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  • dji Inspire1 battery heater warmer AU NZ winter, part 15
  • dji Inspire1 battery warmer AU NZ winter, part 15
  • dji Inspire1 battery warmer AU NZ winter, part 15

dji Inspire1 battery warmer heater for sub zero Ops, part 15

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258.00 Grams
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Product Description

dji-inspire1-battery-warme-4685.jpgdji Inspire1 battery warmer for sub zero Ops, part 15 - if you just trekked miles in subzero snow and ice  -20°C temps your drone LiPo capacity will be down at least ~40% on power - these dji Inspire1 battery warmers will only deplete 3% of the capacity of a fully charged LiPo to bring it up to 5°C and give winter snow line ops the same endurance as you would normally expect - not with standing any losses from density altutude 

Power rating 41.5w ; voltage required 18->26v DC ; current 1.6 amps ; dimensions 62x99x115mm ; for TB47 or TB46 LiPos ; heating range failsafe cutoff temp (if left connected) = 30°C ; additional failsafe at 50°C and 96°C

weight 157g



One Battery warmer enclosure


Excludes / Requires

Excludes Inspire 1 battery here

Requires 10-15 mins to warmup - then turn off the batt ; then wait 5 mins before using - so 15->20 mins prior to use - the warmer should be activated.  Do not run longer than 20mins - Always stay within 1m and attend to the battery temp using a thermal monitor HERE

Specific to dji Inspire1 - TB47 or TB46 LiPos - CANNOT be used for Phantom

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