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  • Scarab prop Collet 3.17mm / 5mm prop shaft - CarbonBird motor 4 petal budget
  • Scarab Collet 3.17mm / 5mm prop shaft - CarbonBird motor 4 petal budget

Scarab Collet 3.17mm / 5mm prop shaft - CarbonBird motor 4 petal budget

Shipping Weight:
13.00 Grams
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Product Description

These are our budget OEM CarbonBird® 4 petal Collet shafts for crash replacement if bent - With Multicopters it's critical to have a 100% perfect straight/true collet shaft to ensure the prop is rotating dead-centre.  In the event of impact the CarbonBird motor shaft will usually fail at the machined failpoint (small groove machined into the shaft) but if the shaft is reversed then these force can be absorbed by the Collet (this item) and it may be off centre - and is best replaced.  


Dimension & Data

  • Weight 1.2grams
  • OEM Carbonbird collet 
  • ID 3.17mm
  • OD 4.96mm
  • OD M5 threaded shaft 27mm L ; threaded section 15mm

Note : a Collet must be attached to a motor shaft with loctite™ ; to Remove a collet , remove the spinner, remove the prop and lower red collar, then first heat the inner collet to 145°C with a heat gun (avoid heating magnets) then the loctite will be very soft and the collet will release from the shaft - To remove dried loctite, use the solvent Acetone - normally just place the removed collet in acetone for 20 mins and it will be very soft and wash away easily.



One Shaft ONLY - 4 petals (only fits silver collar - does NOT fit red collars)



other parts of the collet ; M5 nut ; Tapered lock ; Spinner - re-use these other parts from original supplied with your motor


*NOTE : Its possible to bend an aluminium collet straight by first spinning it - marking the side which is running wide with a permanent ink marker - then bending it away from the mark by the same amount - be aware that metal fatigues oif bent back too many times and may fail.

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