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  • FPV drone Pro-digital scanning Rx receiver tuner PAL/NTSC 5.8Ghz - AU NZ - with 3dbi antenna
  • FPV drone Pro-digital scanning Rx receiver tuner PAL/NTSC 5.8Ghz - AU NZ (excludes goggles)
  • the legal FPV bands in AU/NZ are A, B and F ; unless you have a ham licence or fly in USA ~ for best separation use our channel chart we made here to fly with mates ; if 4 guys fly use the green bands for best separation and range at 25mw

Digital Scanning FPV skyzone 32s 5.8Ghz Video Receiver - Ground Station LongRange - LED with 3dbi Omni antenna

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190.00 Grams
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Product Description

 a PRO-level skyzone drone FPV Digital scanning LED Freq Rx with the ability to be elevated for much superior longer range for clear unbroken fpv feed.  simply positioned 2-3m above ground (1.5m above your head level) & above other friends, spectators milling around you too (as opposed to wireless goggles which have issues of blocking if people are around you) these separate digital scanning Rx don't have that signal loss risk - and are amazing with 3 times the range for clear FPV video simply by being that extra 1.5m higher above your head level.  

frustrated by your current head-mounted goggles range? loosing picture? go for this simple but high end digital Rx which can be elevated for massive signal improvement 

example of this Rx connected to a pair of goggles (goggles are NOT included)

FPV Goggles - FatShark - Base SD - combo with Pro-digital scanning Rx 5.8Ghz - AU NZ


  • Includes digital scanning LED freq Receiver - see photo - 32Ch A,B,E,F bands 
  • Includes 90° High gain omni Antenna  
  • Includes  Power JST 3s 12v input /AV cable  - elevated at 3m above ground this Rx will achieve 3x range of a headset Rx


Digital scanning ProReceiver Specs SKY-32S
  • Fast digital Scanning with LED display
  • Power Input: 12V (3s Lipo Battery)
  • Dimension: 75X 65 X15mm
  • Modulation: AM
  • Working Current: 200mA
  • SMA Antenna  - Gain: 3dB
  • Video Format: NTSC/PAL Auto switching
  • Weight: 80g
  • 5.8Ghz 32 Channels Digital Display
  • 1 button Auto Search all 32 channels
  • 2 Channel AV output



  • Excludes and requires small 3S 12v battery HERE 
  • Excludes goggles - choose the COMBO HERE
  • Note - this Rx is NOT compatible with some proprietary Fatshark Tx's (Fatshark Tx are over priced propriety nonsense best avoided) - but is compatible with ALL other FPV brands, all Chinese brands and is 100% compatible with DJI & all CARBONBIRD Txs.
    Fatshark goggles are FINE ; but we recommend to AVOID Fatshark video gear as it is not compliant to mainstream FPV and you will be Brand-locked-in for no good reason.


User Manual

  1. Install the supplied antenna ; ensure it is tight
  2. Power with 12v (a 2s or a 3s battery is ideal)
  3. Connect the goggles or screen to the video output 1 or video out 2 (both are the same)
  4. Make sure your video transmitter on the drone is already "ON" and the camera is connected
  5. Press "SEARCH" - the Rx will display the first Channel found in the current airspace - if there are multiple Tx in the area  then repeat the "SEARCH" until your channel is found. see video


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