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  • Carbonbird Tilt 2400kv 2203 brushless Motor 125w 18g CW.4.1
  • Carbonbird Tilt 2400kv 2203 brushless Motor 125w 18g CW.4.1
  • Carbonbird Tilt 2400kv 2203 brushless Motor 125w 18g CW.4.1
  • Carbonbird Tilt 2400kv 2203 brushless Motor 125w 18g CW.4.1
  • Carbonbird Tilt 2400kv 2203 brushless Motor 125w 18g CW.4.1
  • Carbonbird Tilt 2400kv 2203 brushless Motor 125w 18g CW.4.1
  • Carbonbird Tilt 2400kv 2203 brushless Motor 125w 18g CW.4.1
  • Carbonbird Tilt 2400kv 2203 brushless Motor 125w 18g CW.4.1
  • Carbonbird Tilt 2400kv 2203 brushless Motor 125w 18g CW.4.1

Carbonbird Tilt 2400kv 2203 brushless Motor 125w 18g CW.4.1

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125.00 Grams
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Product Description

125w 18g motor with wide 22mm stator for torque - a Market-first, these mini quad motors from Carbonbird are machined at 3° tilt for thrust-vector yaw torque.  By vectoring thrust over at 3° (Tilt was first pioneered with the first Scarabs by us in 2010 - later copied by dji phantom) the Quad requires less RPM variation and yaw force is greater than a simple torque reaction -   now taken it one step further by machining the motor at 3° itself - simply bolt down the motor and you have perfect vectoring without needing a digital tilt gauge !   As the wires exit from the side this means the pilot must mount the motor at motor positions 4 & 1 only CW motors ( for the other 2 positions use 3.2 CCW motors here ) - the motors feature lots of torque and power and a very low parts count with the inbuilt M5 shaft.

Question - Whats the difference between 125w Red/175w 1806 and 225w RaceSpecR on a Scarab Knife - which is best?  It's a good question but there is no such thing as best motor - each motor has a diffent power (watts) and importantly different weight (inertia) - Men want and love power but "weight" is the enemy of motor performance and Quad inertia (both prop spool up/down times and overall flickability in al manoeuvres) - so the Reds are perfect for Freestyle and cruisin' and give longest smoothest flights achieved with lower "P" using lots less amps - the 1806 is  an all rounder (cannot decide what you might do but bear in mind its difficult to repair)  and the RaceSpec-R will win every drag race every time in an open field type social race, togh and strong.  Each motor weight requires different PIDs.



  • KV 2400
  • Configuration 12N14P
  • Stator Diameter 22mm*3mm 2203
  • Shaft Length 10mm (for prop and 8mm ø nut)
  • Shaft Diameter 5mm/M5
  • Motor Dimensions(Dia.*Len) Φ27×14mm bell (motor 26mm height including Prop shaftPA)
  • Motor Mounting - 12mm Ø M2 
  • Weight (g) 18.8g with prop nut fitted
  • ldle current(10)@10v(A) 0.7A
  • No.of Cells(Lipo) 3S on 6" prop  ; (can be run with 4S on a 5" prop - check Amp limits below)
  • Max continuous Amps = 10A
  • Max burst current(A) 30Sec 14A
  • Max burst Power(W)30Sec 150W
  • Max. efficiency current (2-8A)>83%
  • internal resistance 0.150 Ω



1 x Carbonbird 2400kv mini-Motor 4.1 ; 40mm wires ; 2.0mm GBC

1 x M5 Nyloc nut ;  9mm tool ø required

Note : see photos  

 For BLHeli 14.1 or later using 18a OPTO -> be sure to set DEMAG to LOW - further info HERE

Motor care and set-up 

  • apply 1 small drop of Oil to bearings every 3 hrs with a syringe & dulled-down-needle ; use 20W50 new clean motor oil
  • DO NOT pull on the lead wires - not ever
  • Before pushing the GBC gold connectors into the ESC put one drop of inox Lube in the female ESC connector - INOX is the best for this HERE
  • Do NOT bend lead wires back and forth - risk breaking the PCB - don't use pliers to connect motor leads to ESC - use inox and push them carefully with your soft fingers.
  • Use short M2*5mm screws - long screws will go in too far and CUT the windings !!! - risk - cutting insulation
  • Avoid hard impacts / Striking the motors - sudden impact can damage a motor if dropped / impacted /crashed - the magnets may be damaged / loosened 
    Noobs should fly in areas of long soft grass - don't be tempted to copy pro pilots and fly in concrete or hard pack playing fields !
My motor suddenly stutters - was ok before? - Cut throttle - don't fly - Motors/ESC won't just stop by magic unless they are damaged/wiring compromised by mis-use
  1. Motors are wound Delta - so each GBC has a pair of 2 small inner wires ; most likely one thread has been broken-pulled-bent internally if the wrong (too long) screws did not cut the windings 
  2. use a DMM  http://www.carbonbird.com/products/uni-t-pen-sized-dmm
  3. check the internal resistance Ω between all 3 input wires - 2 at a time - 3 readings should be identical 0.150Ω - what do you get Ω?
  4. check to see if a lead wire has been broken - pulled - snapped off inside - visually look inside
  5. Noobs often mistake a motor problem for what is actually a broken ESC - physical damage to the ESC from man-force/crashing - make sure you have not broken your ESC
In some instances people have damaged their motors by letting FOD enter, something ferrous/magnetic get sucked inside by magnetic attraction force, from their work bench - then when they spin it up with the FOD spinning around inside  :(   (foreign object - damage) thereby cut the windings - be very careful with FOD

QUESTION - One of my motors stops before the others on shut down? How can i adjust it?

the shaft depth can be set any time in a few secs - this controls the friction setting - by varying the distance slightly between the circlip end and the grub screws (2)

a slight difference in friction has no real effect on flying - but can be set any time if needed
  1. leave the motor connected to the copter - prop and all
  2. - use a 0.05" hex tool - undo the 2 black grubs 1 turn  CCW - 
  3. loosen the axial play of the bell by 1/1000" (freeplay) - pull the bell slightly out toward the prop 
  4. re-tighten the 2 grub screws.


  • Excludes Prop - Study the trust data below - recommended props are the HQProp 5x4 ; or the HQProp 6x4.5 ; 5x4x3 also works well - choice of props depends on Total weight.  If you want this motor to perform best keep your Quad under the weights in the Quad column for 50% throttle. Remove weight. Becafeful not to over prop or exceed amp limits above.
  • Excludes tools - a 9mm socket wrench/spanner is recommended to tighten the nyloc nut ; grub screw 1mm hex (only required for full dis-assembly)
  • Excludes bolts - normally use the shortest bolts to sure the bolts dont penetrate the windings M2*5 Here
  • Excludes training in RC brushless motors - best join the Scarab Club for free training in RC basics


Prop Data - Note if running 4S BLHeli damped Lite - be sure to set DeMag to high



1 year return to Carbonbird factory - Warranty specifically excludes damage caused by exceeding max amps limits or crashing, incorrect use of tools, incorrect pulling/breaking of lead-in wires, mis-use or poor lubrication of bearings* - claims for factory warranty require return of the product to us - at buyers shipping expense, for inspection - the decision of returns inspector is final.  


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