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  • C6P 180w/16a v2 - CASAL LiPo Charger Australia AU - external 240v mains supply is EXCLUDED - sold separately
  • Drone battery Lithium charger - C6P 180w/16a v2 - CASAL LiPo Charger -  AU Australia NZ

Lithium drone battery charger 16 amp - 6 Cell Casal - 180w XT60 +TempSensor +Balance board

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590.00 Grams
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Product Description

Perfect Charger for Mini Quad racers - This a compact DC driven LiPo charger 180w 12a CASAL with XT60 + External Balance board + Temp Sensor !! - (this unit requires a Power supply when used at home - or a 12v car battery outlet in the field) Top of the line quality item @ a budget price - iCharger brand by Junsi - These a VERY good quality Lithium Polymer charger and balancer unit with full safety features including a battery temp monitoring sensor.   We made sure to include critical items such as the temp probe ; an XT60 lead ; and the external balance board ! casal-screens-of-lcd.gif


  • Input voltage range required 11.0 - 30.0V DC
  • Charge current range output 0.05 - 10Amp
  • Discharge current range 0.1 - 16.0A - limited to 20W so for a 4S battery typically at 1amp - to achieve 7amp discharge requires an external load (not included)
  • Maximum charge power capacity 180W @ input voltage > 16V
  • Maximum discharge power capacity 20W - works very well but takes a while
  • Current drain for balancing 400ma - External Balance Board Included!
  • Lithium (LiPo/LiIo/LiFe) battery cell count 1S - 6S series
  • NiCd/NiMH battery cell count 1 - 15 series
  • Pb (lead acid car) battery cell count 1 - 10 series (2 - 20v)
  • Intelligent temperature control Yes - temp Sensor included !
  • Weight 300g
  • Dimensions (L *W * D) 125*81*35mm  
  • User Manual is included with the charger on mini CDROM - requires a CDROM equiped PC/Mac to read it - Download user manual HERE

Consider buying 2 chargers to allow you to charge more packs in a short time attended - your time is valueable.  We have 6 chargers on our work bench. :)



  • 1 x 16Amp 6S LiPo charger + with DC input wires 4mm banana connectors (for P220 power supply HERE) or crocodile clips to auto battery 12v (clips included)
  • 1 x output cable 4mm bullet -> XT60 Included
  • 1 x Over temp monitor probe cable sensor included
  • 1 x Balance lead 6S -> XH balance board  included - These are vital to protect the charger - if you ever make a mistake and reverse connect the balance leads the inside of the charger will be safe becuase only this cheap part will blow.  Also save the charger pins from wear and tear.  These are now standard inclusions from 14.10.2013
  • Download Manual HERE
  • 1 x mini CD with .pdf instructions 
  • excludes a POWER supply (see photos above) the silver brick is a AC to DC supply - these are only needed if charging at home/office - when in the field connect the charger directly to your car battery - -  so either supply DC with your car battery, or P220 here


  • Locate the power supply on a dry flame-proof work bench made from non-conductive insulating material.  Do not use on carpets or car seats or in dusty or wet areas! dry concrete is best .
  • Connect to an earth leakage protected power supply
  • Once connected please remain in the immediate proximity (within 2-3 m) to ALL charging ops - NEVER walk away from a battery charging station in progress - in the event of any problem the power source switch must be turned off and un-plugged
Carries a 12 months manufacturers repair warranty - Orignal item must be returned at customers expense.  Excludes other than normal safe and careful use.  Excludes tampering (you opened it up), moisture damage, fusion, corrosion damage or modification.
WARNING! -    - This is what happened to a customer who risked using another hobby shop brand of charger without proper LiPo safety monitoring systems in that charger such as accurate cell balance and without thermal cutoff protection and without a fire-proof fibreglass LiPo bag.  Used correctly, attended -  LiPos are safe - used incorrectly they will burn at 700°C. Never buy a charger from a store where they dont ACTUALLY use the product themselves on a daily basis. Other charger will wreck ALL your LiPos from poor firmware and poor balance resistors.
WARNING !  NEVER set the wrong battery type - triple check it says LiPo for LiPo battery charging or discharging -  if you set NiCad then attach a Lithium LiPo you will start a big fire if the charge voltage exceed 4.2v !- it will happen if set wrongly!  Check 4.2v is the max and then the 4.2v will flash to show balance draining of that cell whilst lower cells are still charging - Check everything - don't risk your home or family  - even with this charger - so double check the settings are correct - stay in the room and always attach the temp cut off probe as a double safety - we set the cut off temp to 45°C on ours - do the same for your when you set it up!!! 
STORAGE - store all LiPo at 3.8v per cell
CHARGING - Always balance charge to 4.2v per cell for LiPo - Charge at 1C intially then 2c after 5 charges - = long life . example a 3000mah LiPo -> charge at 3.0amps - is 1C
WARNING !  - Charging a LiPo battery above 4.2v per cell can cause a FIRE !  - YOU must stay and monitor the charging process of all LiPo directly and ensure the max voltage of 4.2 is not exceeded.  Read the Lipo battery label carefully.
DISCHARGE - do NOT discharge cells below 3v LiPo 

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