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  • FPV 5.8Ghz drone video antenna - AIRSIDE Tx Nimbin
  • FPV 5.8Ghz antenna - AIRSIDE Tx Nimbin

FPV 5.8Ghz antenna - AIRSIDE Tx - 3 blade cloverleaf - Nimbin

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72.00 Grams
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Product Description

These Nimbin magic-mushroom antenna are cool !  this listing is for AIRSIDE drone Tx antenna only - combination set - For FPV aerial photography5.8Ghz Ops -  these   3 bladed 5.8Ghz cloverleaf style video Tx antennas give clear video vision (with or without OSD) and good colour with no colour shift inside normal Aerial photography Ops radius of 1050m.     Antenna feature gold plated female connectors and bend-n-stay co-axial cables.  Due to the short wavelength of 5.8Ghz it requires direct LOS - so you cant fly in rain, nor behind buildings etc on 5.8Ghz regardless of what you think you see on youtube.  This ties in with legal requirements to maintain the aircraft in LOS and general comon sense duty of care in any case.  

Whats the difference internally between the Nimbins & the Boofheads ? Boofheads are made with flattened solid copper wires - Nimbins are made with much stronger rounded steel wires - buy one of each and make up your own mind   5.8ghz-fpv-antenna-nimbin-4210.jpg


Nimbins Features

  • matching matching 3 bladed Cloverleaf Tx antenna - AIRSIDE use
  • Bend-n-stay for multicopter ops
  • Gain = 1.3 db (4 bladed Rx) 1.1 db (3 bladed Tx)
  • omni RHCP, Right Hand Circular Polarization
  • Beam = donut 360 ° degrees
  • stoong accurate wires - not plated 
  • if crashed - Note the case may break open in a hard crash and the user will have to Glue it back up - the 2 cases are only held together by 4 small plastic spigots internally
  • This listing - Includes  Tx Airside only RP-SMA - warranty does not cover any type of crash or break from impact etc - We strongly recommend you put a few drops of extra-thin CA superglue on them seam of the grey lid (where the colour band is) before you fly.
  • RP-SMA Plug Female pin internally - gold plated connector - we also nip the antenna on with a spanner/wrench to make sure it does not loosen in flight. if you overtighten these they ill break
  • Flight weight - 11.8grams
  • size = 90x35x35mm each
user note 1 ; CARE : if flying in corrosive salty or humid environments user is advised to coat with clear laquer spray - non conductive acrylic or enamel spray to prevent copper corrosion.
user note 2 : DONT BEND ; The antenna may appear to be slightly out of alignment - leave it alone - it will work fine  - The wires are made from steel - DO NOT try to bend them by hand because you will just end up snapping off the softer solder metal - soldering joints dont bend - they break!   If you do try to muscle these and you break them off - use a temperature control iron set to 340°C  - re-aplly them at the correct angle in the first instance.
user note 3 ; RANGE : Range is dependant on a) direct LOS un-obstructed - b) humidity c)rain d)Tx and Rx frequency accuracy lock e)Transmitter power f)interference devices in proximity to Tx and Rx antenna g) Quality of the Video gear itself h) will not transmit or receive thru a person or a person head H) condition of the solder joint - if damaged or cracked from crash or storage/transport - resolder one side at a time using flux - DONT TRY TO BEND STEEL WIRES!


Nimbin Antenna Includes 

1 x Cloverleaf 3 bladed 5.8Ghz Video antenna with RP-SMA gold connector as shown



  • Excludes Video Receiver and Rx wiring
  • Excludes Video Googles and; or 7" Video monitor
  • Excludes Transmitter and wiring
  • Excludes FPV training - Please use YouTube or Google
  • Excludes FPV consultancy services - Please use YouTube or Google


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