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  • DYS MWC Smart Gimbal + Alexmos controller - GoPro 3 or 4 cams- 3 axis for >2kg class - AU NZ USA
  • DYS MWC Smart Gimbal + Alexmos controller - GoPro 3 or 4 cams- 3 axis for Scarab YSiix Vampire or QuadOcta
  • DYS MWC Smart Gimbal + Alexmos controller - GoPro 3 or 4 cams- 3 axis - includes custom mount bracket for SCARAB
  • DYS MWC Smart Gimbal + Alexmos controller - GoPro 3 or 4 cams- 3 axis - connect "Tilt" to Ch 7

DYS MWC Smart Gimbal + Alexmos controller - GoPro 3 or 4 cams- 3 axis for >2kg class

Shipping Weight:
400.00 Grams
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Product Description

USD92 on SALE ! - the custom MWC version of -DYS Smart GoPro BL 3-axis photo/video Gimbal (specifically for Scarab QuadOcta/vampire/Octa) - 

drone front mounted 3axis gimbal for 2kg class Scarab QuadOcta
Full 50mm ground clearance - see photos - an Open-source Alexmos software driven  3 axis gimbal - modified/tuned by MWC - for GoPro 3 or GoPro 4 cameras owners flying a Scarab.

Each gimbal from us at MWC is checked/test run by us for 100% functionality - we also loaded the correct version of Alexmos software v2.3b4/5 and ;
most importantly, we load our custom tune PIds for the gimbal for 4s - Australian Stocks in AU - ships FAST !
Perfect gimbal for a lightweight BUDGET solution on a Scarab QuadOcta or YSiix (with high landing gear fitted)

At this price it's hard to beat for a GoPro 3/4 on yourr SCARAB YSiix Y6 and Scarab Vampire or  Reconn v3 - operates on 4s from the drone (JST)  -      If you have another drone in mind, it's ok for skilled drone-techs,  it can be diy bolted/added to ANY drone (provided the software/hardware is understood (see notes below)) ; or can even held by hand as it does NOT need to be attached to anything except a 4s Lip

limited numbers - while stocks last 


  • 3 axis - keep the camera level and damps out yaw (3rd axis)
  • Does not need a flight controller to operate
  • Tilt control via RC - film forward or film down - or tilt smoothly live
  • offers full 50mm ground clearance (not 10mm like dji phantoms)
  • the SDCard can be inserted or removed without removing the GoPro (power off gimbal/drone first)
  • best feature  (compared to dji) is that these can be set to FOLLOW mode (will allow bank to making flying look realistic not fake) - user adjustable via MAC or PC SimpleBGCv2.30 - and a micro USB cable - it comes setup by us , tuned  - but if you want to change it - first backup (save) the supplied settings so you can revert later
  • Total weight WITH A GOPRO FITTED = 312g
  • Best of the 8-Bit line - (we found the 32 bit are more expensive and give no major advantage - the 8Bit tech ran at 400hz - that's 400 times a second - for a GoPro any faster the motor itself could not move - regardless of the 8 vs 32 bit tech arguments 
  • always install GoPro FIRST, turn GoPro ON - then power up
  • always keep the craft & Gimbal STILL MOTIONLESS for 30 secs to allow the gyros to calibrate - then move it
  • when using the SimpleBGCv2.30 to do the LEVEL calibration - either disconnect the 3 x white plugs - mark them first so not to mix-up - ;; or use the UI button called "MOTORS ON/OFF - you do NOT want the motors vibrating or getting hot - if you observe vibration, immediately disconnect power  
  • for Camera Pitch up/down control - connect your RC Rx Ch 7 or 8 to the pin marked RX-P (nearest ot the micro USB)
  • Place the drone on its landing gear top = UP ; then Face the Gimbal/GoPro to the front - Power up the GoPro and press record -  then connect main LiPo power to the Scarab Drone.  It will beep while caibrating the gyro. Once silent you can then move the drone again.
  • When doing ACC (Accelerometer) Calibration make sure the gimbal is as close to 90° true as you can get it

WARNING  - Do NOT run the gimbal "empty" without a GoPro - including by USB unless the DISABLE motors ON/OFF is first selected to OFF - Also set motors to OFF for Accelerometer Calibration - Camera must be LEVEL facing forward.

WARNING - if the gimbal trembles for any reason  - shut down power - check balance of GoPro fitted, reduce "P" slightly - be sure to keep the gimbal(the copter)  "still" in first 15 secs of start

WARNING - NEVER connect any wires when GoPro / motors power is ON ! - always POWER->down - ; then make connections - then power back up again

WARNING - DO not try to update the firmware > above >2.3b5 (no need, as is already done when it arrives) - trying to go to otherversions of firmware - newer or older = risk -  you will brick it and have to downgrade again - DOWNLOAD the correct firmware is 2.3b5 HERE only, as supplied - and Correct  UI 2.3 is here - the supplied firmware gives EXCELLENT results for this price point - the best - using our PID tune on 4s

WARNING - do not trap the gimbal - the motors strain/heatup when trapped - within a few minutes going thermal & damaging the motor(s)

WARNING -  Never power the gimbal without the GOPro fully fitted !! = imbalance -  most gimbal issues are from imbalance, or tangled lead wires, or DIRT ingress, or loose screws/parts vibrating - everything must be tight - do not add heavy filters, hoods which imbalance the gimbal - keep AWAY from dirt and dust - takeoff and land on a piece of hardboard to keep the motors clean and cool

WARNING - keep DRY - if you need a rain hardened gimbal go here


  • Do NOT press "use defaults" ! or you will wipe our/your custom settings.  Under "PROFILE" - first press SAVE and save everything to your local C drive, docs.


Question - can it be attached to my Scarab quad? Hand held? 3DR or even a dji flamewheel , phantom 1 or other diy drones?  Yes to ANY<2kg class drone - only requires to be powered up

Question - can i tilt the gimbal down ? - YES - just connect a spare RC channel (Ch6 or Ch7  direct from you Rx ; or via a passthru in CleanFlight for Sbus) 

Question - FPV monitor - can i get video out of the GoPro in Flight?  Yes - use the side USB port of the GoPro and connect  a mini-usb cable for GoPro HERE (not included) that to a small FPV Tx here



  • Includes   1 x MWC version of DYS Smart 3-axis gimbal with 8-Bit Alexmos controller ; featuring follow mode ; Pre-programmed ; tuned ; pre-tested by MWC ; correct 2.3b5 firmware already in and tested ; MWC custom PIDs already installed. 
  • Includes our Custom BONUS Scarab bracket/mount and 4 x Red 30mm standoffs !! Bolt bracket to the front of your QuadOcta (using existing M2) - then apply 4 M3*6 screws to attach the GIMBAL to the red posts (see photos above)
  • includes a spare MALE JST lead BONUS (for soldering to your PDB if you do not have a spare male 

Note When fitting to a Scarab Quad be sure to to fi the HIGH landing gear 



  • Requires tool (1.5mm hex and 2mm hex) and tool skills to attach GoPro using supplied bracket
  • If making changes - not essential - then Requires PC/Mac skills to setup your PC drivers for USB - instructions are HERE for the BASECAM UI if changing settings (comes set)
  • The gimbal mount has 4 mount posts - these need to be attached to your SCARAB bracket ; or the bottom of your drone plate for DIY (other brands)
  • Excludes GoPro 3 ; Excludes GoPro 4
  • Excludes Lipo 16.8v to power it up in flight - pre tuned for 4s specifically


  • Do NOT press "use defaults" ! or you will wipe the PID custom settings - first SAVE settings to your C drive

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