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  • RC732_DVR_FPV Ground Station Dual Rx 7" LCD Screen Monitor - 5.8ghz diversity DVR - Internal LiPo Australia AU
  • RC732_DVR_FPV Ground Station Dual Rx 7" LCD Screen Monitor - 5.8ghz diversity DVR - Internal LiPo Australia AU
  • RC732_DVR_FPV Ground Station Dual Rx 7" LCD Screen Monitor - 5.8ghz diversity DVR - Internal LiPo Australia AU
  • the legal FPV bands in AU/NZ are A, B and F ; unless you have a ham licence or fly in USA ~ for best separation use our channel chart we made here to fly with mates ; if 4 guys fly use the green bands for best separation and range at 25mw

FPV Ground Station Dual Rx 7" LCD - 5.8ghz diversity DVR - Internal LiPo RC732-DVR

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Product Description

RC732-PVR USD99 Australia - new GS combo 7" diversity WITH DVR and internal LiPo and LongRange/Omni Antenna bundle for Taranis users - The way it works is 2 separate Antenna Rx give you the option to eliminate DEADSPOTS - Screen is  hooded and Features an internal Battery 2800mah (2 hours +) to power everything for a mission - This version has no extras - barebones


  • TO TURN "ON" hold power button DOWN for 5 secs
  • budget  VERSION - Includes dual whip Antenna - see photo HiGain version is HERE
  • 32channel 5.8Ghz - 4 Bands of 8 channels each - front selection and scan with "search function"
  • 100% compatible with MultiWii PARIS Sirius ; DJI AceOne ; DJI 5.8Ghz ; iOSD Wookong & NAZA ; CarbonBird 5.8 gear ; 2.4Ghz RC Radio gear ; Quanum Telemtry units
  • This is a good balance of portability , clarity and practicle FPV flying for Comm Ops or personal use.
  • Rx can handle both NTSC/PAL signals in coming
  • 800*480 pixels TFT with LED backlight
  • 450mcd/m2 with contrast 520:1
  • 140/120 degree viewing angle 
  • multi language
  • -10°C -> 60°C
  • optional external Power connect 3S2250 size LiPo - nominal range for ext pwr = 7-28v
  • Antenna are both RP-SMA jack

    Note : Does NOT work with Fatshark/immersion (Fatshark is a brand lock-in range you have to buy their Rx to receive from a FS Tx - be careful if you choose their stuff cause you will be locked in ) -  Naturally it does work - YES - with every other brand on the globe - yes

Note 2 :  firmware can be easily updated by the user as updates are released  ; steps: Note make sure your firmware is OLDER first ? double check it

  1. Download firmware from BosCam , unzip it and put in a clean SD card in the root directory. (Make sure your firmware is not already newer than this the latest ones ship with 1.1.03 already from us ex factory !!!
  2. Press Menu and Power at the same time and wait until the RF1 / RF2 start flashing, release the buttons and wait for blue lights from the RF1/RF2 to turn off.  Restart normally.
  3. Format the card via the menu, to wipe the firmware and shoot new videos


  • 7" TFT LCD - Strong daylight back-lit LED - With DVR function
  • This budget Version has 2 * Whip antenna
  • Large fabric folding hood - with antenna holes
  • Internal Dual 5.8Ghz Receivers - auto-switching diversity
  • Includes AU/NZ/USA China charger - 12v output - input 100-240v
  • 2 x AV in/out cables - 2 cables in total as per photo - can be mix/match for different needs in/out
  • 2 Std dipole whip (black) antenna - set at 45° -> 90° diffent angles - do not point both antenna up !
  • Warning LCD can break if dropped or the tripod is knocked over - take care !
  • Warning - direct u/v or sunlight will damage LCD over time - keep out of sunlight and way from windows when in use/storage (use the hood please).
  • Warning - This Screen can damage your RC radio if impacted or forced/man-handled as the pivot will exert a lot of force on the plastic case during travel impats - when travelling we always disconnect the GS unit from the RC Tx until we arrive at the destination - then assemble the 2 units together using a single screw (if your Radio mount is at 90° then just rotate it with a shifting spanner)



we recommend you set it up for Long Range Ops - see photo below - Change the Antenna array !




  • Excludes SD Card 32Gb max
  • Excludes USA travel adapter for pins - powerbrick charger - sold separately HERE
  • Excludes Video Tx 
  • Excludes RC bracket for Taranis- as used by MultiWiiopter.com pilots
  • Excludes optionalFPV Googles we recommend tethered goggle be used in combination with a Ground station
  • Excludes  1/4" imperial tripod bolt ( base of unit compatible with imperial SAE 1/4" tripod bolts ) - WARNING - user must cut short to prevent grounding internally
  • Excludes FPV-> Tx mount kit HERE 
  • OSD - OSD is entirely Optional if you have a Quanum cell voltage monitor 
  • Important note : In some countries the aircraft must remain in Line of sight - LOS - for legal reasons - buyer is responsible for verifying the legal status in each country
  • Important Note 2 : WarningThis unit contains a LiPo Battery - LiPo can catch fire if overcharged!  Never charge the unit within 5m of a flammable surface (concrete or tiled floor is ideal) - never leave un-attented while charging - remain close (3m) and disconnect if any sign of heat or smell of fusion during charge cycle.
  • requires careful battery management - For long term storage the LiPo will be drained - user MUST charge the LiPo internally using the charger supplied -  regularly - every 4 weeks - once drained FLAT - the battery will be ruined and cannot be restored.
  • NEVER turn on a video transmitter close to another FPV flyier !!!!  go over and see what Ch he is on - or  First turn on your Rx and see if you are getting his image !
  • NEVER power up a Video Tx without the Antenna fitted fully - you will smoke it - check antenna first - !!!!!!!
  • Always make sure you can revert to visual LOS and fly home in full manual mode
  • Always set your Failsafe fully - 100% tested
  • Always do a range check first!
  • NEVER ALLOW THE GS SCREEN TO Physically BLOCK THE Tx antenna -> aircraft LOS signal path.  Do a Range check after installing the GS (at right)
Question - I just see static ? - How do i get a picture from my FPV Tx Camera on screen
The GStation has 32 Channels - use the search function to find any active transmitter.
  • TO TURN "ON" hold power button DOWN for 5 secs

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