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  • ESC HobbyWing/CarbonBird-Blue-WiresESC Program Card or FlyFun ESC AU NZ

ESC HobbyWing Program Card for FlyFun ESCs - also CarbonBird-Blue-Wires ESC

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Product Description

Hobbywing® is 'the' leading manufacturer of ESC at the top level - These are the Original HobbyWing® program cards that we love so much - easy to program any FlyFun or Turnigy Plush ESC

Features / Specifications

Size:  92mm (L) * 52mm (W) * 6mm (H).
Weight:  26g.
Input Voltage:  4.8-6V (If the ESC is OPTO, you must use a 5v battery pack to supply the program card)
  • User Manual here
  • Works with HobbyWing® FlyFun, HobbyWing® Guard, Turnigy® Plush, Turnigy® BASIC, Turnigy® Sentry
  • If you already have a Turnigy Card - no need to buy this - it is the same product - both made by HobbyWing®
    • Programmable setting recommended for Multiwiicopters:
    •        Brake Setting: brake enabled / brake disabled.
    •        Battery Type: Li-xx(Li-ion or LiPo) / Ni-xx(NiMh or NiCd).
    •        Low Voltage Protection Mode(Cutoff Mode): Gradually reduce the output power / Cutoff the output power.
    •        Low Voltage Cutoff Protection Threshold (Cutoff Threshold): low / medium / high. Use a Quannum!!!
    •        Start Mode: normal / soft / very soft.
    •        Timing: low / medium / high.


  • Programming the ESC is important - However it has nothing to do with other important steps in Multiwiicopter which include: -
    1. Setup/Calibration of the Tx to the correct PWM uSEC ranges of 1095/1500mid/1905 high - MultiWiicopter only
    2. Synchronize with a 4:1 or 8:1 Learning curve Y-Lead of all the 4/6 ESC to have the same learning curve ; and 
    3. Programming all of the ESC settings (NOT the same as item 2 above!) one at a time via this card
    4. Setup a programming of the PARIS board via software Arduino Coding - comment in - comment out - compile and upload - NEVER alter code unless you understand it!  Props can start without warnng if failsafe is misunderstood.
    5. Set up of the GUI parameters on the PARIS board - tick the AUX channels you require
    6. Assign the Aux switches on your Tx and learn the ir function 
    7. Make sure you can disable advanced functions and fully understand them - like LEVEL Mode, BARO mode, MAG mode, GPS and GPS Return to home - make sure you can get back to full manual control
    8. Re-check your Failsafe settings in your Tx (Futaba)  and or Rebind the Rx (Spektrum) with all setting now finshed Tx sticks 7 switches in the Failsafe setting posn you decide - as Pilot In command

90 day return to factory (Hong Kong) warranty* Excludes misuse/over voltage/reverse voltage/over amp/short circuit or motor fault


 Important beginner NOTES on ESC set up :  Read this before connecting any ESC !!

  • DO not connect any ESC back to front - ie reverse polarity - You will smoke it!
  • Never Connect any ESC lead whilst live ! Live means power applied to PARIS or the ESC - doing so will damage the PARIS permanently and is NOT covered by warranty.
  • Never connect any ESC lead upside down or out of sequence - ie the pins must line-up and be connected in the Exact order - not just plugged in randomly or carelessly !!!  - high or low!!! this will damage the outputs for motors - if you do this some motors will no longer run - this action is outside the terms of the warranty - be careful
  • Make sure to solder all ESC wires with Flux Paste (Not flux core solder) - a bad connection (a loose fitting connector)  or dry solder joint(no flux) - will cause the ESC to burn/fail and the motor to possibly burn as well.  Check all wiring with a DMM first.
  • Use gold connectors and extra long banana plugs - do not trust factory installed banana plugs on cheapo brushless motors - remove the heat shrink on any Hobby King Motors or rc-timer motors (or any clone) and remake the joint  properly using flux paste.
  • During first throttle up power check - concentrate - if the motor hesitates or stutters - or the prop twitches back and forth - IMMEDIATELY cut power (throttle OFF) - investigate for a broken wire in the motor - a shorted wire in the motor (mounting screw ruptured the windings) - a shorted connector or insulation cut  - or anything blocking the motor from turning (a screw from your work bench trapped inside on the magents).
  • to reverse the direction of rotation of a brushless motor exchange any 2 of the 3 motor wires
  • Use a power meter to ensure you are not overloading the ESC at WOT (full throttle for the prop) - ESC works hardest at mid throttle - so it's useless to think that if you don't fly full throttle you won't overheat the MOSFET because you are not using all the amps - completely opposite - the ESC will overheat if the kv of the motor is too high for the props used.  You must do a WOT check and make SURE at full throttle the MAX amps are 22amps or less !!!!!
  • For MultiCopters - Use an external switching uBEC - after throttle calibration of the Tx range 1095/1500mid/1905 and also the ESC learning curve - then remove the red wires and apply heat shrink.
this product requires Signature delivery - FedEx or DHL or Registered airmail or in AU eParcel with signature - any order without a signature shipping - will be cancelled and refunded

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Product Reviews

  1. CarbonBird-Blue-WiresESC Program Card

    Posted by Lindsay on 26th Jul 2016

    What you see is what you get.
    Program Card has a hard plastic case it will take a bump and should last a long time in your tool box.
    It has easy to read graphics and bright LEDs.

    Simple to use ,Just connect the Bec plug, power up and program your card. Just don't reverse the battery polarity when connecting you will smoke it.
    Worth having one or two.

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