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  • Scarab GoPro Hero vertical offset gimbal Roll anti vibration bracket for 8-Balls
  • here Scarab GoPro Hero vertical offset gimbal Roll is combined with 8-balls  anti-vibration bracket for central alignment of the roll axis
  • Scarab GoPro Hero vertical offset gimbal Roll bracket shown when applied to the anti vibration bracket for 8-Balls
  • Scarab GoPro Hero vertical offset gimbal Roll bracket for 8-Balls

GoPro vertical offset Roll bracket, 8-Balls upgrade - for single axis Forward facing Camera ops

Shipping Weight:
88.00 Grams
Stock Remaining:

Product Description

This CNC 12mm Ø bracket is designed to place the centre of rotation of a GoPro Hero HD3 GP4 or GP5 on an 8-Balls VRS (within GoPro Action impact case) inline with the Gimbal axis.  By moving the C of G of the camera and case inline with the roll axis, the forces and response time required to maintain the camera motionless are greatly reduced and the pendulum oscillations are largely eliminated.  This also ensure there are no Z-Axis errors in the video when close to the ground -   This in turn benefits both servo equipped Scarab gimbals  - and also will be seen on the rear rotated brushless gimbal option as first-introduced on Scarab Reconn. Total weight of all parts shown = 14g


  • 1 x Offset bracket CNC Aluminium 12mm Ø OD - black anodised
  • 4 x M3*12 SS screws
  • 1 x 20mm length of 12mm OD Ø Carbon fibre tube



Excludes 8-Balls mounts

Excludes GoPro

Excludes M3*3 grub - not required 

Excludes gimbal, shaft or brearings



An effective budget upgrade part for any SERVO based Scarab Gimbal fitted with 8-Balls for user not ready for a full brushless gimbal ; Not suitable for compact quads where the props may strike the raised camera. Works with GoPro 1 ; GoPro2 or GoPro 3 , GoPro 4 series inside their full protective case with 8-Balls Vibration isolation.

Fits TriiKopta

Fits QuadOcta

Fits YSiix

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