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  • Gimbal controller Servo - Pitch & Roll - Autonomous stand alone photogrammetry - AIrv2 AU NZ USA
  • Gimbal controller Servo - Pitch & Roll - Autonomous stand alone - AIrv2 AU NZ USA - PPM cable for D4RII
  • Gimbal controller Servo - Pitch & Roll - Autonomous stand alone - AIrv2 AU NZ USA - Optional RC cable for 6Ch Rx and brand
  • Gimbal controller Servo - Pitch & Roll - Autonomous stand alone - AIrv2 AU NZ USA
  • photogrammetry Gimbal controller Servo - Pitch & Roll - Autonomous stand alone - AIrv2 AU NZ USA
  • Gimbal controller Servo - Pitch & Roll - Autonomous stand alone - AIrv2 AU NZ USA - includes GEL pad
  • Gimbal controller Servo - Pitch & Roll - Autonomous stand alone - AIrv2 AU NZ USA - with USB Micro port
  • Gimbal controller Servo - Pitch & Roll - Autonomous stand alone - AIrv2 AU NZ USA
  • Gimbal controller Servo - Pitch & Roll - Autonomous stand alone - AIrv2 AU NZ USA
  • Gimbal controller Servo - Pitch & Roll - Autonomous stand alone - AIrv2 AU NZ USA

Gimbal controller Servo - Pitch & Roll - Autonomous stand alone for photogrammetry Survey - Airv2

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Product Description

PARIS Sirius™ V2 Pitch and Roll gimbal Controller only 20g - Servo type gimbals for survey and photogrammetry - for Drones, RC Airplanes or any Stand-alone air or ground/marine application where SELF levelling of 1 or 2 camera axis (Roll/Pitch) is required such as keeping a HighRes photogrammetry camera "level" during turns/climb/descent and get 100% usable shots.  Recommended for downward facing Survey Cameras shooting very HiRes still images.
  stand-alone autonomous 2 axis servo controller for Roll and Pitch Servos.  Keeps servos level when powered by 5.00v uBEC. MultiWii

Features of Air v2 Servo Controller

  • Super smooth 3050 gyro 
  • 4*11bit Hardware PWM outputs on Q1-Q4
  • Strong case - YES ; PolyCarbonate Case - extreme crash resistance - GEL mounted
  • Controls both Roll (Q1) ; and Pitch (Q2) - YES
  • USB UI PC or Mac adjustable - no coding needed - YES
  • Adjustable end Points - YES
  • Adjustable Rate - YES
  • Adjustable centre point - YES
  • Adjustable Servo direction - YES
  • Adjustable "live" inflight Roll and pitch tilt? YES (requires optional Cable and Rx using aux1 and Aux2 ch5/6)
  • Handles small or large servos - YES (make sure your uBEC has the correct power - 3a 5.00v recommended)
  • Set-n-forget - YES (only requires 5.00v to operate as supplied) - Do not move for first 8 secs of Gyro calibration self test after power ON)
  • Works alone - Does NOT need to be connected to other devices ; No autoPilot required ? - YES ; 100% Autonomous device after initial setup - just supply 5.00v uBEC with sufficient AMPS


  • Roll gimbal PARIS Sirius™ Air v2 GIMBAL Controller - pre-programmed ; Q1 = Roll ; Q2 = Pitch ; M6 = uBEC 5.00v power ; M5=C1 capacitor
  • Includes c1 cap - attach to M5 - GND black wire down ; lower pins are GND
  • Includes Gel mounting tape (peel-n-stick) already fitted - mount with AIRv2 USB arrow facing forwards

WARNING  !   NEVER CONNECT or DISCONNECT LIVE SERVO's - Live connections can risk damage to the control outputs of Air v2  if you make a mistake ! ALWAYS power down, then make servo connections/disconnections  ; double check polarity - then power up uBEC LAST

