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  • RC Model Drone Holographic adhesive Propeller balance tape for vibration removal  AU NZ USA
  • RC Model Drone Holographic adhesive Propeller balance tape for vibration removal  AU NZ USA

Holographic adhesive Propeller balance tape for vibration removal

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62.00 Grams
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Product Description

Smooth props give smooth video & most importantly -> smooth Gyro/Acc/Mag/GPS performance.  Is your Quad or Hexii flipping out after 4-5mins - its most likely caused by residual vibration causing accumulated LEVEL spikes going to the CPU.  


  • highly reflective in sunlight - safety feature ! placed near the tip can prevent user contact by visual ID of the prop position
  • VHB adhesive - stays on in dry conditions - always apply in 100% dry room - away from moisture


Includes 1 x piece 170x60mm Holographic self adhesive - peel-n-stick prop balancing tape 


  • Excludes prop balancer
  •  Excludes scissors - cut to user size required - thicker/wider cuts give more weight
How to use?
Use scissors to cut the width you need - dont cut it all at once - Use a GOOD PROP BALANCER as per this page - use pliers if the threads are tight on the up-rights - never use tools on the balance shaft - it must remain PERFECTLY straight and true - set up in a place with no wind or fans.  Cut some small strips of holographic tape - twice the length of the prop width - about 10mm wide  holographic tape
  1. Place the prop onto the shaft cones - held perfectly flat/true by the spring force - if the prop has blockers/luggs then ream them out first with a reamer
  2. Place the prop and balancer shaft onto the wheels of the balancer
  3. ensure nothing is binding - the prop should rotate freely with the tinniest force ; stop the prop then set it to 45°
  4. one blade will go to the bottom ; or the prop will hang level - both cases the prop is out of balance
  5. the prop blade at the bottom is heavier - mark it and add a small amount of holographic balance tape to the top blade (the lighter one)
  6. rotate the prop to the 45° postions - ie top left - top right - bottom left - bottom right - it should stay perfectly still and not move at any position
  7. add or remove tape to achieve a balance
  8. if the prop always stops dead level - parallel to the table top - then the prop is balanced in one dimension only ! (lengthwise along the prop) but not in 2 dimensions as it should  !!! 
  9. in this instance you must add tape to the upper (lighter side) of both blades - or carefully scrape away material with a razor blade on the two bottom sides - be sure not to effect the aerofoil itself
  10. Usually for a given injection molded prop - the imbalance is the same - or near - for all replicants

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