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  • 5.8Ghz FPV Video kit - DJI AVL58 - Tx/Rx - with cloverleafs USA
  • 5.8Ghz FPV Video kit - DJI AVL58 - Tx/Rx - with cloverleafs Canada
  • 5.8Ghz FPV Video kit - DJI AVL58 - Tx/Rx - with cloverleafs
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  • 5.8Ghz FPV Video kit - DJI AVL58 - Tx/Rx - with cloverleafs

5.8Ghz FPV Video kit - DJI AVL58 - Tx/Rx - with cloverleafs

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Product Description

This is the DJI Z15 FPV Video Link Kit AVL58 USA Tx/Rx - the system offers a claimed 0.8km range in direct LOS at 5.8Ghz using specialised Rx antenna supplied.   Do not purchase this item unless you understand it and are trained to operate it - see below.  Please be very careful to check for RC Receiver swamping - do a test in range check mode !!!  Locate the Tx antenna of this AVL58 as far away from the RC Radio Rx as possible - very important step.  see warnings below.  AVL58 kit EXCLUDES any camera - its intended for large 4-8kg multicopters ; to be connected to iOSDMKII by the 8 core black ribbon cable supplied with iOSDMKII .  If you intend to connect it to a GP3 (and not use the iOSD MKII), then you will need to do some DIY soldering using and 8Pin connector and will also supply 12v separately. Make absolutely sure never to connect more than 12v to any FPV camera designed for 12v. Be especially careful with 5v GP3 cams - all GP3 cams run on 5v only (the iOSDMKII has the 12v reg inside it - please note - not a 5v)


  • Outdoor/RF Line-of-Sight Range 0.8Km
  • Receiver Sensitivity (1%PER) -90dBm ±2dBm
  • measured power consumed (Tx ; fan ;heat) = 6.1w (see photo top right) - output power approx 600mw + supplied antenna (see warning below) 

Frequency Band (check these before purchase to see if appropriate for your country - see warning below)

  1. CH1 5705MHZ
  2. CH2 5685MHZ
  3. CH3 5665MHZ
  4. CH4 5645MHZ
  5. CH5 5885MHZ
  6. CH6 5905MHZ
  7. CH7 5925MHZ
  8. CH8 5945MHZ

Physical Parameters

  • Operating Temperature -20~70°C
  • Size (No Antenna)
    • Tx 50cmX30cmX22cm
    • Rx 55.5cmX48cmX17cm
  • Weight (No Antenna) Tx 70g  - antenna 14g = 84grams  (Rx 49.5g +14 antenna)

Hardware Supported

  • Antenna Options SMA Male on unit - antenna female SMA
  • Supply Voltage 3S~6S (12-25v)
  • This Tx is designed to be directly connected to iOSD by the 8 core cable in iOSD
  • Receiver Current 103mA ±10mA(@10V) 90mA ±10mA(@12V)

Software Supported

  • Built-in Functions
  • 5.8GHZ Broadband FM Video Transmit & Receive
  • Synchronously
  • Analog Video Output to Display
  • 8 Transmitting and Receiving Channels defined by LED blink sequence


Excludes - Requires

  • This FPV kit EXCLUDES any camera - designed specifically for use/connection with iOSD MKII via a WookM or NAZA v2 - but can be used for any Video camera system or 2 cameras using iOSDMKII and dji autopilots
  • Excludes 8 pin connector for DIY wiring - cut-n-solder
  • Requires soldering and DIY cable setup if connecting to anything except the recommended iOSD via the 8 pin ribbon (excluded) - for example GP3 will require another cable and soldering
  • Excludes-requires FPV gear ; Goggles ; GroundStation (below)
  • Warning : Users must be familiar with Spectrum use in any country the operate/travel  - This system requires an advanced HAM licence for Amateur TV in many countries , called ATV ; Check each country/rules for use of analogue video transmitters.  Many countries have legacy laws with no band allocation in spectrum or power limits for FPV or drones ; and you may NOT be able to use this system legally (For example this device cannot be used in AU/NZ unless you are an advance trained HAM doing non-commercial Ops) based on the frequency bands (above) / power 600mw ; dependant on each country itself and your training level (advanced Ham training vs untrained).  5.8Ghz has a very limited range but if used carelessly could interfere with other Spectrum users leading to complaints against you.  Exercise care -> always turn on a receiver first and make SURE nobody else is using the band ! Use a Spectrum analyser to see that the band is clear.  HAM licence holders do this for the same reason to prevent clashes.


 carbonbird-fpv-goggles.jpg        fpv-ground-station-rx-7-screen.jpg

Warning - Do not operate without the Antenna connected.

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