nd or 3rd flight battery, and flexible I2C or serial connections.

Features of PARIS GPS

  • Combined uBlox Neo6 GPS and I2C 5883 MAG compass
  • Can be used by single I2C wire for MultiWii2.3 for both GPS and MAG; or by dual wires Serial + I2C for way points navigation 
  • Compatible with PARIS v5r3 or Air Hero v2
  • Features a Home Fix LED - Red 3 fast - pause - 3 fast sequence to indicate clearly that the home point is recorded and ready to fly  (our cloner friends dont fly so they had no idea home lock would be helpful)
  • Also has Power LED (Green) ; and a GPS frames Blue LED which tells you when the incoming GPS frames arrive/speed/intervals - handy when signals are weak or you are partially indoors and what to check position - so each Blue LED pulse = GPS received from Sat
  • Runs on 5v or 3.3v
  • 17g ; 44mm Ø
  • Very fast 20 sec cold start
  • Instant hot restart (has eeprom/supercap for instant position recall if re-powered up)

  NOTE : GPS lead wires MUST be routed well clear of EMI - minimum 75mm from any ESC or Video Tx or uBEC - We recommend route wires on the other side of Carbon ; or wrap wires with adhesive copper tape here in zones where they pass close to such devices - this is CRITICAL to good GPS signals 

  • 1 x PARIS I2C GPS /remote MAG pod (precoded - ready) - with protective clear heatshrink 
  • 1 x Serial cable  - black twisted - connect to Serial (2) GPS - used only on PARIS v5 (see photo this page)
  • 1 x I2C cable - Connect to I2C (for v2 use GPS flex port- see photo above) - For v5 use LV port (I2C is logo side port of GPS)
  • Velcro

SOFTWARE Download for those upgrading to this GPS : HERE are the MWii code files for the PARIS v5 and PARIS Air v2 (these are NOT loaded into the GPS - they are uploaded to your PARIS AutoPilot, at your own risk, to allow the AIR v2 autopilot to read this GPS and MAG correctly via I2C )  PS: For v5 Serial Port access to GPS is not affected for v5 users, only MAG XYZ is changed but you must update your PARIS v5 firmware anyway - GPS runs at 57600/5hz. PARIS v5 users remove your old MAG as this product contains a new MAG and only one MAG can be connected at any one time

  1. Requires PARIS v5r3  - now also compatible with Air Hero v2 (June 2016 using special firmware for it load into your Hero v2)
  2. Also compatible with PARIS AIR Hero•32 and CleanFlight iNav navigation ( Aug 2015)
  3. Do not cut off the clear heatshrink as this insulates the GPS from carbon fiber frame
  4. Coded with MWC GPS 2.2 - however can be connect by serial port - and instantly compatible with 2.4 code - no recoding needed
  5. The Scarab Logo should face up and be at the front of your drone
  6. Runs at 57600 baud and 5hz (extensive tests showed 5hz gave the best results for Wii code)


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