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  • G3 Ultra 3-axis FPV gimbal for GoPro 3, GP3+, GP4 AU NZ USA
  • G3 Ultra 3-axis FPV gimbal for GoPro 3, GP3+, GP4 Australia AU NZ USA
  • G3 Ultra 3-axis FPV gimbal for GoPro 3, GP3+, GP4 AU NZ USA
  • G3 Ultra 3-axis FPV gimbal wiring diagram schematic
  • G3 Ultra 3-axis FPV gimbal dimensions
  • Firmware update log - G3 Ultra aircraft gimbal Firmware features and updates history

G3 Ultra 3-axis FPV FeiyuTech aircraft cam-gimbal for GoPro 3, GP3+, GP4

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Product Description

USD169 FeiyuTech G3 Ultra Aircraft 3-axis FPV gimbal for GoPro 3, GP3+, GoPro 4 - Can be used on any RC aircraft Fixed Wing FPV or multicopter Drones - Featuring powerful torque motors and inbuilt FEIYUTECH controller with 3 modes - designed as a easy setup gimbal with no tuning.  Real stock IN Australia ships overnight - choose Express Post.  The G3 Ultra is favoured by FPV pilots for large powerful motors, and as it tolerates high G bank angle turns, climbs, dives beyond its usable tilt limits (see below) without going crazy like fragile zenmuk or Alexmos gimbals when they hit the hard stops.


  • G3 Ultra Carries /Fits all GoPro3 GoPro3+plus or GoPro 4 Black ; as supplied (for Yi you need to DIY alter the bracket)
  • G3 ultra features much larger & more Powerful gimbal motors (than others)
  • No external control PCB - the controller circuits are inside the assembly - 
  • Setup - keep G3 Ultra  "still" camera fitted  turned on mounted hanging BELOW the gimbal, Gold mount Plate-ARROW facing forward when powering up - otherwise it's ready to go - so Keep the gimbal motionless, then power on, hold the drone steady and gimbal will initialize automatically. Once complete the camera will slowly level with the horizon in pitch and roll angles and it will be in Heading Follow Mode.
    REBOOT / reconnect PWR ~ IF : -
       1. After power on, the angle of pitch is not level with the horizon line.
       2. After power on, the angle of roll is not parallel with the horizon line.
       3. When the gimbal is in heading lock, the yaw angle of heading moves frequently (heading is not stationary)
  • 3 axis - keep the camera level and damps out yaw (3rd axis)
  • Works on FPV Aeroplanes such as Skyhunter / Skywalker / Z2 or FX79 -  ; just update to front this firmware version FRONT 1.13 firmware for G3 ; then mount with the Plate-Arrow facing directly UP - on the topside or nose of the plane / wing
  • 3 modes 1. Heading Follow Mode:Camera Pitch and Roll angles remain constant, heading follows the nose yaw position, pitch can be controlled by RC Aux . 2. Heading And Pitch Follow Mode:Camera Roll angle remains constantly level. Heading follows the nose position and Pitch follow the elevation pitch angle of the aircraft  3. Heading Lock Mode: (Used for Aerial Point-of-interest moves) Heading, Pitch and Roll are ALL locked to a point at one position. Heading and pitch can be control by RC Aux Ch.
size and weight   H 122.4mm * w 91.0mm * 93.0mm D 
weight 186g without shock mount or camera
Supports camera   Gopro3, Gopro4
Installation software requirements   Windows10; Windows 7; Windows 8
Operating Voltage   7.0v-17v standard 12v 3s or 16v 4s
Static attitude tracking accuracy   Min ± 0.01 ° Max ± 0.04 ° Standard ± 0.02
Motion Pose Tracking Accuracy   Min. ± 0.1 ° Max. ± 0.5 ° Standard ± 0.2
Motor overload current protection   0.8A
Motor overload protection time   60s
Motor output maximum torque response time   330us
The pitch angle can be rotated   Minimum -150 ° (down)
Maximum + 150 ° (up)
Roll angle The angle of rotation   Minimum -45 °
maximum + 45 °
Heading angle range   Min -150 (left)
Max 150° (right)
so FPV = you can look behind on airplanes as GPro is 170°FOV
 FPV aircraft    FPV plane or FPV Drone Up/Down by firmware version
Pitch follow rate   Minimum 2 ° / s maximum 25 ° / s
Heading speed   Minimum 3 ° / s maximum 75 ° / s


