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GoPro mount Frame bracket ring - compatible - goPro3 GoPro3+

Shipping Weight:
126.00 Grams
Stock Remaining:

Product Description

This a GoPro 3 compatible "Frame" bracket - a Black plastic frame which holds/grips a GoPro naked.  It is useful to have one of "compatible" frames so you dont have to drill/grind/sand or DIY your original GoPro Frame for each multicopter 8-Balls mount on your fleet of Scarab multicopters - I like to Dremel open a bigger side slot on mine for the MicroSD card - so i can take it out with the camera still mounted too - at this price get 2 or 3 and make custom mounts.  Whilst we are big advocates of a fully protected GoPro - there are times on small multicopters where the mission is safer and the objective is LESS WEIGHT and longer flights - its handy to have a few spare frames....



  • 1 x GoPro 3 (or 3 Plus+) compatible FRame bracket (not made by GoPro) - very strong bracket - very hard plastic
  • 1 x Custom M5 Stainless Steel light weight bold and Lock nut
  • 1 x std GoPro Clip 
  • 1 x std GoPro long finger tighten bolt (not used normally due sze and weight


Note : In order to slip this into a 8-Balls Metal mount - you will need to Dremel away 0.5mm of black plastic on each side as its slightly wider.



Excludes GoPro

Excludes Tools such as dremel

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