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Vibration removal - Brushless multicopter Motor Balancing tape

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20.00 Grams
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Product Description

These are 100mmx10mm @0.2mm thickness self adhesive strips of copper balancing tape. 


  • Removes brushless drone motor im-balance
  • self adhesive - peel-n-stick - long lasting
  • suitable for all RC electric out-runner motors with smooth surface - CarbonBird ; Tiger and DJI
  • Can be cut to size with sharp scissors before removing protective cover
  • 0.6 grams per piece
  • 5 x pieces of copper balancing tape 100x10mmx0.2mm

  • Must be used in conjunction with full Prop balancing and motor balancing techniques 
  • Does not turn a shake-master noob vibration flex quad platform into a silk carpet by magic - ! Requires skill to understand where to place the copper, and how much to use. Requires a certain amount of trial and error to decide how much to use
  • No not drill the copper - the drill will bind to the adhesive and tear the copper


Application of Copper balancing tape to drone motors

  • CAUTION - spinning Props can cut ! - wear eye protection at all times - Remove the prop - removes the risk !
  • Motor bell Surface must be FLAT ; free of protrusions or bumps, dirt, moisture,chemicals, oil, finger marks, other adhesives
  1. First remove the Prop
  2. Purchase and Use a variety of zip ties (nylon zip locks) usually a 3mm->4mm head is fine (depending on the motor size)  - pulled firm around the motor bell, to determine the position and size of the imbalance in any motor- cut off the tail flush
  3. by running - then stopping the motor (arming) - repeatedly - and feeling the residual vibration level with your finger tips - at the 4 positions  90° intervals - the zip tie should be tight enough to grip but can be still be turned by hand 
  4. at one 90° position it will be worse and vibrate more - on the opposite side it will be much smoother - at the other two place in between - not as smooth
  5. mark the position which reduces the vibration to most - a dot from a permanent marker where the head of the zip tie was - the weight
  6. remove the nylon zip tie
  7. apply the copper tape (above)  to replicate the weight of the zip tie head used
  8. Peel-n-stick - press on firmly to surface.  Apply pressure for 1min -  to cure.   
  9. run to check - add more tape or move tape to get the perfect result.
  10. Attach prop - double check - by running again at idle rpm - caution - props can cut !

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