Question - can you do 360° loops or 360° rolls in fixed wing FPV?     No aerobatics not possible / not recommended as the pitch cables reach it's limit at ~270°  and camera will be jammed

 When it first arrives - unbox - mount your GoPro, check GoPro faces forward with the 2 x Gold arrows on G3 Ultra -  then connect 3s or 4s - it will work. We strongly recommend try it as supplied - for those wanting to update G3 ultra firmware : - 


Download - USB driver for windows Here
Download the Latest FeiyuTech G3 Ultra Firmware  Hanging-Down 1.13 HERE ; or for FPV Planes flipped over facing UP 1.13 Here
Download the PC Windows software here to affect the 
upgrade ; before upgrading always run the gimbal as supplied !!
if it operates normally "hanging down" on current firmware ; you can upgrade DIY at your own risk and be prepared roll-back to previous version of firmware if you encounter any issues ; Never upgrade without first testing it as supplied.  Upgrade process G3 Ultra  = select OPEN ; OPEN FILE (select 1.13 firmware) ; then connect 12v power lead ; and immediately press UPDATE  - after about 45 secs it wll report SEND OK ; reboot

 Please be aware of : - 

WARNING  - Do NOT run the gimbal "empty" without a GoPro - including by USB unless the DISABLE motors ON/OFF is first selected to OFF - Also set motors to OFF for Accelerometer Calibration - Camera must be LEVEL facing forward.
WARNING - if the gimbal trembles for any reason  - shut down power - check balance of GoPro fitted XYZ , check freedom of movement when OFF - be sure to keep the gimbal(the copter)  "still" in first 10 secs of start
WARNING - NEVER connect any wires to GoPro when G3 motor power is ON ! - always POWER->down - ; then make connections , check balanced XYZ - then power back up again
WARNING - do not trap the gimbal - the motors strain/heat up when trapped - within a few minutes going thermal & damaging the motor(s)
WARNING -  Gimbals must balance in XYZ - Never power the gimbal without the GOPro fully fitted !! = imbalance -  most gimbal issues are from imbalance, or tangled lead wires, or DIRT ingress, or loose screws/parts vibrating - everything must be tight - do not add heavy filters, hoods which imbalance the gimbal - keep AWAY from dirt and dust - takeoff and land on a piece of hardboard to keep the motors clean and cool


 G3 ultra Question - Can i TILT the gimbal down or Pan around with RCAux Channels? - YES - just connect a spare RC channel (Ch6 or Ch7 direct from you Rx ; or if you have a small Rx such a X4RSB via passthru in CleanFlight iNav for Sbus will give you Aux channels outs for Ch9,Ch10.Ch11) - for planes on the nose mounts - this will have less use as the nose of the plane will be visible

RC Receiver Rx connection wiring diagram for G3 Ultra gimbal

Question - FPV monitor - can i get video out of the GoPro in Flight?  Yes - use the side USB port of the GoPro and connect  a mini-usb cable for GoPro HERE (not included) that to a small FPV Tx here



  • Includes   1 x G3 Ultra Gimbal for aircraft with Gel balls x 6
  • Includes 3 RC plugs for TILT, PAN and Modes

Note When fitting to a Scarab Quad be sure to to fi the HIGH landing gear 


  • Excludes GoPro 3 ; Excludes GoPro 4
  • Excludes Lipo 16.8v to power it up in flight - pre tuned for 3s-> 4s power



Product Videos

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Product Reviews

  1. poormans zemouse

    Posted by justin on 17th Jan 2018

    very easy to use and hook up, set up videos on youtube are also helpful

  2. Feiyu Tech G3

    Posted by Doug on 8th Jan 2018

    So far this Gimbal has performed to my expectations. I am using a SJ4000 camera instead of a Gopro and apart from being unable to use the original GoPro bracket and screws, it works perfectly out of the box. No need to d'load any firmware. I secured my camera with a zip tie and a rubber band.
    It would be excellent if longer screws could be supplied to suit the SJ4000. The Go Pro ones are about 5 mm too short. I have had a couple of hard landings where the gimbal dislodged from the QC frame but absolutely no damage to the gimbal at all. Overall, very pleased and the price couldn't be beaten for such a quality product.

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