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GoPro Real-Estate Photography 5.4mm Lens - rectilinear Glass for GoPro3+ , GoPro4, Original GoPro Hero

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Product Description

This non-distorting glass rectilinear lens upgrades a GoPro 3+ or GP4  (also fits original GoPro Hero 1) - use the included barrel for GoPro 3 Black or silver - Turns your humble GoPro  into a world class Real Estate Photography cam - no more fish-eye curved horizons and bent house walls and bent roof pictures or videos - Works well with Phantom2 gimbal too, we have it on ours  - Gives the look and feel of a much bigger and better camera - amazing lens - so sharp - For DIY install see below how too install video.   Don't be fooled by scammers claiming their 5.4mm lens at USD250 or USD300 price is any different - they are the same thing as our 5.4mm lens.  You might feel your GoPro camera is letting you down with the standard lens with curved house roof and walls and circular horizon lines ? it is.  This lens is rectilinear and does not do that when you tilt you GoPro down or have something at the top or bottom of the frame - just ask anybody who has our 5.4 lens upgrade - they would NEVER go back.  This lens is a true Glass, sharp, made for GoPro focal length Lens ; and not a plastic security lens with the wrong image circle !

Worried about how hard it is to install - with GP3+ and 4 - much easier than you think - see HOW TO ; For Original GoPro it's a little harder as the case prevents you from turning the lens, so you have to remove 7 small screws from the back to open the GP Hero then remove the old lens with a CCW pliers - actually the difference on a older GP is amazing as those original lenses from GP were soft-as and CA'd so our GP1 is like on it's 2nd life in heaven now with this 5.4mm lens.



  1. Focal Length 5.4mm - sharp (DOF When focused correctly will be sharp from 1m -> infinity)
  2. Mount Type: GoPro 3+ and GoPro 4 Silver or black (or original GP1) uses GoPro pitch, thread M12
  3. 10 Megapixels + - sharpness is very good ( the final sharpness point requires careful focusing before lockdown)
  4. With IR Block Filter (suits normal daytime use in visible light)
  5. Focal Length 5.4mm
  6. Back Focal Length 6.6mm
  7. Mount: M12*0.5-6g
  8. Aperture ƒ 2.5
  9. Iris = Fixed
  10. Image Size 1/2.3"
  11. Sensor suited too - CCD/CMOS
  12. (F.O.V.)(D/H/V): 70°/60°/46°
  13. Distortion -2%
  14. M.O.D   0.2m
  15. Effective Aperture : Φ 10.9mm Front Φ 6.7mm: Rear
  16. Dimension Φ 14 X 18.74mm

 GP3 - you must FIT THE included BARREL for GP2 or GP3 receiver - these cameras used a shorter threaded section in their barrel so this lens cannot go OUT far enough to focus

this lens cannot be fitted to a GP2, GP2 is the only model we dont have a solution for (have not yet ried it on GP5 as it will effect the water sealing of the 5 



 (above - click the VIMEO logo to see in HD) This 5.4mm lens can be retro-fitted(DIY) to GoPro HD cams to remove the ultra wide 170° FOV and replace it with a wide 75° FOV Rectilinear image (shot 720p) which maintains straight house lines and straight horizon lines - even when the camera is tilted down - this video shows raw footage shot with NO lens corrections or stabilisation in post - as shot.  Its a very windy day with strong gusting winds, occasional drizzle during the flight, overcast and 5°c - in the later stage a raindrop can be seen on the lens upper left as the lens itself is about 9mm wide


 (above - click the VIMEO logo to see in HD) This 5.4mm GoPro lens upgrade can be retro-fitted(DIY) to GoPro HD cams (all models except GP2) to remove the ultra wide 170° FOV and replace it with a narrower but wide 75° FOV Rectilinear image (shot 720p) which maintains straight house lines and straight horizon lines needed for Real Estate Photography - even when the camera is tilted down you won't see any fisheye - this video shows raw footage shot with NO lens corrections or stabilisation in post - as shot.
Its a very windy day with strong coastal winds - notice how sharp the lens is in the sea gulls near the beginning and how the houses in the town are NOT distorted at all.




  • 5.4mm lens - screws directly into GoPro 3 Plus+ ; or GoPro 4  ; or original GPHero1  
  • Mounting Barrel for GoPro 3 Black or Silver - included 
  • Front lens cap - black, push on type

note - lens comes without laser etching (enabled us to reduce the price to meet customer demand) 


  • Excludes GoPro3+ or 4 camera
  • Excludes tools
  • Excludes focusing - you need video out to focus it yourself - the focus is very sharp if set accurately
  • Excludes Training - You are responsible if you brick your GoPro - don't buy this if your not prepared to accept that - 
  • Excludes instructions see video here  ; basically for a 3* or a GP4 you just unscrew your old lens CCW ; then screw the new lens in CW - the key is to use the correct tools/pliers to remove the old lens - use only your fingers to install this new lens CW turns.
  • Excludes Phantom
  • Excludes Gimbal etc
NOTES to change the lens:  Easy job - at your own risk to man up and do it
  1. Unplug leads power/battery from your GoPro camera
  2. Warning - do not touch the new lens - especially the back - with your fingers!
  3. Pop off the the 2 lens covers on the GP3+ so you can grip the actual old lens
  4. Use MultiGrip Pliers to turn the old lens anti-clockwise to remove (looking from the front) - keep dust away - no dust must enter you GoPro between lens changes (some videos say to heat the GP & lens - we don't do this! be very careful not to melt your GoPro)
  5. Place this focusing chart 2-4m from the camera (or you you can simply open it on your Laptop - no need to print it)
  6. Connect an HDMI cable from the GoPro to your HDTV
  7. Insert this lens into your GP3+ or GP4 - red side down - slowly turn the lens ClockWise CW to finf the thread - almost zero force! don't cross thread it! - it will wind inward and at the point where your fingers cannot grip it anymore is where it will start to focus (GP1 is the opposite and focuses very close to the beginning) - An HDTV  -> HDMI cable sold HERE will allow you to foucus it best on object 3m ->10m away (Beyong this distance it makes no difference we find. The lens must NEVER be screwed too far down onto the CCD !


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