Instructions - How to use the MultiWii Software Gimbal UI to match perfectly to YOUR servos throw ? - PC or Mac OSX (java)
Pins - Connect
 Roll  servo to(Q1) ; and Pitch Servo to (Q2) signal wires at top ; then- Connect 5.0v uBEC to M6 ; Connect 3300uF Cap here to M5
The multicoloured lead provides "live" roll and tilt if needed inflight - connect the BLUE(UI-Aux1) and PURPLE(UI-Aux2) wires to your RC Rx AUX channels (see below video)
Warning - Always Power down when making/disconnecting SERVO connections ; check polarity signal wire up - then lastly power up 5.0v uBEC ;
After power on ; wait for 8 secs WITHOUT MOVING the AIRv2 controller as it will be self calibrating the Gyro and Acc during first 8 Secs (if you do move it - power off and repeat) - When finished the GREEN LED will glow STEADY
  1. UI - Download and install MultiWiiConf 2.3 here    (Do NOT use 2.4 UI!)  you must use version 2.3
  2. Download and install JAVA for PC ; for Mac OSX 10.12 then Java 6 SE (legacy java is required not latest) ;
    PC java 6 SE here ; works well with Windows 7 and Windows 10
    Mac Java 6 SE Here (BE AWARE Mac High-Sierra is NOT compatible with the GUI as JAVA 6 SE is not implemented by Apple for 10.13 in our tests - JAVA 6 SE works well up to OSX 10.12 Sierra, only.)
  3. Download and install USB driver FTDI Virtual comm Port VCP USB driver
  4. Restart your PC (or Mac)
  5. Connect the SERVOS FIRST (with power OFF)
  6. then Connect the USB to the Air v2 First (JAVA cannot see any USB device connected after it is running)
  7. then last Launch MultiWiiConf java App (above)
  8. Select the correct COMM Port (PC ) ; or for Mac OSX the USB-Modem port 
  9. Press START
  10. Press READ  ;  in the GUI 1st tab "MULTIWII" you will see;  check the preset CAMSTAB boxes - the GREEN shows it's already active.
    1. multiwii-camstab-settings.jpg
  11. In the top tabs you will now see 3 tabs - the centre tab = SERVO - press SERVO ; then GIMBAL ; then GO LIVE
  12. Now drag/set the "values" you require to to get the correct ROLL and PITCH centre points ; MIN and MAX ;
    set TILT_PROP to left negative number to reverse a servo - then SAVE
  13. to TRIM a servo centre point move MID ; go LIVE ; select the axis blue bar - see below (click/hold & drag) - then save


 Question - I want to be able to "tilt" my camera live by RC transmitter knobs when flying? Answer = Yes - so connect the BLUE(UI-Aux1) and PURPLE(UI-Aux2) wires supplied to your RC Rx.  then set the the UI channels to Aux 1 and 2 according to the VIDEO ABOVE.  these Aux numbers are NOT related to your RC-Aux which can be any spare RC Aux pins on your receiver, or commonly pilots using SBus will connect a decoder-breakout board and use channel 11 and 12 on their Taranis for that with a channel programmer here to program the FrSky decoder to 11/12 for that example, then set the rotary knobs to ch 11/12

Question - I want to trim and reverse one servo - Answer = see item 12 and 13 above




Question - I am having PC Issues on Win7 or Win8 Win 10 - cannot seem to connect by USB to PARIS AIRv2?
This is usually failure to load the correct usb drivers in WINDOWS - or selecting the wrong virtual COMM Port - so here is the noobs guide to your PC setup. Use the Micro USB cable connector sold HERE - connect AIR to your PC.  Connect 5.00v  - DO NOT HAVE ANY PROPS installed for safety!
  1. Download and Install Arduino (reason is it includes usb drivers for Leonardo even if you never use Arduino)
     - install it - restart PC
  2. Follow the instructions on this link below, on how to make sure your Win Device Manager is using the correct USB drivers for Arduino Leonardo
  3. check that you see the comm port number for Leonardo - make a note of it - comm number is different on each PC becuase Windows creates "vitual Ports" each time - so, ours is comm15 - most likely your comm number will be Comm3 or such
    Inline image 1
  4. Download the JAVA GUI v2.3 here http://www.carbonbird.com/product_images/pdf/MultiWiiConf_23_Paris.zip
  5. UnZip it to desktop -> open the folder MultiWiiConf_Paris and sub-folder called application.windows32 ->double click on the JAVA  app called ->MultiWiiConf
  6. If MultiWiiConf does not run at all then you may need to install JAVA 6 SE on your PC - security setting may stop you - you are responsible for security - your decision http://java.com/en/download/index.jsp
  7. Now click on the exact same virtual Comm port (in this example Comm15) -> press START - -> you will see the data lines logging data from the Sirius sensors and the green LED will blink fast  (if you have a GPS connected - be sure to power the AIR with 5.00v because USB only powers the AIR not the GPS) .   - Make sure the white ESC wires are at the top 
  8. The AIR board is already programmed, checked, calibrated and PIDS are set - don't change anything you don't understand !
  9. If things don't appear to work on your PC its 99.9% most likely a PC problem - Do not assume the AIR is faulty - Do not reload raw code! stay calm ... start again ...  - once you get the drivers working, study the gui - try to understand what it is telling you - do not change boxes or pids without knowledge.
  10. In GUI MultiWiiConf ; press STOP -> CLOSE COMM 

Question ; How do i re-load the 23 firmware if i ever need it?  Answer = Download the 23 firmware for your PARIS Sirius™ AIRv2 controller here.  Using Arduino software (above) First Load CLEAR EEPROM sketch ; then load this firmware


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  1. Camera Gimbal Stabilisation PARIS AIR v2

    Posted by Kimberley Attwell on 3rd Feb 2017

    We are using this PARIS AIR v2 as a standalone stabilisation for a two axis camera gimbal for photogrammetry.
    It works REALLY well and has a full servo tuning UI

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